(Closed) Des it creep you out when bees track other bees?

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@MrsPanda99:  Would you feel CREEPY if I said you were one of them?? Wink

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@Aquaria: It’s not creepy at all.  I mean, if you’re talking to someone in real life, you are going to remember and reference what you’ve talked about before.  So while I don’t remember everyone whom I’ve ever had a conversation with, there are definitely some posts and posters that stick out.  Eventually, you notice trends.   Sometimes I read a thread and think, “boy this sounds familiar” and look up to see what else that Bee has posted.  Or if a Bee needs help with something, it can be helpful to reference her other posts to get a bit more background on her and her situation.  Having problems with FMIL?  Has she had these problems before?  Complaining about being harassed?  Let’s check out her previous posts to see exactly what happened.

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I only really notice the people that REALLY stand out to me.  I don’t go and research their other threads, unless I’m figuring out if I’m misremembering something or not.  Maybe it’s the same sort of thing with most other people? 

There’s a particular poster who regularly starts threads about being upset about something, and they use a lot of slang that I’m unfamiliar with.  It stand out to me, and I recall other threads that I’ve read by the same person, but I’m not going out of my way to research her stuff.

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It seems to me that some bees post threads and get really upset when others disagree with them. That is NOT attacking. It is called having a different opinion. If someone does not want to hear a differing opinion, then they should not post about it if they are going to get upset when others disagree.

I have been on the planet for a long time and I like to think I have learned a thing or two along the way, so I tend to comment a lot. I also tend to be blunt – I just say what I think. I can honestly say I have never harassed, bullied, or tracked other bees. But when bees complain about being not being treated fairly, I do go back and look at their previous posts to see what the hell they are referring to!

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@Starling13: Ah! I guess pandas do stick out a bit 😉

There are a group of ladies on here who I just adore. Of course I am going to remember things about them because what they say is important to me. The friendships aren’t in real life, but the interactions are still strong. I don’t think it’s a creepy thing to do at all.   

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I’ve done it before. Some posters post a lot, and some will post a lot and usually about a similar problem. Eventually you start to recognize usernames and when I see a topic that sounds familiar and a username that I recognize I might look in their posting history to see if that’ve already posted about this issue or something really, really similar.

Sometimes a Bee might have an issue with their Fiance and want advice, looking at the one issue it seems like no big deal but if you look in their posting history it might just be one issue of 20, which would change the advice I would give.

It’s also important to remember that the internet is forever, so if you don’t want people in your own life to ever know about certain issues don’t post them online.

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A little. It often seems a bit obsessive. I can’t keep track of most bees, but if I’ve interacted with them over and over, eventually I will remember “oh yes, this is the one who said…” but that takes a while and it’s not like I remember everything about them. Actually, sometimes it makes me feel guilty that I can’t remember some people as well as I feel I should. It’s partly on purpose though, I find it helps me keep things impersonal when debating something, because I don’t want to single a person out. I like to debate TOPICS, not target PEOPLE. I think only one person accused me of “following her around the boards,” and it wasn’t true about her, or about anyone. I don’t tail people, it’s not nice. I also don’t find it interesting or enjoyable to do so.

On the other hand, sometimes those “background checking” bees will have useful things to give context to a particular post. So, when it’s relevant, I appreciate it. I guess what’s weird to me is when it has no bearing on the post and just seem too intrusive and personal. e.g., the thread is about opinions on open bars and someone posts about another user “I heard she’s from Tuscon but originally from Poland and her Fiance is hispanic and works at Dunder Mifflin and he just got promoted but she’s feeling envious because her job at NE Co. seems to be going nowhere, so she’s been taking anti-depressants but doesn’t want her anti-pharma mother-in-law to know. Here are some photos I found of her in google, and oh, I think this is her address and phone number…”

I pride myself on my research skills, but that kind of thing seems like using those kind of skills in the wrong way. People’s privacy should be respected. Just because you CAN get personal information about someone doesn’t make it a great idea. Looking at you, NSA!

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It doesn’t creep me out. Sometimes a bee might mention something in the thread that reminds me of a comment I’ve read so I’ll click through her past posts to see if it’s the same person before I make a response. I think if you’ve had severe disagreements with someone it’s probably normal to remember their name, especially if it’s happened more than once. What is creepy is when bees someone know more about a person than they have given on the board, like names/occupations. I’m sure it’s a simple google search of their user name or whatever but that’s still a little out of line.

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@Aquaria:  No, I don’t find it at all creepy. Same as everyone else, it adds context.

Are you suggesting Bee’s remember other bees and follow them around threads? I think people just click on the Bees name and see what other threads she started. Sometimes it really tells a story. Eg. there are certain Bees who hate moissys and go out of their way to post negative comments in every single moissy thread. I looked at one of their post history and realized almost every single thread was moissy related so now I choose not to reply to her comments and to tell other bees getting upset to ignore her. 

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I’ve had somebody reference something I said, word for word, like a year ago.

That definitely freaked me out.

I don’t mind when people quote me in general, since I’m not ashamed of anything I say, but sometimes it does definitely come acrossed as creepy, especially when someone tries to use what you say confrontationally.

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@Aquaria:  I actually have a good memory, so I will remember people’s previous threads that I have read and associate by username and/or avatar.

I certainly don’t follow people around, but a lightbulb goes off in my head saying, “Wasn’t she the one who [insert related topic]?”

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@joya_aspera:  this!! + 1!  

I tend to only look at other threads a bee has created/posted in if something sticks out in my mind from a previous comment or post. But unless the topic was completely relevant, such as “this is my dress” thread and then a follow up “which sash should I choose”, or that bee is going through a rough patch of incidents I wouldn’t say anything about a previous post in my comments. 


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I don’t think it’s all that creepy, when WB has someone’s posting history easily set up.

I’ve done it a few times when someone seems a little out there, as if their other posts are like that, there’s a good chance they are a troll.

I think I also found a bot or something.  There was an odd response, so I checked and all their posts (it was a small number, I wasn’t going to look through a bunch) were just a copy & paste of something earlier in the same thread.


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I don’t think it’s creepy at all.  I do, however, wonder how some people have enough time to research old threads.  Or wondering what brain exercises they are doing to remember what they read in a previous post.  Share your secrets! lol

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