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Honey bee
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I totally agree that every engagement ring is beautiful, regardless of what type of stone is set in it (or even if there are no stones at all!)

No gemstone is “better” than another. It all comes down to personal preference.

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Helper bee


Yes, write about other choices!

I know I for one have been obsessed with rings these past few months as my 10th wedding anniversary approaches and hubby agreed that I could get an upgrade (first ring was a family ring and free).  But…as I’m researching diamonds…and going through old posts on here regarding diamonds, moissanite, gemstones, etc…I’m really considering getting a bigger white sapphire.  I just can’t get around the idea of paying so much for a small diamond even if it has all the 4 c’s that you want and then having others look down on it (I know, dumb and insecure thinking on my part) and I also think small rings on my hand look like kid rings – just my own opinion on my own hand, not others.  But I also can’t see paying for a bigger stone that looks, to me, much better on my hand but one that is not certified, most likely not a good diamond at all, and a diamond I could be getting ripped off for. 

I happened to see a white sapphire ring today at the mall (noticed it after seeing some posts on this recently) and think they are beautiful and could get the size I want for the look I want (my husband is really traditional and just does not think colored stones look like you are married – yes, annoying) and my husband wouldn’t mind.  But, of course, in the back of my mind, I still love diamonds so much and have this thing where I worry that someone will say something nasty about me not wearing a diamond or my diamond being too small, or me wearing a white sapphire because I was too “poor” to afford a real diamond (even though I have about 5 diamond rings…just not any I want to wear/look right for an engagement ring/wedding band – they were free/really cheap).  I think I am absolutely stupid for even thinking this but I do. I’ve just noticed some women recently wearing HUGE rings and I think they are so pretty and I get so envious.  I feel pathetic just thinking this and admitting this! 

I don’t even know if my post makes sense and I think I’ve veered off the topic but what I really mean to say is that I do feel like so many women compare and can make you feel crappy about the ring you have when you can’t afford the one you want and you are not happy with the one you have (again, my original e ring was free, really did not have any sentimental value to it since it came from a family member my husband barely knew or cared about, and while I loved it at the time  it’s been resized 4 times and just too tight and really not a style that I’m into anymore).

I don’t know what to do but glad you posted this!

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Lots of people on here have diamond simulants and colored gemstones in their e-rings.  I’ve never seen anyone be mean or critical about it.  I know some posters with these e-rings have said they’ve gotten some insentive comments IRL though.

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Ok. So where do black diamonds fall into all of this?

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Love this post! There is NO wrong choice in what type of e-ring you have. The ring is a symbol of love an commitment, and whether it is with a diamond, mossanite, topaz, etc.. it will not say to anyone “he loves me more”

In my opinion, it’s all a marketing tool to get money. that’s just my .02 I started off getting engaged with no ring.. to a plain band.. to an engagement ring that my Fiance wanted to get me because it made him happy.

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To be honest, I have never heard of all these different things until I came on these sites. I never knew people were so up in arms about diamonds and how they are mind. I guess I didn’t see blood diamond.

I don’t really care if someone has a cz or a mesonite or whatever it is called.

I wanted a saphhirre, but to be honest now that i have a diamond I am glad that I do.

I think everyone has their own opinion. It is not like someone will ask you if your diamond is conflict free and if you tell someone it is in casual conversation like, ‘oh yeah my diamond is conflict free’, you are trying too hard.

Just becasue you have a conflict free diamond or cz or whatever, doesn’t mean you aren’t contributing to suffering in other aspects in your life. So that is just my opinion, but whatever. I don’t care what kind of ring anyone has. My sister has an emerald, my cousin’s friend has a sapphire b/c she wanted conflict free (i didn’t know that until my cousin told me that was why), I have sapphires in my ring, does it matter……no.

Who cares if you have a $10 ring, you have a ring right? It is there for a reason. Someone loves you.

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Worker bee
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I am very very happy you posted this. Everyone should learn about diamonds and be happy with what they have.

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This is really interesting! Thanks for posting. Do you know anything about Moisonnite?

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I agree with the above poster that lab stones (simulants, synthetics) are much brighter and clearer than Moissanite. My sister initially got a 3 stone Moissanite ring and it was kind of greenish in hue. Not terrible, but something looked a little “off” when you’d look at it.

One thing that us women need to realize is that if diamond simulants look so close to a real diamond that jewelers have to put it under a microscope in order to actually tell the difference, then seriously ladies, what is the point of a diamond that likely comes from some terrible diamond mine in Africa? I’ve read horror stories from this ethics class I took in college. It was heartbreaking. I’m a bit of an activist in Africa (was a teacher there) and so I’m really set on helping people know that there are consequences that we just don’t see. Also, any jewelery store that says their diamonds are conflict free are statistically not. It’s not possible for them to know. Canadian diamonds are the only ones that are 100%. Everything else is all DeBeers–they own it all.

If a simulant looks and acts the same, and no jewelers can tell unless they put it under a microscope, then what is the point? Seriously, if we were to really think about it, what is the point of not getting a high end simulant put in the most amazing platinum setting?

Off my conscious soap box:)

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