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I can only give advice on what I know to be true for me.  Hope it helps!  I think the place to start is to look at your unconscious relationship with food.  What is food to you?  When I did this, (still am, it is a process) I began to realize that I was raised to look to food for good times, emotional support, celebration.  I also realized I was a compulsive eater.  I was force fed when I was growing up- well, my whole life around my family- and I found that I was using food to also punish myself.  I would force myself to finish things, or feel like I “had” to.  Well, because I did have to growing up.  It has been a process of un-doing that.  I learned that I didn’t even know when I was hungry.  I also lived on sugar.  I thought I wanted sugar, and I was actually hungry.  Or, I would want to eat at night- (still really working on this one) I realized I was really just tired.  It is important too, I found, not to be too controlling.  But knowing when I am hungry, and eating healthy food, and not at night, and stopping when I am full, and still eating a cup of ice cream a day (I love ice cream- I used to eat way more, so this is big for me!)- These are the things that make the biggest difference for me.  Much more than fitness, although I do fitness- but I look at that as more… for my heart and to build strong muscles and bones.  I used to count calories, but that is kind of exhausting.  It became a little too OCD for me.  I hope I helped!  Good luck to you.

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yup, i did years ago. it was only when i was ready & committed to making healthier choices on my own & just needed a little help during my transition into a healthier lifestyle. a lot of people just put the weight back on because they don’t continue with their changes, it has to be something more than a ‘diet’, it has to be an overall lifestyle change. 

as far as what i was given by the doctor, it was called phentermine. if you remember phen phen, the drug taken off the market years ago, it’s related to that, not as effective, but safer. it is an appetite suppresant. if you have blood pressure problems or heart problems, it shouldn’t be used. i have always had low blood pressure, so this wasn’t a problem for me, but they did have me come in each month to just se how things were going. in the interest of full discloser, i was also on a med called remeron, which is known for causing a severe increase in appetite, and i needed something to combat that side effect. i was working out with a trainer 3 or 4 times each week. i kept a food log. it helped me to focus on making good food choices & learn about portion control when my mind wasn’t preoccupied with thoughts of food. it is not covered by most insurance, and i think it cost me around $40/month. it is not intended for long term use and is considered to be addictive. i didn’t have a problem coming off of it though, but i also didn’t take it everyday & stopped using remeron as well. for better or worse, i was able to continue those weight loss habits for a long time after. also, for the sake of honesty in my reply about my experience- my weight loss became addictive & all consuming. after i stopped the phentermine. i think this can happen to some people. i lost sight of being healthy. everyone making weight comments shifted my focus to the number on the scale. which ironically in the end led to me getting ill & gaining weight when i put on numerous restrictions & not able to be physically active.

try to keep your focus on being healthy and how things fit, the number on the scale shouldn’t be the goal. do i regret my choice to take meds to help me? not at all. do i think it’s for everyone? absolutely not! i would suggest planning all your food out ahead of time & using a food scale to divide portions. a therapist is also a very useful support during this time. i wish you the best in your quest and a long healthy, happy life!

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hi there, i totally understand the frustration with the never-ending weight battle.  i started dieting when i was a little kid – seriously, i was on atkins and putting myself in ketosis during middle school – and i dieted my way through high school, college, and adulthood.

i have spent more time crying about my weight than i care to admit.

what frustrated me most over the last year is that i’d count my calories and work out a lot, but still would lose practically nothing.  i could NOT figure it out.

so this year i went to see a nutritionist and a personal trainer.  they were able to help me figure out how to diet smarter, not diet harder.  for the first time in my life, it has really worked.  here is what i do:

i eat only whole foods.  nothing processed, no sugar, no salt.  this sounds awful but if you get creative you can make pretty decent substitutes for “bad foods”.  i’ve figured out recipes for spaghetti, lasagna, and pizza that are all natural and healthy.  (can you tell i like italian, hahaha?)

i keep my calories to around 1500 per day.  i watch my sodium like a HAWK – no more than 1500 mg per day.  i strive for my protein intake to be 30% of my calories each day.  (using fitday.com makes it very easy to input your foods and see your fat/protein/carb breakdown each day.)

i exercise at least 5 days per week, usually 1.5 hours each time (a mixture of weightlifting and cardio).

is it hard?  YES.  but do i feel healthier and stronger?  YES.

and the two biggest perks:

1. my appetite is lower and i’m almost NEVER hungry.  this is a big change because i was so accustomed to diets that left me STARVING – no more of that!

2. i’ve lost 22 pounds since mid-january.  it feels good to put on those smaller size jeans!

i hope this is helpful.  if you want more info about what i’m doing, feel free to PM me.  i know that fitness definitely doesn’t work the same for everyone, but i wanted to share my experience because i have spent so much time and money trying to fight my weight issues.

wishing you all the best of luck in your journey!

