(Closed) DH was asked to be a gun smuggler!!!!

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I’d be going to the police.

Admittedly, I live in the UK where we have exceedingly strict gun laws but I don’t think “not knowing how things work” in the US is a reason to say nothing. Is there any country in the world where gun smuggling is an acceptable, everyday pursuit that’s not illegal?

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Go to the police.  Seriously. Now.

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Mrslovebug:  Even if your husband does not want to report his coworker for the gun thing, you should be very suspicious about all the questions he was asking about your home. (Though I wouldn’t leave my weapons next to the front door for an intruder to grab.)

Though it is very little for them to go on and they will likely not do anything yet, I would tell the police about the strange questions he was asking and your concerns about a potential break-in. Maybe even mention that he was asking about getting guns in the US and leave it at that. If you are in a small town, they are more likely to take you seriously/ talk to the guy than if you are in a large metropolis, but having this kind of complaint on record can be helpful down the line if he asks/threatens again.

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WTF is this thread? Get off WeddingBee and go to the police.

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Mrslovebug: Yes- you should be worried. My Darling Husband is a LEO, and I asked him his thoughts. The cops can’t really do a whole lot if he hasn’t made a valid threat and if there isn’t anything documented.

However, I would def get some sort of alarm system in order immediately AND make sure you have plenty of self-protection (in the form of your own gun/guns). Any other weapon can too easily be used against you. And, if the intruder has a gun, you having a knife or a bat won’t be very helpful. Darling Husband is suggesting cameras in addition to a traditional motion type detection system. Also, please discuss a defense/exit strategy in the event that your Darling Husband is not home. Nothing is ever guaranteed to go as planned, but it’s good to have some sort of idea what you will do in that sort of an emergency (when you will normally be in panic mode and not thinking as clearly).

The gun episode in addition to the questions this guy was asking is a HUGE red flag. Please don’t allow your husband to overlook it.

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Mrslovebug: The only thing the cops can do with the information you have (in my state) is talk to and warn him. Best case scenario is that they find a traffic violation or something to stop him for and find something illegal at that time. Even with proof of something (which you don’t have), it can be hard for cops to investigate something. So, you’re in a really difficult position, which is why I can’t stress “self protection” enough.

I would absolutely go to gun class to learn how to use one, get certified and purchase something that you are comfortable with. Especially now that you’ve stated that you have children to protect. 

Nothing may ever come of this guy, but it’s one of those situations that you’d rather be safe than sorry. 

Also, is this guy an illegal immigrant by any chance? Just curious if your husband may know, as that could potentially help you get the cops to investigate further.

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Mrslovebug:  fhe asked your husband to make a “straw purchase” which is a FELONY. Secondly, guns are illegal in Mexico, so, presuming he is from Mexico- even if he is unfamiliar with the laws of the US, he still knows what he is attempting to do is illegal. All that’s assuming he is even telling the truth about what he plans to do with the guns. He could also be planning to keep them in the US for people who are unable to legally acquire a firearm (ie convicted felons.) It’s possible his questions about your home were innocent curiosity, but I would make it clear to my husband that if he works with unsavory people, you do not, under any circumstances want them knowing where you live!

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PoliticallyIncorrect:  This, exactly. 

That is illegal on so many fronts and while the cops can’t do anything yet, I’d be majorly concerned. It is illegal in the US to buy a gun for someone who obviously can’t qualify on his own. Your Darling Husband was smart to shut that idea down. 

This guy would have to be an idiot to think that the US (or Mexico!) wouldn’t have a problem with taking an illegally obtained gun across the border. Major red flag…

You might want to get a shotgun. Super easy to work and use, and frankly it’ll be a lot more useful against wackos than a taser, if God forbid, something happens. 

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already being suspicious of this guy, i would not have taken him to my house and shown him where i live. i’d be a little freaked out if my husband told me all this.

be safe.

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Mrslovebug:  Oh my gosh! I am in a similar situation right now too, so I feel for you! It’s a bit scary. We haven’t lived in our neighborhood too long (it’s rural, so I use the term “neighborhood” loosely) and this sketchy couple have been stopping by under the guise of looking for work. They live nearby, and we know they do meth (it’s super obvious) and I googled the kid and found out he has a pretty length arrest record for theft. They came up and knocked on the door once and asked to come inside with my fiance and look at his guns. He was like, uhh…no. Go away. They have also stopped by to ask odd questions like “can we borrow your tractor”…again, no. We are pretty sure they are trying to figure out what we have of value and where we keep it.

I wouldn’t be as nervous except we are going out of town on a honeymoon soon! So, this was our plan, and if you can, you might want to talk some of this over with your fiance too – burglaries are waaay too common, and it seems like you have a pretty high risk right now. We got a monitored alarm system on all the windows and doors, and are going to get a safe for all the valuables while we are gone. The alarm came with a key fob that I am keeping handy, which has an emergency button that immediately calls the police. We don’t have kids, so we also keep a loaded gun and a knife in very accessible locations. (We will NOT leave them out when we are out of town, obviously.)

Knowing the gun is ready to fire and that the laws in my state protect me if I shoot at anyone entering this house has really done a lot to make me feel better about working from home. Definitely go to the shooting range and get some practice! 

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