(Closed) Devastated- DH allergic to new kitten

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Helper bee
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My Darling Husband was super allergic to cats his whole life but he hadnt been around them for years. When we moved in together he found he was no longer allergic to them and only gets itchy eyes once in a great while. 🙂

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Sugar bee
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I grew up being horribly allergic to cats.  When I moved to Florida, I had to start taking allergy medication every day.  I now have a cat that I don’t have any issues with because of the meds.  I’m on fluticasone propionate now.

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@Catluvr2013:  I’m sorry! That soooo sucks. 🙁 It doesn’t help you keep your cute kitten, but my friend has a persian and no one with cat allergies seem to have a problem around him. In fact, my SO is super allergic to cats and when we visited the persian used SO as a bed most of the time and we never had a problem. So your SO’s allergies don’t necessarily mean you have to live cat-free. You just have to find the right breed. 

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This really sucks. Worst case, if you end up having to give your kitten away, try the Siberian breed. My cat is a Siberian and I have HORRIBLE allergies, but can tolerate him just fine. He even sleeps on our bed. I only get really sniffly if he starts licking me and is right up in my face. Have you tried having him take Reactine or another allergy pill to see if it helps?

Also, did you bathe the kitten when you got him home? That definitely helps a bit.

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I have bad pet dander allergies as well.  I nannied for a family with a Labradoodle that I had to go 2-3 weeks straight taking Alavert daily before my body built up a tolerance.  Same goes for my sister’s 3 dogs and volunteering at the Humane Society weekly.  My body just eventually got used to the fact that I was around the dogs/cats and the allergies went away.

My sister has horrible allergies but had her two kittens from birth and therefore built up an immunity to them.  No problems with the two new cats they got.  Give it time and take an allergy pill on a regular basis.

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Ugh my heart breaks for you because the same thing happened to me.  We adopted the sweetest little kitten and DH’s alleriges kicked in and he was constantly wheezing and had irriated eyes – the works.  We tried cleaning daily, keeping her out the our bedroom, air purifiers.  In the end we had to send her back to the adoption agency complete with me crying the whole way there.


I really hope for your sake the purifier works.  Do you have carpet or hard wood?  My Darling Husband seems to do better in homes with animals that have hard wood since the dander doesn’t catch in the carpet.  Maybe you could try keeping her isolated in one part of your home so her dander isn’t everywhere?  I would assume that daily grooming would help too.  They sell wipes that you can use to clean the cat without bathing them.  Also, I know my Darling Husband breaks out into hives when a cat scratches him.  We tried soft paws (they cover the nail on the cat) which prevent scratches and as an added bonus they can’t tear up your furniture!  Sorry this post is so long – just wanted to share what we tried – I hope one or all of these suggestions work for you guys so you can keep your little cutie!


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Busy bee

@Catluvr2013:  My Fiance was allergic and so is his mom. His mom was to the point where she cold walk into a house and know there had been a cat there at some point. I honestly thought I would have to choose between my babies and my guy.  Well the 3 of us moved in with my guy. My babies stayed in the basement for about 8 months before I freaked and let them out. Fiance is fine. He bought an air purifier that works wonders and I brush them and wipe them with allergy wipes from PetSmart (I tell him every day but it’s not. Close but not). I sweep every morning (we have hardwood), they are not allowed in the bedrooms (breaks my heart as they used to sleep with me) and if we are sleeping or not home, they are in the basement. He’s fine. And the best part? One of my babies has become his cat! It sounds like he’s willing to try, so give it a little bit. 

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Blushing bee

Been allergic to cats all my life – still have two.

Allergy meds help. Hardwood floors that are kept swept and dusted often also helps. Furminator brushes – help a lot.

Weekly dry baths for the kitty helps too (you can buy cat wipes (they’re like baby wipes but have pet shampoo on them) or make your own with a paper towel and a dollop of cat shampoo, put the shampoo on the towel, ball it up, wet it, squeeze it till it’s nice and soaping, ring it out till it’s damp but not wet) it helps to pick the cat up under the chest, start at the head and work down over the body real quick, don’t forget the legs and the tail! It’s fast, less likely to cause scratching fits than full submersion baths and also a great way to cool kitty down in hot weather.

Dust often and give it more than a week! I find I acclimate to my own cats so my allergies fade a lot but new cats are always difficult for me, for a while.

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Sugar bee
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My FH is allergic to cats and I have 9 in the house. There is no way I would give any of them up. I would get rid of FH first and he knows it! He takes allergy medicine every day. An air cleaner can do wonders. Do not let the kitten in the bedroom. If you MUST rehome the kitty – please DO NOT do so on Craigslist or do a free to a good home ad. Kittens are often obtained for torture or to be fed to snakes.

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Bumble bee

My hubby is allergic to our Cat. He had no idea he was even allergic till we got her after not having any cats for a couple years, he had cats his whole childhood but never put two and two together that he allergies were cat related. We have also found that he is allergic to horses as well, as I had a horse for many years.

Anyways, he onlys gets bothered by the cat when she gets up in his face, otherwise he is generally ok. We just keep stocked up on Allergy medicine which he takes when he he starts feeling the allergies.

That said though, I do not have any intentions of getting another cat after her since I dont think it is fair for him to suffer through allergies. He disagrees with me though.




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My Fiance was also allergic to cats, and I was worried this might be a deal breaker early in out relationship.  ( I NEED a cat in my life).  So when we finally adopted one, i was petrified i’d fall in love with a cat just to have to give her back!  We got a short haired one, and he was sniffly for a bout a week. And then it stopped! Thank heavens! 

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Sugar bee


That would be terrible. My Darling Husband is alergic to cats, but luckily we found one that he wasn’t too reactive to, so it worked out fine. Also, he’s taken to that cat so well that he doesn’t mind that he is a little sneezy. 

Does you Darling Husband take allergy meds already? If not, he could do a once a day regimen and see if they clear it up!

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I’m so sorry, OP. However, I wouldn’t want someone to be on medication forever simply to accomodate a pet in the home.

I am too allergic to cats and dogs to even attempt it. I was once convinced to go to a relative’s home who has a cat, and I lasted about an hour before having to go home. But things didn’t get better at home, despite me having taken allergy meds before going to their home and antihitamines when I came home. I ended up in the ER because I couldn’t breathe.

It is hard to adapt to not having pets when you are used to them, but my partner’s health would override that for me.

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I am allergic to cats and I have TWO!  I am not severe, but I am a 3/4 on the allergy scale.  I can avoid problems by simply not touching my face after I pet my cat.  You can learn to live with it in some more mild cases like my own…

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