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hi there! i too have struggles with my weight all my life… but i was active in highschool and it only recently became a major problem for me… i rocketed up to 250 (im 5’6) and a size 22 and i was in the obese range… i decided to see a doctor and get some labs run… so it was my thyroid… i got on meds and we are still messing with the dose because my body doesnt wanna cooperate… anyways… my doc suggested weight watchers and i started that in may 2010 and havent looked back since… ive lost 51 lbs and im down to a size 14! πŸ™‚ i have also started to exercise more and am planning on running a 5k next month. yes its hard, its frustrating… but its worth it to me… when i was bigger i had borderline high cholesterol, trouble breathing, trouble walking up a few steps… etc (and heart problems and diabetes run in my family… scary). and now i am running 2 miles a day! πŸ™‚ i think writing down what your eat is so important… it keeps me in check. and a good support system is a must! best of luck to you and if you have any questions or just wanna talk feel free to pm me πŸ™‚

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My weight has been as issue for me for the better part of my 20’s and now 30’s. I am obese as well. When I was diagnosed with high blood pressure at 37, and put on medication for it,  that was the final kick in the pants I needed. I realized I was literally digging my grave with a fork and spoon, as my grandpa used to say. πŸ™‚ It was huge for me to come to terms with it, and finally admit I had a problem.

After trying a few “diets”  I wound up reading a lot about holistic and organic nutrition and I began eating more in lines what with what

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@Miss PumpkinPenguin described; low sugar and sodium, non processed, whole foods. I cook a lot more, and even make a lot of the processed things that I used to buy myself, like almod butter, jam,  yogurt, and soups and sauces. *Full disclaimer here, I have been umemployed for most of the last year, so my Martha Stewart transformation would probably not have manifested itself so fully had I not had so much time on my hands. LOL.

I don’t count calories, but I am very aware of what I am eating. After slowly transforming my eating habits I rarely feel hungry anymore. I am not biting my nails waiting for the next meal which is so different for me. I have lost about 20 lbs, and I have a lot more 20 lbs to go, but I have so much more energy, and already a lot of the aches I was getting from carrying so much excess weight have subsided.

I also finally found an exercise I don’t hate. I go to a Jazzercise class in my neighborhood 4-5 times a week. It super cheesy and fun, and an awesome workout.

You can also PM me if you want to chat at all. It helps to have people to talk to who know your struggle. πŸ™‚

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@bestbuddies: I’ve been struggling with my weight the past 3+years. Since I met my husband, I have gained about 40lbs.  Pathetic.  I used to be active and worked out.  But I fell off the wagon and started to eat out—A LOT. 

About two years ago, I started weight watchers online and lost 7 lbs in one month. I gained it back and then some. Depression really set in and I just sat around and cried.  After that meltdown, I joined a gym and started working out with a trainer in hopes of losing weight prior to my wedding.  Of course I lost a few inches and toned up, but I still tear up when I look at my wedding photos.  Once again I am back at the gym doing kickboxing, yoga, and personal training.  My DH and I are making a conscious effort to eat in and cook.  It’s working!! Slowly but surely.

Moral of the story is don’t quit!  Find what works for you.  Get a fitness partner that can offer encouragement and support.  YOU CAN DO IT!

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First off, i’m so glad you are not worried about your weight for a simple esthetic reason but more for being healthy. That is a step in the right direction. I have never had this problem so I really cannot relate. However, I work in a field that is primarily about fitness, exercise and weight loss. We all know that weight loss is based on calories in<calories out. For a lot of people, the issue is much deeper than that. Usually it’s an unhealthy relationship with food. For losing weight, especially if it’s a significant number, it is more of a lifestyle change. Being able to accept who you are, noticing where you can make differences in your life to make it better for yourself and taking many steps in a different direction. Going to a gym, pumping weights, running on a treadmill are measures that work for some people but not for all. Try finding something that you enjoy doing, eating those quality foods, not starving yourself and maybe lowering your stress and anxiety over these issues are ways that may help. In my experience, doctors don’t know much about weight loss except to prescribe medication, which we all know has side effects. Find someone who can support you and work with you who has the same goals and try and find what it is that is holding you back from achieving your goals. You can do it!

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@bestbuddies: I’ve used phentermine before too, and it works wonders.  I’m actually going to try to get a prescription for it again next time I go to my Dr’s office….I was on it for about two months three years ago and I lost 45 pounds.  I’ve since gained it all back (as you know from the FBB boards) and am super obese and disgusting, but now my weight is causing all kinds of other problems for me (back pain, achy joints, skin infections…) so I think they may be open to putting me back on it.  

It did make me a little bit…hyper while I was on it because it is a stimulant, but nothing so terrible that it was unbearable.  I’d do it again in a heartbeat.

I’ll let you know if I get back on it anytime soon!

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I can tell you what worked for my fiance. He had struggled with weight his whole life too. He had a terrible self-image and was scared he would die young.  Yet he still couldn’t do it. Then finally last summer, something inside him changed. He started exercising every. single. day.  He cut out all processed foods and all added sugar.  About 2 months into this, he saw a doctor for the first itme in years and found out he was pre-diabetic. That was enough to scare him into cutting out ALL carbs except those in fruits, veggies, beans, etc. Not even brown rice.

So now all he eats is fruit, vegetables, nuts (lots of nuts), fish, meat, moderate amounts of olive or vegetable oils, and dairy. He went from 260 in July to 180 now, and he’s been maintaining at 180 for the last 3 to 4 months. When he had blood tests in December, he’d already brought down his blood sugar, blood pressure, and cholesterol a substantial amount in just 3 months.

But for him, it HAD to be an all-or-nothing rule.  Which was hard for me to understand, since I’m an “all things in moderation” person. But I’ve come to realize that my way simply didn’t work for him. If he let himself have one cookie, his mindset would be, “well, I’ve screwed up again, I might as well eat hte whole box.” So he just banned these whole categories of food from his diet, and started exercising every single day, no exceptions unless he’s injured or sick.

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