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From personal experience, I tried the “21 Pounds in 21 Days Martha’s Vineyard Detox Diet” and it was without a doubt one of the worst experiences of my life. I bought all the stuff and followed the diet to the letter, and it made me violently ill to the point I had to call out of work. I’ve been on different types of diets before, and I can honestly say not one of them conjures up the bad feelings that this particular detox diet does. I would not recommend it to anyone. Ever.

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I’ve done one and wasn’t super thrilled with it b/c it was basically a starvation diet with vitamins. I was constipated the whole time, wanted food, and felt crappy. day 5 i started to feel great but the cons outweighed the pros. I get the same “feel good” feeling from eating clean foods for a week–nothing processed, low sodium, all water, lots of fruits and veggies with minimal proteins (always lean, like fish or tofu or chicken and I keep the portions small or just do a protein shake i make myself) and starches (whole grain, usually something like oatmeal for breakfast). Oh and I’ll eat yogurt. It’s the processed foods ands odium that really make me feel like crap!

IMO, a detox is not an “ease” into dieting. It’s a very drastic and sudden change that wreaks havoc on my digestive system so switching to clean foods is better I think! I adjust much easier.

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I do not believe in detox diets.

Your body is a self cleansing organism and knows how to take of itself if you take care of it. Exercise regularly and eat well and you will feel great and your body will function well!

Anything that causes such a shift in homeostasis (your body’s natural balance) causes your body to have to react violently and is not healthy.

Good Luck!

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You can easily overdo liquids in a diet. And watch the salt you add. You may not want to cut out ALL your meats because without any protein, you’ll find yourself starving all the time. You’ll eat more to compensate and even if it’s soup, you’ll probably over eat and be cranky about the lack of variety. I like seaweed soup, but I’m part korea. It’s just dried seaweed (lots of iron+protein), korean soy sauce (less salty than regular), garlic, and beef broth (homemade in your case).

But really, you can do stir fries and all kinds of stuff for dinner–don’t think you’re limited to veggie soups every day of the week! Veggies are good but they won’t hold you over for very long. And too many veggies can be a drastic increase in fiber…your GI tract may rebel =]

Smoothie-wise, i use soybean protein powder, banana, yogurt, and mango. That’s my standard go-to lately, especially since i’m working out so much. If i don’t get my bananas in (and i hate bananas, hence the smoothie), i get serious cramps mid-workout.

But even so…eating clean in general is a good way to go. I really stay away from 90% of processed foods (sometimes some crackers, some low fat cheeses, etc) but as far as the “pop it in the microwave” thing goes? Pretty rare. Although I have gotten into those Morningstar things. They’re good.

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