(Closed) Diamond? Moissanite?? Help!!!

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    I must admit that I don’t know anything about Moissy, so I will be no help in answering your questions.  However, I’m very surprised that other Moissy owners haven’t jumped on this to help you out.

    So consider this a friendly bump! πŸ™‚

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    i wanted a moissy too but so far ive had no luck convincing Fiance of that. he wants me to wear a real diamond. that conversation ended with me having a childish fit “i dont WANT a real diamond!” however now i am, however reluctantly, wearing a real diamond. Or at least i am in possession of one, he wont let me wear it until he “proposes” with it to make it an engagement ring.

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    I personally prefer diamonds for myself, but I have seen some gorgeous moissanites since joining the bee!  From what I gather, they are cut so they are more refractive (hence, more sparkly) than diamonds.  If you really want a completely colorless tone, though (that was one of my priorities), I think diamonds are a better choice. 

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    When I was researching it, I found this page really interesting.  There are some good links to (somewhat dated) articles about how the whole diamonds being an investment thing is a myth. http://diamondssuck.com/

    I also felt the way you do. We could afford a diamond, but I couldn’t bear to spend that much money. So I made it really clear to my fiance that I would be perfectly happy with moissanite.  He ended up buying a diamond, and I’m actually pretty happy about it. You have to keep in mind that men feel much more sensitive about these things, and I think they feel more judged if they can’t get their lady a nice ring, even if that’s not what we want.  Once I got past the sticker shock, I did fall in love with it, and also having a name brand ring means I’ve gotten very excellent customer service, and the whole shopping experience was really nice for him and his friends too.  That’s what we’re paying for, basically, but it’s nice to have a relationship with this store for the rest of our lives, and I never have to worry about where to get it serviced/cleaned.  So I’m very happy with my diamond.

    I do think if I were given the choice between 1/4c diamond and 1c moissanite, I would go with the moissanite.  1c is a beautiful size. Not too big, but definitely attention grabbing and gorgeous.  You will get lots of oohs and ahs with that.  But if I were given a choice between 1c diamond and 1c moissanite, well, I’d go with the diamond.  I’ve never compared them, of course, but moissanite just limits you to certain stores and, thus, certain settings, and i really like the store we got it from and all the great customer service and peace of mind that came with it.

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    1) Moissaniteco.com offers a warranty (this is where I got mine and most people on the Bee have had an awesome experience with them): http://www.moissaniteco.com/warranty.html. Not sure about a serial number.

    2) I have both a diamond and moissanite engagement ring (don’t ask, long story, lol) and I can’t really tell a difference except the moissanite is a little more sparkly. Diamond experts will be able to tell though, but those are few and far between. I actually think moissanite it more beautiful than a diamond because of it’s sparkle and fire.

    3) Diamonds actually lose a ton of their value as soon as you leave the jewelry store. Ever tried to resell a diamond ring or bracelet? You paid $500 but will get $40 back. So I don’t consider diamonds an investment at all. I don’t know whether moissanite appreciates or depreciates over time.

    4) Don’t know the answer to this one…sorry!

    5) I really love my moissanite and am proud to wear it. But if you or your Fiance have your hearts set on a diamond, I don’t think you will ever be able to get over the fact that it isn’t a diamond. Will your Fiance be self-conscious when you tell your friends it’s a moissanite? But if you are looking for a gorgeous, eco-friendly stone then moissanite sounds like a great fit for you.

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    @iheartoffbeat: I have a 1carat square brilliant moissy and love love love it! I had a .50 diamond originally and planned to get a 1carat diamond before the wedding but when I learned about moissy I fell in love and ordered a loose stone to have set in the setting I already had. To answer your questions:

    1) Do the moissanite jewelry/stones come with a warranty in writing? If so, what does it cover? Also, do they come with some form of authenticity? What about a serial number? I ordered an amora and the warranty is only if the stone clouds-it is supposed to be a life time stone so it should not ever cloud like a CZ will over time.

    2) Have you compared your stone to a real diamond? If so, did they look similar? Did the moissanite look fake or too much like a CZ?  Yes they look similar but by no means do they look the same. I’m no jeweler so to me I couldn’t tell the difference between the 2 but the moissy is sparklier than the diamond (which I love)

    If you haven’t seen a moissy in person I would order a loose stone or go to a local jeweler so you can see one. You can send the loose stone back for a full refund.I ordered mine through moissaniteco and loved the great service I received.

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    Also if you search moissanite on here you will find some great threads with really good information and awesome pictures of all the ladies on here with moissanite rings.

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    1) Do the moissanite jewelry/stones come with a warranty in writing? If so, what does it cover? Also, do they come with some form of authenticity? What about a serial number?

    The current upgraded version of moissanite, Amora (a process to make the stone whiter) comes with a serial number inscribed on the stone and independent lab grading.  See here for more details:  http://www.moissaniteco.com/guide_amora_moissanite.html

    The parent company that manufactures all moissanite, Charles & Colvard, offers a limited warranty– info here:  http://www.moissaniteco.com/warranty.html

    2) Have you compared your stone to a real diamond? If so, did they look similar? Did the moissanite look fake or too much like a CZ?

    I have.  They look different, but the moissy does not look fake– it’s just a different stone!  Moissy tends to be a little warmer (ie Amora moissanite rounds are rated an H, and cushions are a J).  However, these colors are still pretty clear– I have a 1.8ct cushion Amora moissanite, which is rated a J, and it looks colorless 95% of the time.  I don’t think it’s something most people notice.

    3) I know diamonds are not just pretty but their price/value go up over time & serve not only as family heirlooms but as investments as well. Is that the case with moissanite too? I ask this because this is a lab-created stone & they are mass produced…Do they appreciate or depreciate over time?

