(Closed) Diamond or gem engagement ring?

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Bumble Beekeeper

@KatyElle: And your ring makes me smile. BAM!


I have a diamond e-ring and never wanted or considered anything else because that was my personal preference. However, I don’t think a gem e-ring in any way voids the meaning of the ring itself and I have seen many a gem ring that takes my breath away.

So to repeat what many other PP have said before it all comes down to personal preference.

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Helper bee
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Funny I WAS going for an Aquamarine ring (until we found out it was discountinued/hardness was “weaker”) Then thought a Sapphire would be great (FI’s birthstone)…but that took more effort {time} than both of us wanted and in the end went for a Diamond because it was in a SETTING I adored that was available…

So sometimes a woman (in my case) doesn’t go for just a stone..

“Traditional” or not… It’s about you and your Fiance, what you both like etc. Not the world’s opinion. 

I’m actually hoping that store decides to do gemstone’s one day for E-rings. That way I can have what I originally wanted, a Sapphire Solitare! 

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@aliasmae: A coworker has a gorgeous sapphire ring. It is circled with diamonds, but I think anything else wouldn’t fit her. I think the ring is a symbol in itself. It doesn’t matter if it is a diamond or not. It represents love.

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Worker bee
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@KatyElle: Holy WOW that is a beautiful ring!

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Worker bee
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I have an amethyst *my fave color* If i went for the diamond I would have had to wait longer since Fiance can not afford alot plus I am not a fan of diamonds. Besides with the extra money I can have more things at my wedding.

Its more special to me because I am unique in a sea full of diamonds. 🙂

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My feelings on the subject have pretty much been covered already in the thread. What I can add is my personal experience with buying and wearing a gemstone engagement ring.

When my fiancé and I went ring shopping we wanted to cast a wide net and check out several different jewelers. I was open to either a sapphire or a diamond and I wanted to go through a jeweler that could source a wide selection of high-quality gemstones of both types for us choose from. Almost every jeweler I talked to said that sapphire (and increasingly other gemstone) rings were really popular now and that they worked with couples who wanted them all the time. I ended up going with a peach sapphire  because I feel in love with the stone the second I saw it. It’s very me AND very us as a couple (modern and a little understated). I was prepared for people to say slightly awkward things about it, but it has been a non-event. I recieved the same reaction to the ring as any of my friends who have gotten engaged.

I really think that while gemstones other than diamonds seem “non-traditional” at the moment, the trend is moving towards them being more mainstream again and I wouldn’t be surprised if in 10-20 years this isn’t even an issue.

Here is my ring. I think it looks very bridal and haven’t had anyone mistake it for something else:

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Blushing bee

When we went into the store i decided i would not have a solitaire diamond as i had one the first time around ……been married before.  i also somehow knew that i wouldnt have a plain wedding ring because FIs  ex wore a plain band.  ( i dont know how i knew that ) ,  and i DEFINATELY  didnt want a blue sapphire…….

well here is both my rings…….blue sapphire and diamond  (although in the shop it states its a black sapphire but its definately blue)  and a plain gold wedding band. 

2 things i definately DIDNT  want,  but when i tried them on they spoke to me!   and i loved how they looked,  and i DO  love diamonds, but could not take this sapphire ring off.  (the saleswoman was getting worried methinks) i have thought about MAYBE changing the centre stone when we hit an important anniversary,  because i DO  love  sparkley stones,  but it would be a moissanite  because of the inflated cost of diamonds….dont get me wrong,  i do love my blue sapphire.  i may never change it…..but FI  has suggested getting a cleaar or a pink stone for my 5 years anniversay of Breast Cancer remission……that might be a good time to change it IF i decide i want to….

my point is,  although i do love diamonds and have no qualm about wearing them, its the cost that pus me off,  dont diss other stones because until you try them on,  you never know what you will like.  i didnt want a sapphire when i walked into the shop,  but i fell in love with it. I even told the saleswoman i didnt want to try it on, and she persuaded me to……


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Busy bee
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I like diamonds. Hell, I buy them for myself. But I just wanted something a bit more unique and rare as an engagement ring.

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Busy bee

I also haven’t seen many gemstone rings on the street at all…and I live in the Northeast (though not in New York…bet there would be more there). The first one I ever saw was Kate Middleton’s, and frankly I initially thought it was a little ugly (no offense, personal opinion…). Why dark blue? Why a dark color at all? I’m just the “sweet and sunny” kind so I would prefer a vibrant, light and sparkly ring. 

Regardless, when my bf and i had our “ring talk”, he surprised me by telling me that he was thinking of getting a ruby, so that the red could symbolize red. He seemed kind of tired of the consumer gibberish surrounding diamonds, and definitely didn’t have enough money to afford more than a 0.25 c. So we talked and compared rings online. I decided that, even though I loved the ruby idea (and I like red in general), I wanted something sparkly. But I also didn’t want him to spend a fortune on it, so we compromised with moissanite. I get my sparkle, he gets his non-diamond-special-ring. And we’ll get claddagh engraved wedding bands for the “statement”.

I do have to admit, WB is one of the first places where I’ve seen a lot of gemstone rings. Now they’ve grown on me. Now I wouldn’t mind getting a sapphire or a ruby, or anything else (as long as it’s not too dark). But I had to get used to them. If he had proposed to me directly with a gemstone without us having discussed it first, I probably would have been a bit speechless and thought it a bit weird. But it would have grown on me.

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It seems pretty common in my fiance’s family for women to have gemstone engagement rings and in my family, while my/my grandma’s engagement ring is a diamond, diamonds are actually more associated with family gifts as my cousins both have whacking great diamonds which they inherited (as I suppose do I).

I did want a diamond engagement ring, but wouldn’t have objected to a gemstone. In fact, the ring that I have most lusted over in the past couple of years is a colour-change garnet ring with diamond accents.

I’ve been feeling really down about my diamond engagement ring recently. Not because it’s too small, or because the stone isn’t perfect, but because it was always mine whether I got engaged or not. I wear it on my left ring finger, but any other ring on that finger would mean the same thing.

I’ve realised that it doesn’t really matter what’s on that finger, as long as there’s something on it, so I’m thinking of ordering a large colour-change garnet and having it set in yellow gold as an alternative ring for days when I don’t want to wear a white metal with a white stone.

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