(Closed) Diamonds turned gray after returning from jeweler.. :/

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I do see the dark spot you mention (though I would never, EVER notice it IRL so don’t feel like anyone would see it). Honestly I hear so many bad things about the chain jewelers. Can you take the ring to a private jeweler that you trust for at least an opinion on what’s wrong and how it needs to be fixed? I know it would void your warranty to have work done elsewhere (though honestly, would Jared’s even notice? Seems like they don’t have it together enough to anyway) but it might be worth cutting ties with the chain store and working with a private jeweler.

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I had a similar issue after soldering actually. My ring has little pinpoint holes in the back of the band behind each diamond, and I could physically see something in there making the diamond look dark. I took it back and asked them to fix it, and stayed until it was. They cleaned it like 3 times…I told them no. Poked at it with a teeny little needle thing, no, still dark. Finally they took it back to the workshop area and I think they did some sort of acid dip on it which cleaned it out. If all else fails they should remove the diamond and clean it – that’s what you buy the protection plan for right? I don’t like being confrontational but you have to tell them if you’re still not happy and insist they make it right.

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I can see them, but I’m not sure I would notice in real life.


 As for the size issue, um, well my ring was a  6 1/2 and the new jewler made it  a 5  3/4. Now my band is a bit oval due to the diamaonds on the side but no one can tell unless I pull the thing of my finger.


However, I second what another poster said and I hate chain jewelers. Not only did I have issues with my ring but I know someone who had a ring at Kays where the stone wasn’t set properly.




If you don’t like the way it looks I would seriously take it to a private jewler. I’ve had better luck with them. I may also tell them you dont want yoru wedding rings since it isn’t the quality you expect.




Good luck!


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@ams5174:  it would bother me, I see it too.  Do you think it’s possible you just didn’t notice it before and Jared’s had nothing to do with it?

Treated diamonds (ie fracture filled)can change if exposed to heat. Howver I don’t think smaller diamonds are typically treated.

In any event, that diamond needs to be replaced. Clearly it bothers you. Jared’s needs to fix the hole underneath it as well if they made a new one and polish out the scratches. Taking it elsewhere will void any warranty.

good luck.


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@gemgirl6:  This is true, taking it elsewhere would void the warrently but for me it wasn’t an issue cause I was tired of dealing with Reeds. They refused to return my phone calls, they didn’t return my fiancees and they never answered the phone. They have the worst costumer service that I know of.

I would try one other time with her jewler and if it doesnt work then I would take it somewhere else. But I would return the wedding bands cause I’m gonna guess she can get them anywhere?

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@ams5174:  I do see it. If you pick up the ring, and it isn’t 100%, can you ask them to order a completely new one? The running back and forth, and not fixing it correctly would drive me crazy! They are supposed to be the experts, and if they can’t see what is incorrect, then that is a problem! I would  demand a new one or get your money back if it not corrected! That was a lot of money, and quality should have come along with it since the beginning!

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I see the dark spot too (on smaller stone) and I think they should replace the diamond with one without such an obvious inclusion. If there are more than one dark stones I would insist on all of them being replaced or completely replacing the ring.

I am sorry you are being put through this.

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Blushing bee

@ams5174:  yes, I’ve heard of this and it happened to me. Custom made ring from jeweler had one small diamond  on the band that looked gray/black. The jeweler we used was a distance from our home so we went to someone local and he explained that the gray color is actually diamond polish solution that didn’t get wiped completely clean – sounds like they probably cleaned and polished your diamonds before putting them back in your ring and this is where the color came from. My local jeweler said there are a few remedies: soaking it in top job solution (didn’t work), having it professionally cleaned and scrubbed (didn’t work) and removing the diamond to clean off the polish and putting the diamond back in ($25 in my area).  He was surprised that the first two options didn’t work but said the third fix was a sure thing. I still haven’t gotten it done yet though. 

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I can definitely see the problem spot that you are talking about. Is it possible that they replaced that diamond with one that has a large inclusion?

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@ams5174:  Ok so, my story is almost identical to yours!! Bought at Jared’s, had it resized and it pulled the channel setting apart causing gaps in the diamonds. They decided to go ahead and order me one in my size and just like what you are dealing with it came back with the most obvious “inclusion” they called it. Like you, I knew what my Fiance’ payed for it and I did not feel comfortable signing that little dotted line saying I accepted the ring although there was a strong stagnant color to the side stone.


They then got frustrated with me saying no diamond is perfect and my argument was, that stone wasnt that way in the ring he purchased so it’s not ok now. They offered to replace that specific stone and as soon as I left I called customer service and explained that I should not have to have a discussion with anyone like that and I was just all around unhappy and not ok with they way things were working. She said any questions call me directly and wait for them to replace the stone to see how that goes. I recieved a call back a week later saying they could not do it because it would through the whole ring off.


I then called the customer service representative and said enough is enough! I would like to move on! I know havent had my ring for a total of 3 months , it still isn’t right and because I brought an issue to their attention they were being rude. She offered me a fresh start to give them the chance to do it the right way and gave me a store credit which my Fiance’ and I picked out a new setting together. We decided to spend the entire credit on a more expensive setting, wedding bands and watches lol. I did NOT purchase their warranty, we went with “jewler’s mutual” and I did NOT purchase my center stone from them, I used some of our wedding budget and went to a local jewler and purchased a stone that was set by a credited gemologist and we couldn’t be happier!


It was stressful , annoying and the last thing we wanted to do (calling back and fourth) but 1. you are going to be wearing this ring for the rest of your life and 2. Be an advocate for you and your hunny’s investment and try to not take it personally if the “sales people” dont like you, your never going to see them again anyways!! 🙂


Apologies for the novel, lots of luck!!


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