Destination Wedding With Eyelash Extensions

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  • poll: Would you suggest Eyelash extensions for a destination wedding?



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    bre3 :  I voted no, because I had thought about doing it as well.  But we were there for 5 days before the wedding and I didnt want to stress out about eyelashes.  I wanted to be able to enjoy my time.

    I would recommend having them tinted and permed.  That will definitely last.

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    I voted yes; I love eyelash extensions. Mine last about 4 weeks before I need some more and I live next to the ocean and apply sunscreen/face creams every day. Such low maintenance

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    If you are getting lash extensions JUST for the wedding I will say no, just do falsies. Lash extensions are more of a “long term” investment, so if you’re going to start them now and keep them on after your wedding then it might be worth it. But otherwise the damage to your natural lashes is not worth it for 1 day or week of photos (IMO). It’s only worth it if you’re getting long term use out of them. I’ve tried them off and on over the years, and they always damage my natural (long but blonde) lashes and leave them short and sparse after. 

    That said, salt, air, sun aren’t going to damage lash extensions. Some sunscreens might have oils or other irritants, but you don’t usually put them so close to your eye. So again, probably fine for that. Another thing for me – I hate the feeling of wet lash extensions. They get clumpy so you have to brush them out, sometimes blow dry them, etc. Honestly just too much work for this low maintenance gal. 

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    I had extensions all summer. Firslty for a desitination wedding to italy (not near the sea or in the water) and secondly for a couple of weddings and a holiday to Croatia.

    I am very careful with mine when I have them in – don’t go under water, dont rub my eyes – try to keep creams / oils well away etc. They will come out or clump a bit but worth it if they are put in well and you look after them as much as possible.

    I will say now they#re out my lashes are a little worse for wear, but my own bad for not getting them properly removed.

    All in all – worth it if you get them done right before you go and look after them.

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    bre3 :  I’m a “no” vote especially if you are a first time lash extension wearer. I had mine done in March are really loved them for the first few days. But I missed rubbing my eyes and I have a picking habit that caused me to focus a great deal on the extensions as they started to grow out. After 3 weeks I’d had enough and put copious amounts of coconut oil on my eyelids to loosen the remaining adhesive and get them OFF (too lazy to go to the shop). My lashes were short and sparse for a month but they are now back to normal.

    If you want to swim freely and not worry about possible clogged follicles from the sweat I’d skip ’em and just get stripe falsies. 

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    I vote no. Just get false lashes for your wedding day. That was you don’t have to worry about your lashes the entire time. 

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    I had them for my wedding – though it wasn’t destination – and loved them. I didn’t go back for infills and instead took them all off, but I regretted it so I’m having them put back on for my honeymoon and then I plan to try and keep up with them over winter.

    My lashes definitely felt short and sparse afterwards but it’s hard to know whether that was just the comparison against the extensions!

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    I got lash extensions for my wedding and left for my tropical honeymoon 2 days later. They held up the entire time and I loved them. I asked for as natural a lash as possible, I didn’t want to have to worry about running mascara while I was on vacation but to still make my eyes pop (my lashes are naturally very blonde and invisible without mascara). 

    I will get them for every vacation from now on, I love the look and it makes me feel more confident with a bare face.

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    I got them because I wanted to look halfway decent by the pool and beach amongst my family and friends. They are really nice if you don’t plan on wearing much else makeup, I find it hard to wear eye makeup with the extensions and I’m super cautious of not messing them up.

    The day of I still wore strip lashes, honestly if I did just the extensions it wouldn’t have been enough on my day of. I also went fairly natural for my extensions though. 

    We honeymooned right after so we were in Mexico for 2 weeks straight. That second week was pretty rough lol. They took a big beating holding up the second week. 

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    bre3 :  Hey girl! I feel like I can give you some really good advice for this. I wore eyelash extensions for my trip to Mexico earlier this year (I got engageed there and suspected it so I went all out on beauty beforehand).

    While they were AMAZING and they really make your eyes pop and make you look more glamourous without any makeup, I found they were a HUGE witch with a capital B for anything water related. The water would get stuck in the lashes, so I could not open my eyes! This was really bad when I went into the ocean, as the salt burned like you wouldn’t believe!

    So if you’re going to avoid the water, then absolutely go for it! Brush them every mornign to keep them looking fresh and lasting longer. 

    If you plan to swim and enjoy the water a lot, I would say wear falsies for your ceremony. They are more hassle than they are worth.

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    I recently had eyelash extensions done and while they looked gorgeous and make your eyes pop, they were very high maintenance, not to mention very expensive. If you’ve never had them done before, I wouldn’t recommend doing it for the first time just for your wedding. They require a lot of babying and I had trouble adjusting to them and cleaning my eye makeup around them.  For my wedding, I had false lashes put in for the day and they looked gorgeous and natural and they were not a huge commitment. I would suggest asking your makeup artist to do those for you.

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    If this is your first time with lashes do not get them. 1) if you have an allergy you will look awful, feel worse, and there is basically nothing you can do about it. I developed a spontaneous allergy after years of extensions and it was bad. Real bad. 2) they will wreck your natural lashes. I was straight up bald in many spots with thin sparse hairs everywhere else. It took months to regrow and i still have some patches. 3) they are very high maintenance and expensive. If you plan to be around water and heat they will need frequent care and don’t expect them to last longer than 10-15 days. They start to look pretty ratty around then and fall out in clumps looking awkward. 

    If you have time before your wedding get yourself a tube of Grandelash MD which has isoprostaglandins- the active ingredient in latiese. 6-8 weeks of regular use and you will get super long lashes. Add a lash lift and tint you will have the same effect as extensions without the drawbacks. Your tint and lift will last about 2/3 months. Sorry for the awful, tired, no makeup photo but doing the above this is what I’m working with now.

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