(Closed) Did anyone gain too much the first trimester and then even out?

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    NonannaS:  it’s probably just bloat. A scoop of ice cream every now and then or some salad dressing isn’t going to make you gain 8 lbs. you shouldn’t be trying to maintain or lose weight during pregnancy unless your doc told you too. As long as you’re not eating for two your body will gain what it needs to gain. 

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    NonannaS:  Trust your body. It’s going to hang into what it needs for your baby, regardless of how hard you try to dictate it. Maybe you had too little fat before and so it’s hanging onto it when you really need it (now)? You should be eating somewhere around 300 cals over your normal maintenance. Not necessarily for “two people”, which would be relative. 

    Having said that, the body is a pretty amazing machine both during and after pregnancy, so I wouldn’t obsess over it. I would ditch the soda, but as long as you are being otherwise healthy, now is def not the time to worry about weight so much. 

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    You really haven’t gained an excesive amount for the first trimester. Not being able to exercise is almost certainly a contributing factor. Just keep on eating healthy and it will likely level out. From here on in, take guidance from your doctor.

    The guidelines for pregnancy weight gain are issued by the Institute of Medicine (IOM), most recently in May 2009. Here are the most current recommendations:

    • If your pre-pregnancy weight was in the healthy range for your height (a BMI of 18.5 to 24.9), you should gain between 25 and 35 pounds, gaining 1 to 5 pounds in the first trimester and about 1 pound per week for the rest of your pregnancy for the optimal growth of your baby.
    • If you were underweight for your height at conception (a BMI below 18.5), you should gain 28 to 40 pounds.
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    NonannaS: Please don’t feel like a failure! I’m also 10 weeks at this point and my problem is the opposite of yours, I’m losing weight and food is an ordeal due to morning sickness around the clock. I’ve been so stressed and worried about this, but I’ve started to feel like pregnancy is one of those things in life where you have to cave in a little – it’s a crazy rollercoaster and being 100% in control is just out the window. As long as your doctor isn’t concerned I would try not to think about it too much. It sounds like you’re doing really well over all in terms of what you eat, so I’m sure things will even out along the road. 

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    As a petite gymnast who gained the same as you in the first trimester I understand you pain. This is what I learned – eating within reason, you just gain what you gain and there is nothing that you can do about it. I thought I would be petite with a bump, and instead all my bones shifted into a larger frame and I gained in weird places like my legs and butt right away. My cals weren’t high because I was sick the whole time, but I still gained 35-40 pounds. I just don’t think that it’s something that you can control and I think that celebs that gain weight weirdly are the ones that stay out of the public eye when pregnant, ha ha ha. Anyway, sympathy. It sucks. 

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    I thought you were going to say 20 pounds! 8 pounds sounds very reasonable. Unfortunately, you may have given your body a hrd time with dieting ( I definitely did) and now I sit at a bit higher and it has taken some time to readjust to eating a fuller diet and also being able to make my body strong and lean out while on that more nurturing diet. You gained a very reasonable amount and take it in stride post baby.

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    NonannaS:  Don’t be too hard on yourself mama! Like MrsWBS said, its probably just bloat at this point. A treat here and there isn’t going to make a difference regarding your weight gain. Just listen to your body and make good choices (when possible). =) Your body knows what its doing and will do what’s best to keep that growing baby healthy. If you worry about your weight you might want to avoid the scale and don’t look at the weight when you go to the doctors. If your weight gain becomes an issues your doctor will discuss it with you. Until then, don’t worry about it!!!

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    Hi OP, julies1949  is right. The more underweight you are at the time of conception the more weight you will put on and the inverse is true as well (higher BMI -> less pregnancy weight gain). Please don’t worry about dieting or maintaining a low calorie diet while pregnant fir your baby’s wellbeing. Low calorie diets during pregnancy have been linked to childhood diabetes and obesity, etc. Also, please remember that neural development (In the first and third trimester) depends on fat! So a low fat diet won’t be beneficial to your baby either. In short, listen to your body and work as hard as you can to realize that it’s changing for your child’s present and future well being! You’re an adult so your emotional issues stemming from your physical changes are very much open to personal growth! Good luck!

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    I’m also hovering around ten weeks and have gained about 10 pounds. No serious morning sickness either but if I get even a little hungry I get nauseus. I feel hungry quite often. I’ve tried to stick with healthy options like almonds, fruit, etc but a craving or two slips in there every now and then. I think that if most women didn’t feel like upchucking most of the day in their first trimester they would be like us too. 🙂 I’m giving myself a break, I’m building a baby after all! You should too. It will all work out and as long as you get the all clear from the doctor I would say sit back and enjoy it.

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    At 10 weeks, you’re retaining so much water and likely SO bloated, plus you’re blood levels are increasing, which will also contribute to extra weight.

    I am in my second pregnancy and was concerned at how much I was gaining in my first trimester too. I also had to be on bed rest for a bit and also was eating fairly constantly due to morning sickness.

    Around 14-15 weeks my weight gain stopped, I stopped feeling bloated and actually went down a pound.

    I’m now 20 weeks and up 10lbs.

    I think you have nothing to worry about. As long as you’re eating healthy and staying active (within reason due to your previous bedrest), you shouldn’t worry about what you gain.

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    NonannaS:  don’t worry! For real, you’re doing totally fine! I know just how you feel. I was very fit/ lean when I got pregnant, too. Washboard abs, etc. Ive always had a fast metabolism and never had to worry much about whether to have dessert or not. Anyway, I gained 8 pounds by 14 weeks and 16 by 20 weeks. Now I’m up 20 pounds by 28 weeks, so it definitely leveled off big time. I was also soooo hungry (still kinda am). My thought process is, I’m not trying to gain weight but I’m also not trying to NOT gain.  I say just eat when you’re hungry, stop when you’re full, choose healthy food most of the time, and exercise when you can. You’ll be fine and you’ll look adorable once your bump pops out, trust me.

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    NonannaS:  i gained a lot of weight in my first trimester and now i am right outside my third trimester and the doctor told me that i am now on track and everything has evened out. when you feel better (don’t know if you’re battling morning sickness), just slowly increase your intake of fruits and veggies to help you feel full, and exercise a few times a week. i walk and do prenatal yoga. it’s helped a lot.

    i gained around 10 lbs in my first trimester and then 4 around the beginning of my second. i have only gained 1 lb in the last 4 weeks. this is my slowest weight gain to date. oh! and i cut out sugary drinks. i only drink water and herbal tea with honey. if i have anything sugary, it is only one time per week.

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    I’m only 5 weeks in and have already gained 6lbs and have always been reasonably on the light side before, i hope that the amount of weight gain evens out later! You ladies have made me feel better about the coming months 🙂

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    NonannaS:  I’m with you. I usually weigh 115-117lbs and I got on the scale the other day and was 127 I freaked out as I am about 8 weeks along! What really killed me was that I eat very clean – I make almost every meal from scratch, I eat very little carbs, lots of veggies and protein…so it’s not like I went on a binge and gained 10lbs. I’m also a runner and play several sports, so super active…I was absolutely heartbroken at the number hoping it wasn’t a sign of things to come.

    After beating myself up for a while though I tried not to worry about it… Urchin is right… bloat is such a REAL thing for me right now!! I’m drinking a ton of water and feel like I’m retaining all of it, I’m just…puffy everywhere. I got back on the scale today and down to 125 (I am not actively dieting/trying to lose weight was just checking) so that made me feel a little better…but still.

    I’m going to keep on eating well/working out as long as I can, and just hope for the best. Hopefully the rest of the weight gain is all belly!

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