Desire but not Motivation?

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arriaza415 :  You cannot rely on motivation. It is discipline! I view working out almost like brushing my teeth, going to work or paying bills. Non negotiable things I have to do. I will admit though exercise hobby for me so I know its easier said than done- but there are days where I do not want to work out, and have to force myself to do it. 9 out of 10 times I feel way better after

It does help to find something that you really enjoy. I hate traditional gyms. I workout much harder in group settings, so classes like Orange Theory, or yoga, or crossfit are basically the only things I do. I also like sports so pre pregnancy I would play in a couple soccer leagues which is fun and a fantastic workout.

There are also apps you can put on your phone that you can use to guide you through a workout if you find it hard to just do it on your own ( i am the same way) Or follow a strength program ( like starting strength). Maybe a little direction is all you need!

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It’s more diet than exercise anyway. If you haven’t fixed the diet part, I’d start there and not some crazy diet either. You just need to eat less than your body burns. 

For me, it’s discipline. I can’t rely on motivation or it won’t happen. 

Eta: I pieced together a gym in my basement several years ago. I never have to battle for equipment. I never have to worry about when it closes. Barring illness, I literally have no excuse. 

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Could it be that you don’t feel like working out because you work in a gym? There’s certain days when even one extra second in work is too much, I can’t imagine staying there in my free time to work out. Can you find something outside of work you like doing? 

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The ‘motivation’ should simply be the desire to lose weight or be healthier.  But I agree that it’s more discipline than motiviation.  Of course I *want* to lose weight and get in shape.  That’s the motivator.  But I don’t want to do what it takes – work out.  That part just takes discpline.  You just need to make the conscious effort each and every day to just do it.   Day 1 the is the hardest. But just take the step, and do it everyday, make it routine.  Before you go home, stay and work out.  Just MAKE yourself do it.

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I have also struggled with this for my whole life and have come to realize the discipline has to come first, like pp said, I schedule it in my calendar like an appointment. In a way I do have to view it as an appointment, for me to focus on myself and I have paid money to do this so that has helped me a lot.

I also view it as an investment for my future self. I love myself so much I am invested in making my future me better by working out today. I also think about, “What else am I going to do with this time?” If I am honest, nothing productive. If I go straight home, I’ll waste the time looking at nothing on my phone so yes the gym is a way better choice for my time. 

I am also not looking to lose weight, more to help create endorphins to battle my mental illness, so my goal is different and I understand if what works for me doesn’t work for you.

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You aren’t always going to have the motivation to workout and eat healthy. You need self-disicipline. Make yourself do it on the days you have no motivation. It’s a choice every single day and whether or not you feel motivated that day you can still make the choice to do what needs to be done.

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arriaza415 :  Are you maybe working out too intensely. Sometimes we have a tendency when we start working out to go to hard, get super tired and sore and then quit. Try cutting your workouts in half or easing up on weights etc for a couple weeks then slowly up the intensity. 

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I struggle with this too and as other PP’s mentioned you need to make it a non negotiable thing that you schedule into your day.  

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Is it possible that your anti-depressant is no longer working for you and this lack of motivation is due to depression?

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arriaza415 :  Speaking as someone with depression, not everybody experiences depression the same way. For some people it’s a more physical feeling – like feeling exhausted and weighed down. For other people, they might be irritable or angry or hopeless or sad. And depression doesn’t care whether or not your life is good on paper. 

My anti-depressants took a while to kick in as well. I would give it some time and in the mean time, don’t be too hard on yourself if you can’t make yourself do things. Maybe for now just try to make small changes like taking a walk when you get home instead of trying to force yourself to stay at work and work out after your shift. My issue with working out is that I always set the bar too high and say that I’m going to go from no exercise to working out for an hour or more every day. After a week or two, I’m exhausted and I quit. It works much better for me if I work up to it.

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The only way I’ve ever managed is to build exercise into other activities I like. I picked up swimming and got headphones that let me listen to music underwater. I play tennis. And I go for long walks/jogs with my energetic dog to wear her out. I never do the gym. It’s just too boring/lacking in mental stimulation. 

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