(Closed) Des it creep you out when bees track other bees?

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If you both commented on the same thread about something. I don’t think it’s creepy because maybe they are just expressing agreement over what you said. I think were all here looking for likeminded individuals to converse with. If they aren’t on the same thread, then yeah that’s creepy. 

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No….if its a bee that posts a lot I’m going to remember some of their posts. Especially if they’re posting about the same issues over and over but don’t to want to listen to any advice given. 

I might point out they’ve posted about this same topic over and over because I remember.

But I don’t go stalking their past posts if its not something I remember them talking about on my own. Some bees are major posters, it’s hard not to feel like you know what’s going on in their life when they post so much about it. 

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I don’t think it’s creepy. If you’ve posted something about having a budget wedding then chances are I’ve looked through your old posts because I want to see what else you’ve had to say about saving money. 

Yesterday a girl posted a thread where she threw a fit because her fmil bought a goodwill dress. And people were all like, “um what’s the big deal?” so that girl called us all bitches and closed the thread. Then I saw a new thread today where someone was claiming to be bullied and harassed by other bees and it rang a bell. Sure enough it was the same girl (someone else called out the goodwill thread). She threw another fit and closed that thread! I was curious so I looked at a couple of her other topics and didn’t see any bullying there either. In that case, my creeping was purely for my own entertainment, lol. 

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I will admit I have checked previous posts, but, generally in the context of a post like this ” Help! I don’t know what to do for centrepieces!”

When a Bee posts a query with no context- e.g theme, coor palette, it is a total waste of other people’s time to try to guess what she might be interested in. I check their previous posts to see if they have started any post where they give hints.

If you are posting on the net, I don’t think it is creepy at all for people to check your previous posts, to give context to a current post.

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I think most of the time it isn’t creepy, but it certainly can be.

If you tend to hang out on the same particular handful of boards most of the time, you start to get familiar with the other Bees who are there quite a bit, and you might follow up to learn more about something they refer to, or make a connection to one of their previous posts/threads in a new comments, etc. No big deal there.

I did find it creepy, though, on one occasion when a Bee who had disagreed strongly with me on an earlier thread posted something a week or two later that made it obvious she had looked up my history, read threads on totally unrelated topics, and gleaned background information on me. She offered unsolicited advice that was not only presumptuous but, coming from her and in light of our previous interaction, came across as really intrusive and like she was policing me. That definitely crossed the line into creepy territory.

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I think there’s a big difference between adding context to a situation (like when someone posts about a problem with their Fiance but their past ten threads have also been about different problems with their FI) and outright trying to catch someone in a lie. I mean, sometimes someone IS lying, and it’s pretty obvious … and then I do appreciate the bees who have looked into it because it saves me the time trying to respond to someone who is essentially just trolling … but it does bother me when people seem to be trying to catch someone in a lie when they weren’t necessarily lying at all. Things like, “Didn’t you just have a thread about how your Future Mother-In-Law is dying of cancer and now in this thread you don’t mention it at all? What, did she magically get cured?” “Actually, the other thread was about FI’s step-mother, while this one was about his bio mother.”

I mean, it’s helpful to root out trolls, but we certainly don’t need to be troll-detectives 24/7. The fakers always show their true colors soon enough, haha.

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Ohhh and I looked up that Springs1 person because she was being such a total freakshow in a thread about tipping a week or so ago that I was flabbergasted! Turns out, she is known as a troll all over the internet! lol

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Sometimes it is relevant. Like, if there’s a thread about your fiance mistreating you and you don’t know what to do about the wedding, and you have 10 threads talking about different situations where he was a jerk, it’s helpful. If it’s to “call you out” on something stupid, it’s creepy

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I kinda like it. Almost serves as a fact checker or something like that.

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Your posts do not exist in a bubble.

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I was actually flattered once that a bee remembered that I adored this cat I named “Rubbs” that lived around my old apartment complex, and when I posted that it was moving day or something along those lines, she asked if I was bringing Rubbs! I thought it was neat that she remembered that & would never consider it creepy.


I think we all have “favorite bees” that we just may remember certain things or vice-versa, in that we sense that a bee may not be genuine. 


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I have a really good memory, and just…remember stuff. I don’t think I’ve ever called a bee out, but there have been several instances where bees will post conflicting stories and I just roll my eyes. Every once in a while, I’ll think I have people mixed up and will quickly look at post history, but not often.

Having a great memory for details makes me an ideal stalker, btw. My friends tap me for creepy info all the time. 

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@MrsPanda99:  It’s actually the NSA. They’re watching the Bee! Everyone freak out!

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@badabing88:  i totally agree.

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The internet as a whole is creepy.

If you don’t want people ‘tracking’ you, don’t post.

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