(Closed) Did anyone else HATE dress shopping? :(

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I hated it too. I felt so awkward making comments about each dress and I felt like the salespeople got offended if you didn’t like the first few dresses. I really only went because my mom thought that I needed to actually try some on to see what I liked. I really fell in love with one online and wanted to just order it and be done with it.

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I knew I was going to hate it, so I completely skipped it.
I bought my dress online, by myself and I love it. 🙂

I think you should make a post on the bee for some of our expert dress-hunters out there to see what they can find for you! Your criteria is pretty simple and very classic (not 10 or 15 years ago at ALL) and maybe even some David’s Bridals carry something like it.

I would skip going with my mom is she didn’t listen to me.
That’s all nice mom, but I don’t like that style at all. You can’t re-live your wedding dress choices vicariously through me. :/

And By The Way – if you want a colored dress then I vote go for it – your FI’s opinion on the dress you wear shouldn’t really matter (that’s my opinion, especially if the dress is going to be a surprise), and if you’d feel more comfortable in a blush dress, I say at least try a few on to see how they look.

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@ButterflyButterfly  I didn’t love it or hate it. I hate being the center of attention and I hated the idea of wearing these bulky dresses that weren’t my style but my family wanted me to try and the idea of my family bullying me into something I didn’t love. I also hated the thought of going to a ton of different places, so I made it really easy on myself by only going to one place that had a huge selection.

In the end, I didn’t hate or love it. I did end up finding the exact dress that I envisioned, and surprisingly my family loved it. 

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I went to Davids Bridal and House of Brides as well and had terrible experiences at each. I went to a smaller store where the service was better, but they up charged the crap out of the dresses. As soon as I knew which dress was ‘the one’, I found it somewhere else. 

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@ButterflyButterfly  Icky. I would have gone shopping myself honestly. I ended up looking online and finding a style I really liked. Then I went to DB, and I was way too overwhelmed…so much so that the first dress I tried on, I bought. I tried on a second one, but instantly hated the style, and my mind kept going back to my first dress.

This is how much I hated dress shopping…that dress I bought was when I was engaged to my ex. A few years later when I met and married the man of my dreams, I wore the same dress to avoid dress shopping (and because I felt it was silly to buy a whole other dress…they are not cheap).

I just had no interest in dress shopping and was too overwhelmed by all the white and poofyness.

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I dress shopped for my wedding ages ago, but I still remember how much I hated it. I went into the whole thing suspecting it wouldn’t be a grand experience but, at the same time, hopeful that I could be wrong. Plus, my mom wanted the whole bridal salon-shopping for the dress experience you always see in old movies.

I went into the experience with definite ideas of what I wanted for my dress, but I quickly found out I was looking for something that was not in fashion at the time. Sounds like this has happened to quite a few folks. Smile

After having the “bridal salon” experience, my ideas for what I wanted hadn’t changed. I hadn’t had that lovely moment of trying on a dress and tearfully feeling it was the perfect one. I felt discouraged and like I would never find The Dress. I couldn’t even find current patterns or pictures of what I wanted in order to have the dress made. In the end, I went to a seamstress my cousins had used. I took one pattern for the front bodice / neckline … one pattern for the back … one pattern for the sleeves … and a picture for the type of skirt I wanted. This wonderful lady gathered together this mish-mash of information and, somehow (I think it was magic! Tongue Out), created the exact dress I had had in mind. And, yes, when I put it on for the first time, I actually had The Moment. There were tears, which surprised me.

I hope with all my heart that you will find your perfect dress. You can do it! And I just know you will look absolutely beautiful on your wedding day.

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@lovelyrose  I hated Davids Bridal too!!!! I will never go back and I dont recommend anyone else go either. I made an appointment, well when I got there, it was a huge line of walk in appointments. They checked in and helped walk in appointmens ahead of me even though i made an appointment two weeks in advance, we stood in line for 45 minutes after my appointment time, then it took another 20 minutes for aconsultant to approach us and offer “help”, so by the time we got through the line, checked in and someone came to offer us my initial appointment should have been over, we ended up just leaving. Not to mention they sold my info to a 3rd party prior to my appointment and i was bothered my mary kay sales people trying to get me to book a party and saying I won a “prize package” from davids bridal.

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Call ahead and ask if they carry the styles you are interested in, if they don’t cross them off your list. You might like some of the dresses by J. Crew so you could look into those, they tend to be less embellished and more the sillouette you seem to like.

You could also look at white (or white-ish) long bridesmaid dresses they tend to have less embellisments. Once again ask if they have it- if they don’t? Move on.

If they are going to be rude or unaccomadating they don’t deserve your business. They are probably just trying to push you towards what they have in stock.

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@ButterflyButterfly  I hated dress shopping so much, I just gave up and ordered off Zappos and Amazon. They have a ton of great designers and a few of the same dresses you’d see at BHLDN, Nordstrom, etc. 

So, no pushy sales people and free shipping / free returns. Worked out well for me!

