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@rubyred605:  Honestly, speeding (and speeding THAT much, I’m not talking 5 over) is irresponsible to me. Not just financially but for safety. I would totally be taking this from his birthday money! You can’t afford for him to keep this “habit.” He’s gotta learn sometime.

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@love108:  This!

He sounds very irresponsible to me and should have some sort of consequence for doing something so dangerous. Take it out of his birthday fund. He needs to learn that this won’t be tolerated.

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Go to the courthouse.  It’s possible you might be able to get the plate thing reduced since he has them and just didn’t put them on the car.  There might be a court fee for going to court though.  I would take it out of his money, he shouldn’t get play money if he owes a ticket to the state.

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It would definitely come out of his birthday money.

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I don’t really believe in punishing you Darling Husband for something like that. It sounds as if you’re treating him like a child. “You got a ticket so now I’m taking it out of your birthday party money.” You guys need to talk through this issue…especially if it’s a recurring one. And why wouldn’t you put the registration stickers on the car yourself? I think you’re just as much at fault for that as he is…especially if you own the car together.

Talk to him about how speeding isn’t only against the law, but it’s also extremely dangerous. What happens when you have kids? Is he going to speed with them in the car and put their lives at risk as well? 

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Sugar bee

If you have to cancel a girl’s trip to make ends meet then he can lose his bday for sinking you further in the hole. Harsh? Maybe. But he’s a grown up, not a child and should know better.

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Honey bee
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Yeah…. that 85+ thing is a myth. People generally go 80+ in the fast lane in California, but if a cop is in the right mood , he could pull you over for going 80 or 90. Then if the cop is in a really good mood (because you made him pull you over), he will find something else to get on you. You can get away with the sticker thing for only a month because cops realize it can take awhile to get your stickers in the mail. That ticket is probably gonna be a few hundred dollars. Take it out of his birthday money or the court can set him up on a payment plan. Make sure he also goes to traffic school to avoid the insurance increase.  He has to pay for that mistake so he learns to be more careful next time.

His reasoning makes no sense, LA has done away with red light cameras as of recently. But getting a ticket for running a red light is the least of your worries and he should be paying attention anyway.

Source: I have two friends that are cops, and a few friends that have been pulled over for going 80.

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Honey bee
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He sounds really irresponsible-there is no need to speed that much. Sounds harsh, but I would let him come up with the money and deal with this on his own. The only downside is, could you be sure he would even take care of the ticket on his own?

If he goes to court with his plates he might get it reduced, otherwise he may be able to set up a payment plan on his ticket.

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I have no sympathy for him. Going 92 and, in the past, over 100 is completely irresponsible and dangerous. The fact that he then tried to get out of red light camera tickets by gaming the system shows even more immaturity.

Let him figure it out. It’s not fair that you should get punished for his obvious stupidity.

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Um, what’s the speed limit out there in Cali?  Just curious.

ETA: Just saw your post about the speed limit being 70.  Wowza!  Things sure are different out there.  I try to not go more than 7 over, but I’ve been pulled over going 5 over before.

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Plead not guilty, go to court, and the ticket will be reduced.  Explain to the judge that you have your registration stickers – bring them with you or take of a pic of them on the car – and he will prob waive that charge.


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@rubyred605:  Not usually, but they do. Those friends of mine were going 80 on a 70. and I had that discussion with my friends that are cops. It is completely false. You are better off not going over 75. If people want to risk it and go 80, just get out of their way.
Like I said try the payment plan thing.

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I’ve gotten my share of speeding tickets and every time I’ve plead not guilty, gone to court and had the ticket reduced. Now, this was for tickets 10-15 mph over the speed limit, not 30+/- (I’m just speculating since 65 mph is the highest speed limit that we have in NYS that I know of). They may reduce the ticket or they may throw the book at him. I have a friend who was clocked going 95 and had to pay some HEFTY fines, almost to the point of selling her car just to cover them. Most courts will allow you to set up a payment arrangement so you can chop away at the total amount due if you can’t cover it upfront. They’ll probably give him stuipulations and failure to obey those could result in a suspended license and bench warrant for his arrest.

As for the registration, that’s just irresponsible. Certain tickets along those lines will be dropped if you show that you’ve done what’s necessary to fix the issue but I guess it depends on the county and severity of the offense. Not changing his plates so that he could avoid tickets for driving wrecklessly is just stupid. 

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