    I don’t think the value will increase over time.  However, generally antique diamonds are worth less than new ones, so I don’t think that’s a difference between the two.

    5) Is each stone unique like diamonds are or are they replicas of each other?

    They are lab created, so the chemical structure is the same.  But each stone is individually cut.  This is done very precisely, so they are pretty close– but I know in the Amora process, they pick out the best-cut ones.

    4) Is there anything else I should know??

    I would highly recommend MoissaniteCo.com!  We ordered my ring from them and they have great customer service– willing to answer zillions of questions.  I would also check out the message boards at Better Than Diamond  (http://betterthandiamond.com/discussion/)– there are lots of “experts” over there, and lots of pics of comparisons.

    Finally, I would recommend ordering a loose stone comparable to what you’d put in your ring so that you can look at it.  MoissaniteCo will let you do this and then return, and all you pay is shipping.  We did this to see it in person in case we didn’t like it, and it was definitely reassuring!  We decided to keep it, sent it back to have it set, and when we got it back in the ring, it looked even sparklier and whiter.  Smile


    Good luck!

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    @sarahbabs:  From what I gather, they are cut so they are more refractive (hence, more sparkly) than diamonds.

    It was my understanding that they are inherently more sparkly than diamonds (doubly refractive? double refraction?) and it is just a property of the gem, not really a product of the cut. Someone that knows more can correct me if I’m wrong, though.

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    Absolutely second checking out the BetterThanDiamond.com website (who also sells the Amora enhanced Moissy) and checking out their forums.  A LOT of vendors frequent there and can answer questions, and there are a LOT of Moissy owners over there, posts with pics, etc.  Yes, there is a difference between Moissy and Diamonds (they aren’t anything like CZ’s, so they won’t look like one), and people claim they can tell a difference…however many jewelers have been fooled by the stones until they did proper testing on them.  I think, unless you are wearing a diamond and a moissy in the same size and cut on the same finger, no one will know, and even then they probably wouldn’t KNOW, just wonder why they looked different.  To be honest, even with cheap CZ’s, whenever anyone sees a white stone on your finger, they are going to assume it’s a diamond, that’s just a given.  There’s always a debate on whether it’s right or wrong to ‘pass it off’ as a diamond, but the answer to that is, do whatever makes you feel comfortable, as it’s no one else’s business.  That said, I know more than one Bee (or lady on BTD) that hasn’t told her secret of diamond or moissy and no one knows.  

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    The cuts of moissanite are not more refractive; moissanite itself is more refractive.  That is inherent to the stone.  Moissanite is cut to maximize the brilliance of the stone, and decrease the body colour.  The cut is actually far from ideal; they are cut shallow and have a rather flat table.  This is why you hear people complain about the cut of the Ring Bearer especially.

    As well, Amora is not inscribed with a serial number.  It is simply inscribed with “Amora Moissanite”.

    Lastly, the warranty on moissanite from C&C is pretty useless.  It do not cover chipping or scratching…  Just clouding and colour changes.  Moissanite is chemically stable, so it will never cloud or change colour.  The warranty sounds great, but really offers nothing.  The Amora process technically voids the warranty, as it is not done my C&C.  My MoCo will guarantee the stone anyway.  However, should you still want a C&C warrantied stone, Forever Brilliant by C&C is the best option for whitness.

    For any used stone, you would be lucky to get 50% of what you paid.  As well, moissy is improving all the time, so if you try to sell in a few years, after the current patent is expired, chances are ther will be way better SiC products on the market.  And if the patent gets overturned before then…good luck getting even 50%.  The Amora Gem that will be launched by BTD is cheaper per carat, an actual colourless stone, and perfectly cut…  My point, don’t think of resale, as you won’t get your money back  Neither moissy or diamonds are investments.  If you think you may want an upgrade at some point, buy a diamond from a place like Good Old Gold, where they will buy your stone back from you at the same price you paid for.  Schubach jewelers also has an upgarde policy, so if you buy moissy now and want a diamond later, they will buy your moissy back when they source you a diamond.

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    I’m ordering a moissanite e-ring from moissanite co and I’m so excited!

    I can’t answer all your questions, but about the depreciate over time one… I’ve seen moissanite rings on e-bay going for about what they cost new, so I think you’ll be fine on that front.

    And their soooo sparkley. 

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    Used Moissanite rings are actually still pricy!  Meanwhile, diamond rings do not resell well at all.  They make lovely heirlooms (so do Moissy’s) but don’t hold their value, and are not an investment…check out what you can find on eBay for prices and you’ll be shocked at how ‘cheap’ they are!  I forgot to add that in earlier.  

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    I’ve posted this pic sooooo many times, but it really is a great comparison so here it is again. I know I was looking for side-by-sides when researching moissy vs. diamond.


    Both are my erings (long story, ended up with 2)


    Top is a 1.1c equiv cushion cut moissy, J color and the bottom is a .72 radiant cut diamond, D color. The color in the moissy reacts to color changes in the environment more than the diamond, but I think that it has more to do with the diamond being colorless. My bestie has a .8 round brilliant G color stone and it looks very similar to my moissy. The sparkle is about the same too, which suprised me a bit since people often refer to how over-the-top sparkly moissanite can be.

    The only people that know the top ring is a moissy are Fiance and I, and no-one has ever given the slightest indication that they think it’s something other than a diamond. Not that we really claim it is, we just dont say either way.

    I ordered it from moissyco and am fairly happy with it. Some of the side diamonds appear darker to me, but no one else notices that (and no one spends as much time looking at it as I do anyway :P)

    The price difference between the two rings is about $3000… so if your looking for bang for your buck, go moissy. I have had nothing but gushing possitive comments/ compliments on it. You can PM me if you need a sounding board about the decision πŸ˜›


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