(Closed) Diamonds Vs Moissanite: What made you pick what you have?

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    I’ll go first! I had also never head of moissanite until I found the bee, and after browsing the gorgeous settings on MCo, I seriously considered it. However, Fiance is pretty old school and had a thing about getting me a diamond. My only concerns were that the diamonds were ethically sourced and that Fiance didn’t get hosed on the deal. He has a friend whose Mother-In-Law owns a jewelry store and worked closely with her to custom make my ring, which I think is really special. There’s something about the depth of my centre stone that’s pretty breathtaking. And I prefer a diamond’s white sparkle to the rainbow fire you get with moissanite. I work in an optometrist’s office in that little room they take you to get the air puff thing and look at the balloon/tree/tractor. It’s very dim with pot lighting in there and my ring sparkles like it’s covered in glitter, I swear.

    I sincerely believe you can’t go wrong either way. Every couple is different. Shop around, find out what your “needs” and “wants” are in a ring and be happy!

    Also, because I am shameless, here’s my ring:

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    @FutureMrsHall15:  Went with diamond because it is traditional. Now I would consider alexandrite or morganite or other genuine gemstone, although must say I am very happy with my diamond. I love that diamonds are natural billion year old genuine gems from the earth, and each diamond is one of a kind.

    A Moissanite jewel  is about 1/20th the price of a high quality ethically sourced diamond, and is durable and beautiful too. Moissanites make a great alternative for those who either don’t have the money or don’t want to spend the money on a sizable, high quality, conflict free expensive(!) diamond….

    Although I am not a fan of man made stones, if I really loved the look of diamond but was on a strict budget, I would consider a simulant such as moissanite or cz . I would be less inclined to get the cz because it is not as durable.

    @capitalbee:very pretty!

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    @FutureMrsHall15:  I honestly never cared about having a diamond – I just wanted something unique. If I had a diamond center with a unnique band/setting, that was much better for me than a more expensive diamond with a plain band. If you had asked me when I was a teen, I probably would’ve said I wanted the biggest diamond possible lol.


    Then, as a proposal became more imminent, I read how diamonds became so inflated due to the marketing campaign of the 30s, and are worth a fraction of the original cost when they are pawned. I also saw how my friends associated love with the 4 C’s. Plus, I learned that Akon didn’t believe in blood diamonds lol. All of this lead to diamonds mattering even less to me, and a beautiful setting mattering even more.


    So we set a budget of 5k and I picked out a $3500 setting and a $300 Moissanite. My fiance didn’t care about tradition, but does talk about eventually upgrading my stone and I just reassure him that I don’t care. 

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    @FutureMrsHall15:  First, read this article.  It PERFECTLY describes how I feel about the diamond industry.  http://blog.priceonomics.com/post/45768546804/diamonds-are-bullshit

    Second, watch the movie Blood Diamond to get a general idea of why us Moissanite girls usually talk about not wanting to support the diamond industry.

    Third, I ❤ Moissanite!  I am such a frugal person, and I can’t imagine paying the inflated price of diamonds.  If you have tons-o-money, good for you.  I am a teacher…enough said. The rainbow sparkle of Moissanite is so beautiful!  I could go on, but I think I covered the basics.

    **WARNING: My post is not intended to offend any diamond wearers.  Everybody needs to do their own thing, as long as you’re happy with what you’ve got.  I’m only saying my personal point of view.  Again, no offence intended!!!!

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    My first engagement ring was a moissanite. We picked it because we were on a budget and I liked the look and the story behind it. I now have a diamond engagement ring because we were given a family stone and we had it set. 

    You can’t really go wrong either way you go. 

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    Well, frankly, I just wanted something lab created. I initially started looking at lab-created diamonds, which were crazy expensive, then found asha, then found moissanite and ended up there! I realize that you can get ethically mined diamonds, but I didn’t want to take a chance because really, I would never know *for sure* how my stone ended up in a store. I absolutely love my moissanite, and it was exactly the right choice for me 🙂

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    Fiance chose for me! 🙂

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    Well I didn’t hear of moissanite until I came here, but I still would choose diamond. I have always loved diamonds and have always wanted a diamond engagement ring, and that’s what I got 🙂

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    @FutureMrsHall15:  I didn’t know what moissanite was until I read about it here. I personally do not like the stones. My Fiance chose my ring, and he sure hadn’t heard of moissanite either. I would have gladly accepted whatever he chose, but I am happy he opted for a diamond.

    I don’t think moissys look like diamonds and I don’t think people should try and pass them off as such. If they truly like the stone, they should be happy to say what it actually is. I would never want a “fake” version of a stone I liked. I would prefer a small diamond to large moissy.

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    I went with diamond b/c we were very lucky to have a diamond stone that was in my family. If we hadnt had the stone, we definitely could not have a afforded a stone of its size. While I do definitely like diamonds, I wasn’t familiar w/ moissanite at all before. We probably would have gone for a different stone altogether. I really like morganite, so maybe one of those (I’m pining for one right now)

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    @ceebree:   Thanks,  I checked out the article you posted. However, just to let people know (although I thought it common knowledge) there are many conflict free, ethically sourced diamonds out there these days…at a  price of course!

    If someone really has a true aversion to the diamond industry (not just an aversion to the price) it is surprising that they would want to wear something that looks so similar….knowing that most people will assume it is a diamond.  There is no doubt that that promotes the diamond industry even more. It surely would get tiresome saying 100,000 times a day that “it ain’t a diamond”.  Laughing

    Thirdly, don’t think that article should be titled: “Diamonds are bullsh1t” as it really should be: “People are bullsh1t”. Wink

    No offense intended either Ceebree. Have a good day.

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    I am really infatuated with natural minerals, including diamonds, which are one of the most unique, beautiful and interesting ones. I’ll go into some of the things that excite me about diamond more later, because I don’t have much time to write at the moment.

    I do not prefer synthetics in general (although that mainly applies to petrochemical-based products, which doesn’t involve synthetic gemstones). However what all synthetics have in common (for example synthetic sapphire, although arguably as physically beautiful and often more “perfect looking” than actual sapphire), is that they have no history to them, other than being a lab-created replication of something that exists in nature, similar to how an excellent copy of a masterpiece painting is also a painting, and also beautiful, but doesn’t have the history that the original masterpiece does. In situations where there is an original with a history and a man-made replication, I prefer the original, even if the original is “less perfect” or not as grandiose, etc. (so I would prefer an original painting from a lesser-known artist over even an excellent reproduction of the Mona Lisa). Diamonds are billions of years old and have an absolutely fascinating history.

    Finally, I did not prefer anything that simulated the look of something else, or could be reasonably perceived to be being used that way, because I very much prefer things to “look like what they are,” especially something that I strongly identify with and that symbolizes either myself or my relationship. This is because I strongly identify with the concept of striving for authenticity as much as possible.

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    @gemgirl6:  Haha…I agree with your change in title!  Thanks for your thoughtful response.

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    I have a diamond heirloom ring – otherwise I would have definitely considered a moissy or gemstone ring, as spending thousands on a diamond seems crazy (for our values and lifestyle).

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