(Closed) Diamonds…Are they all hype?

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  • poll: What do you think about diamonds that are not white or fancy colored for and E-ring?

    DeBeers Got Me! - Only Colorless, Nearcolorless and as flawless as possible will do for an E-ring

    I like the idea of diamonds no matter the color

    I only think White and Fancy will do for an E-ring

    Brown is Beautiful too ( and all the colors between colorless and fancy)

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    O I want to see it

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    Lokie85:  White diamonds were highly valued long before DeBeers came into the picture. They are definitely marketing geniuses (evil geniuses) with the “2 months salary” garbage and some of their other slogans and campaigns. But they are not responsible for white diamonds being more popular than brown. More people just prefer the clear colorless ones, which also happen to be more rare than included and/or colored stones, which means they are always going to cost more. If someone likes the “less valuable” stones because they’re different or have “more personality” or whatever — good on them, everyone is different. But liking white stones isn’t necessarily falling for a marketing ploy. I personally love the look of rough-shaped “imperfect” diamond slices in a bezel.

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    Where I am, we actually have brown diamonds on sale in stores fairly commonly. They are marketed as “champagne diamonds” when they are lighter or “chocolate diamonds” when they are darker. Your stone sounds beautiful, and like the “champagne diamond” variety. I think they are lovely, though given the expense for the diamond name, I would probably go for a smokey quartz instead – to me even less traditional diamonds still seem to have inflated prices, even though I find many of them beautiful and would love to have one. If you are happy with your stone that is what really matters. 🙂

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    This post confuses me. So, diamonds are all hype but you still got one?

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    That’s nice dear.

    I’m happy that you’re getting an engagement ring you love, but this isn’t a place where you need to justify not wanting a colorless or near colorless diamond. That isn’t a unique stance around here 😛

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    PinkPearls:  I agree, I am confused.

    You are still getting a diamond…so you are going along with the “hype.” That’s not necessarily bad, it’s just reality.

    I get really tired of all the marketing/DeBeers arguments that float around. Yes, they were really good at marketing, like a lot companies. Other companies have convinced many people to pay more for things (i.e., designer purses, perfumes, clothing, shoes for goodness sake!).

    And the whole diamonds are not that “rare,” so you are getting ripped off argument doesn’t hold weight either. I have seen people spend more money on a pair of Jimmy Choo shoes than others spend on a diamond…those are far from rare as they can be infinitely produced. Want to talk about getting “ripped off” or “mark up” look at any piece of clothing, handbag or perfume. It’s unreal. Yes, some brands are a better quality, but they are still marking it up a ridiculous amount compared to the cost to produce it.

    If you want a diamond, for whatever reason, then get one. If you don’t want a diamond, then get whatever makes you happy. You want a colored stone? Awesome. Clear and flawless your style? Great. Just stop trying to justify it and stop trying to diminish other people’s decisions (not saying you are necessarily doing this, just a comment in general). 

    Each and every day we are influenced by some companies marketing ploys. Some are more successful than others, but for goodness sake, let the stupid diamond debate end already!

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    “DeBeers got me”? I love a high quality diamond, I don’t think that is just due to hype. You don’t have to try to put others down for choosing what you didn’t.


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    I mean, they exist in reality so…not just “hype”

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    ^ I agree. I’m a little tired of the whole “DeBeers conspiracy” when it comes to diamonds. If that’s the case, then there is a big LeVian conspiracy to popularize champagne and chocolate diamonds.

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    Im glad you love your ring! That’s the idea. Personally, I don’t like brown (in general) and it has nothing to do with De Beers. That monopoly btw has been broken up, and every product on earth is marketed. “A diamond is forever” was so popular… Because a diamond is forever! Marketing succeeds because the product delivers. They are the absolute hardest mineral- the MOHs scale is exponential so even a 9.5 isn’t close. And ooh sparkles.

    But liking white diamonds for me is more about the fact that they go with everything. If I had to pick a fancy color id go light pink, but they are so expensive (and not my first choice anyway). 

    So need to justity your rock. You just need to love it! Diamonds are awesome, in all their colors, and it doesn’t make you a mindless sheep to think so. They are ancient, and a coveted gemstone- always have been, always will be. 

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    I will admit it—I throughly enjoy high quality as near to perfection as possible diamonds, sapphires, rubies, emeralds etc.  They are beautiful little treasures that usually have been given with some sort of sentiment behind them. Life can be tough enough without feeling the need to justify why something so beautiful can make me smile.

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