(Closed) Diamond quality – what’s the most important?

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Everything kind of works together so it is really hard to say one is more important than another. A lot of people are more color sensitive, a lot of people aren’t, etc. It does seem, though, that the cut of the diamond is pretty vital. If the diamond is not cut well, the light will leak through the bottom and not bounce back out to be all sparkly and pretty 🙂 Between color and clarity… it is kind of person specific. Some people can’t tell the difference between a VVS1 and a SI1, some people can. 

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I think as long as you are mid range or above for each of the “c”s the diamond will be gorgeous!

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I agree that the cut is really important, but to me … the clarity is of equal importance. what is color? Not sure. I know mine is really clear and the cut is perfect. I can see cloudyness in other peoples rings and notice they aren’t very sparkly … I don’t really know the technical terms though… my fiance would know

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I didn’t help pick out my ring so I don’t have first hand experience but I know when FH was looking at diamonds the actual size was the least important (to me as well). He wanted something that sparkled no matter what light it was in. I can’t tell you which of the other four C’s was most important because I agree with CorgiTales – they kinda all work together.

I know that our jeweler recommended that he get the color of the center stone a shade off (either way) from the halo and band so it stood out. He did a fabulous job so I’m very happy with his research.

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I agree that the 4 C’s all work together to make the stone, but I think a better cut will make up for slight inperfections in color and clarity (I think the carat part is your choice, some gals like the weighty bling, some gals don’t — it’s totally the one that is most based on personal preference I think).

If the cut is of a high quality, anytime your ring is hit by light it will be blinding!



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Cut! Some stones hide inclusiosn better than others (rounds versus emeralds for example). Rounds can be more flawed than other stones and look much sparklier. A good diamond cutter will hide as many imperfections as he can.

Also, cut for preference–there are some stones i didn’t want and some i really did =]. So I wouldn’t have taken a 2 carat round for my cushion b/c i didn’t want the round.


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Cut was definitely the most important of the Cs to me. I found this on the Gemological Institute of America’s website “Without a doubt, the allure of a particular diamond depends more on cut than anything else.” A diamond that is cut well is going to sparkle more and often looks like it has more “life”.

We were told that color and clarity are okay to compromise on a little bit. My diamond has a couple of small inclusions but I would never be able to tell they are there (they are detailed in our appraisal information) Also, we were told that most people can’t tell a difference in color if it’s in the high range of “near colorless”

And carat is kind of your thing. There is sometimes a good price break for diamonds that are just under certain sought-after weights and you wouldn’t necessarily know a .95 from 1 carat.

Enjoy your ring shopping!

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Cut by far!

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Cut. For me, it’s all about brilliance by the naked eye. Nobody is gonna be looking at the ring with a magnifying glass and demanding a GIA certificate from you. I think my color is not even ranked that clear (more on the yellowish side) but it freakin’ sparkles. Oh, and usually if you choose round brilliant, you usually will have more choices since it’s the easiest cut for brilliance’s sake.

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I was going to say color, but since you are getting a yellow diamond, I’m not sure how color is impacted. I have a friend whose diamond is just off in color and she really dislikes it. You can really tell the difference when you put it against mine.

We compromised on clarity quite a bit to get a really bright white diamond. My fiance and I actually like the little flaws in the diamond and think it gives it character.

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Anything above H is so close to colorless that unless you are a trained gemologist or using a loupe you won’t see a difference, same with clarity, as long as it’s VS2 or better you will not see any inclusions (again without a loupe).  Cut is extremely important as some imperfections will be less visible in certain cuts…But normally good stone cutters take this into account when cutting the stone to get the best quality out of the rough diamond.  Also, certain cuts, like emerald for example are really best with extremely high quality stones…You should also take into consideration whether or not you may want to get the stone recut and reset later in life.  Less common cuts are harder to re-cut and you will lose more of the stone weight.  If you think you might recut it later, you are best off with a round or princess cut stone… 

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I’d say Cut, Clarity, Colour, Carat in that order. However Clarity will become more of a factor the bigger your diamond is and you may be able to see imperfections with the naked eye the larger the stone. A well Cut diamond can even make a lower Color diamond look a few shades whiter because it disperses light better.

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What a bump! Timely, too, since we just had a thread on quantity vs quality that we lost yesterday.

My vote on that one was:

1. carat (size)

2. cut (shape)

3. cut (sparkle)

4. color

5. clarity

6. cost

As to how I “rank” the Cs, especially in what I see first in other people’s rings that they show me. Having said that, I would absolutely shuffle the Cs around to get a stone that I fell in love with, such as a stone that was smaller with an unusual cut or maybe a stone with an excellent price but is a shape I wouldn’t have otherwised picked.

 Just my $0.02.


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