DH got drunk at family get together and I'm MORTIFIED

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Tatum :  

I edited my comments after rereading, you’re right, I misunderstood. 

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Your Uncle can go and shove it quite frankly. Someone with three DUI’s (and how many other times he didn’t get caught) can direct his disapproval on all the times he could have maimed or killed someone while HE was driving drunk. 

I have an alcoholic Aunty who spent 25 years drunk, assualting police officers, in jail, missing her children growing up and she’s the most judgemental bitch I know. It will be a cold day in hell before I take her opinion on board. 

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Look, everyone let’s loose sometimes. It doesn’t sound like he was actually rude, just very talkative.

If I were a relative, I would probably laugh a bit and move on. I wouldn’t care about the opinion of anyone who thought that one afternoon of a little wine was an opportunity to judge my character.

ETA: if this was a common occurrence I think it might deserve a serious chat but considering that you said this isn’t the norm, I think you should let it go.

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You’re over thinking this, I’m sure your husband is embarassed and that’s punishment enough. We’ve all been there.

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It’s fine to be a bit embarrassed, but unless he did something really bad I would let it go and laugh it off. Sometimes adults accidently drink a bit too much, and it’s especially easy to go over that line when you’re out in the hot sun. If the worst that happened was a few lame jokes and some spillage, at least you can be happy to know your husband isn’t a nasty drunk! 

Now, if he was making offensive jokes or remarks, or said or did anything hurtful or particularly rude, I’d have a talk about it and ask him to apologise to whoever he hurt/offended. 

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I would try and let this go. It sounds like a one time thing. Yes he was out of control with spilling his wine etc but it’s not like he started getting violent or saying rude things to people. I am sure his sore head the next day was punishment enough!

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Yeah, your uncle has a lot of room to judge. undecided


Just one of those things. We all have our moments, but it wasn’t a big deal. Your embarassment will fade.

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I think at some point I’d want to know why he was acting in an unexpected way just in case there was something that had really bothered him previous to his slip up.

Dry Uncle has absolutely no stake in the situation one way or the other.

Forgive him.

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Helper bee

Let it go, laugh it off and forget it!!

 I’m sure he’s not the only person to get drunk at a family party and it doesn’t sound like he offended anyone so honestly I’d stop stressing over it. 

As for your uncle…who the hell is he to judge?! 

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anonagrsta :  I too would be embarrassed if my dh did this. Ask him to apologize to the hosts then let it go.

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I agree with PPs – don’t be embarrassed at your husband for getting drunk once.  Be embarrassed at your uncle for looking disapprovingly at people for getting a bit trashed at a party when he himself has driven drunk on multiple occasions.

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Busy bee

Given that all he did was hug everyone and make bad jokes (and not something actually irresponsible like drive or start an argument with someone), this is not sommething to feel that bad about. I don’t know if I would even apologise.

The next time I saw your family, I would probably just shrug and laugh about it. Your husband might come in for a bit of teasing.

These things happen – sometimes, if you drink a particular drink you’re not used to, it can hit you much harder than you thought it would. If it happens regularly, this might be a cause for concern, but as a once-off… no big deal.

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Nothing you can really do about it i guess. Drinking once in a while is fine as long as it does not become his habit. I mean, you Darling Husband must be really keen of your family that he let his guard down and let them see him at his worst. As for your uncle, don’t mind him, it’s you and your choice that matters wink

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Lol. At my family events theres always one really drunk person. It’s like we take turns being that person lol.

i get that youre embarrassed, but I think just apologise to the hosts, also tell your hubby that it was a bit embarrassing. then move on xoxox 

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