(Closed) Detox. Have you ever done one? I really would like to detox!!

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ok I did a detox about a month ago and it was not bad. It was not hard core like some others that I have heard of. But I did loose some weight and some of it stayed off. I was still exercising during it as well. It only works if you have a blender and a juicer though. I think you might get away with not having a juicer just substitute the drinks out with other drinks. I got it from gwyneth paltrow’s blog called GOOP. It is under the eat section. I actually learned some healthy recipes I added to my daily life too! 

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Yes, I did a couple of different cleanses. My roommate is studying accupunture and chinese medicine. She recommended "clean start". I was really scared, but it was fine. I think the hardest parts were 1) trying not to eat anything "bad" for 2 weeks while on the cleanse and 2) making sure to drink the mixture before every meal. The berry mix didn’t taste bad at all.

***Okay this part may gross you out, but we are talking cleanse here so it can’t be helped*** You will "go" very often and much more in quantity. I can’t believe that a human being can actually store all of that and carry it around. I think after the 5th day it was a bit too much for me at one point so I stopped for one day and than started again to finish off the two weeks. Other than that it was fine.

I tried one other brand because it was pills only and thought it would be more convenient. My roommate told me that it probably wouldn’t work as well in pill form and I found that it didn’t for me.

Good luck!

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I did the Isagenix program for 9 days. Pretty intense and I felt better around day 4 or 5, but then I realized it wasn’t really worth it. It was OK, but I missed eating. I did lose 5 pounds and it never came back…likely because I was fasting two days, then eating shakes for two days, then back to fasting. Not eating or having coffee or soda or tea or anything besides water and organic salads got old fast.

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I’ve done two different cleanses.

About a year ago, I purchased some cleansing pills from whole foods called "Super Cleanse" (or something like that). You have to take one the first night with lots of water, then increase by one pill each night until you experience (pardon me) loose stools, then decrease by one pill per night. The pills are mainly a huge dose of fiber, with some other vitamins and plant extracts to support your immune system. You dont have to change your eating habits while doing it…although its probably best to stay away from junk food and excessive carbs. After the third or fourth day, I was in a lot of pain and it was getting quite embarassing…so I stopped. It seemed to get rid of a lot of waste, but I have no clue whether it truly helped my system.

I also did the Master Cleanse a few months ago…thats the one where you drink lemon/raw maple syrup/cayenne mixture all day….I have a lot of friends who swear by doing it for a few days to revive their systems…I was really excited about it, but only lasted a day – it was way too much for me. The drink actually wasnt too bad at first, but I was WAY too hungry all day, the drink started tasting like crap by the end of the day, and I got sick for a few days after (which they say is the toxins leaving your body and once you get past that you feel great…but how can you know?). I lost 3 lbs in one day and it stayed off…probably just water but it felt pretty good.

I would recommend a juice/raw foods diet for a few days to detox. I think staying away from meat, dairy, carbs (besides fruit), caffeine, and medicine, plus consuming large amounts of fruits and veggies should detox the system just fine. There are certain veggies and herbs that are great for cleansing the system – you can find lots online. Drink LOTS of water and tea (perhaps senna tea, which is a natural laxative…gross, sorry, but necessary to push things along…) and youll probably benefit from it a lot…I plan to try this soon:)


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I did a cleansing diet about a month ago where I made all of my own food and basicaly followed a no-carb, dairy, sugar diet (i.e. veggies and fruits, meats and protein like eggs and nuts).  LOTS of water.

I felt terrible for the first day or two but lost 4 pounds that week and was feeling energized towards the end.  But it’s just a lot of work to keep up a diet like that …but I’ve been trying eat healthier grains and more fruits and veggies since then.

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Getting over the "hump" is the hardest part of a detox. I hate starving myself. I feel like, "duh, i’m losing weight, I’m not eating a thing!" and then I get cranky.

I like the self-made raw food idea myself, though. If you aren’t eating anything processed and you stick to organic foods, isn’t that just as good without, er, "forcing" your body to expel things in a way that could be painful and/or embarassing? I’d be scared to leave my house all weekend long!

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I’m kind of with harmonyee on this one.  My sister did a detox last year (the kind that requires buying supplements, don’t know the brand), and she did lose a lot of weight and feel cleansed.  But she also gained a lot back and I’m not sure about the long term benefit to be honest.

My trainer recommends no more than a 1 week detox, no pills, but prettys strict diet.  Like all tomato juice the first day.  Add in blue berries.  And slowly add in one thing a day, all very high in anti-oxidants and other good stuff.  I know that tomatos, blueberries, and pomegranite are like super high detox wonder foods.  Luckily I also really like them:)  As you work in protein, I think that wild fish is the best.  And grains should be added slowly and definitely be whole grain and unprocessed.

As Americans we eat obscene amounts of processed food.  I swear, even just limiting that makes a huge difference in how you feel and how much energy you have.  

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