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Honestly I hated the dresses at David’s and house of brides had the worst costumer service I’ve ever seen.  Honestly, maybe of the small boutiques have dresses that are much nicer for around the same price (Maggie, provonais, allure, and other designers have gorgeous dresses under 1500 that blow both those stores out of the water)

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I really was not looking forward to dress shopping. My mother is very blunt and doesnt share the same taste, my sister thinks wedding dresses (and weddings in general) are a waste of money so instead of being happy and supportive she lectured me and judged me even before I stepped foot in a store saying that I was being ‘irresponsble” with my money and blowing it on a dress. My Future Sister-In-Law doesnt have any fashion sense (actually invited her to an appointment and she wore gym socks with black flats, mom jeans and a sweatshirt), all my bridesmaids arent in the area and I wouldnt invite my Future Mother-In-Law because shes mean and crazy. All of that combined I just wanted to go dress shopping alone, so I could cry about my weight and insecurities alone without having fashionably challened individuals making it any worse.

Well I ended up not going alone, my mother came the first time and she was good and keeping quiet, but kept reminding me I need to stay on track to losing the weight for my wedding. Then I had an appointment at davids bridal and didnt try anything on because they sucked, then I went back to the first place tried on more dresses and decided on a dress, my sister and Future Sister-In-Law were there and they kept quiet, didnt really say if they liked or disliked anything they just sat there all awkward. I tried to keep it as painless as possible. I wish I had the nice happy bridal experience you seen on tv with all your happy friends and family around and everyone enjoys themselves. Mine was just blah.

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I would have, but I made a very deliberate choice to do it alone. I walked into Davids by myself knowing which one I wanted (after seeing it online), tried it on, refused any sort of up sale from my “attendant” (who I basically ignored completely… Are they on commission??), bought the dress, and was out in under 20 minutes. It was great! 

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@ButterflyButterfly  I know EXACTLY how you feel! After seeing shows like say yes to the dress etc. You think wedding dress shopping is going to be this magical experience. In fact, it’s hot and tiring from hauling on lots of different heavy dresses. Especially at David’s bridal where  the changing rooms are small and in my experience, the sales assistance don’t really help you into the dresses. It’s also stressful because you’re trying to make a huge decision and everyone is staring at you and waiting for you opinion as soon as you get out dressing room. 

Also, there’s nothing worse than having someone else there to be directly compared to! Good for your Future Sister-In-Law that she found a dress and good for you too, because now you don’t have to shop with her anymore. 

I think your on the right track shopping alone. You will find better customer service at more expensive dress shops and they have more space, few brides at once and will help you into and out of the dresses and help you carry the trains. I don’t know why they said sleaves are not available. Short sleaves and straps are all the rage at the moment! 

I would consider having a custom dress made if you have the budget for it. It’s just you and the dressmaker, how wonderful! I had my dress altered by someone that makes custom dresses. I wish I had known about her earlier! I loved my dress, but it would have been totally awesome to have something totally mine and she could have made it for about the same price as the alterations + dress cost. If you go this route then I would suggest trying on stuff at salons to get an idea of what looks good on your body and what elements you like in a dress. 

About the colour. If you’re pale, have you considered coffee coloured or champange? Those looks awesome on pale skin. Also ivory looks good too. 

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I am getting married in  October as well and was advised not to wait until later than Feb to order my dress (don’t know how accurate that is). Anyway, I made it a point to go alone to all of the five boutqiues I went to, just sent pics to all the bridesmaids and my family of my top picks. I plan on having them come look at me in “the one” next Saturday before I order it. Like others have said, I did a lot of online research and saved pics on my phone of what I wanted in a dress — this helped a lot! 

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@ButterflyButterfly  I understand…

So I have a petite frame, I am a size 2 and still curvy, so I thought Iwas going to have SUCH a hard time deciding on dresses, bc they all would fit me great…

That was NOT the case, I was like you and was very very picky about my dress.  I don’t like lace, don’t like mermaids, and didn’t want it to look cheap or take away from me as a bride (didn’t want it to be too blingy or have to much detail)

Here is what I did, first i went to a place that is as inexpensive as davids bridal, because I was like YOU know what?! I am not spending more than a 1,000 on dress.  I tried on 30 gowns and NONE of them I liked, bc they were less expensive, they didn’t fit me the way a couture or designer gown would.

Then I went to boutique bridal shops where dresses range from $1,500 to $10,000.00!  I found some AMAZING ones, well just 2 out of like 60 that I tried on but they were like $3,000 and I didn’t want to pay that.

I finally heard about a very bridal large store where I am from having a HUGE Sample sale, they carried nice dresses ranging from $3,000 to $10,000 and they also carried gowns under $1,000.  I ended up getting at $3,600 pronovias dress for $1,300 b.c it was a sample gown and I had to get it altered!  I HIGHLY recommend getting a sample gown, so you can the expensive gorgeous looking dress but not for the price.

I hate to say it but after i bought my dress I could tell a HUGE difference in a pronovias gown compared to a davids bridal or less expensive wedding dress.  The material was nicer, it was better made, it just looked overall much nicer.

If I were you and if i could go back I would look up a bunch of designer lines, from 2013, 2012 and 2014… Like pronovias, casablanca, monique L, vera wang, maggie sottero etc. and see if you like any of those dresses. 

Then call around to the bridal stores in your area and ask them if

A.  They are having a sample sale anytime soon or if they have sample dresses for sale


B. If they carry the gown you are looking for:)

Hope this helps:) I have seen many Davids Bridals gown look very nice on and not cheap at all, it just depends on what you want:) If you want a simple gown with little detail, you can get a great davids bridal gown that looks expensive, nice, well made.

But if you want a lot of detail or a unique dress I would do the A. & B. choices I listed above. 

I hope this helps:)

I wish someone had told me all that in the beginning, it would of saved  me a bunch of time!:)

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