did anyone get weight loss surgery done? the sleeve or gastric bypass?

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vikingbride89 :   sassy411 :  They gain it back because they eat like they used to before. Weight loss surgery is not an end all be all. It can make weight loss easier because it essentially “shrinks the stomach” by removing part of your GI tract so that you feel fuller on less food (this is a VERY simplified explanation). So sassy411’s friend can eat 600 calories a day and hopefully feel full. 

There is no way around the following: in order to lose weight, you will still have to cut calories and you will likely have to adhere to a healthy lifestyle and healthy eating plan for the rest of your life. Yes, this means you will have to stick to a healthy diet and exercise for the rest of your life.

Please do a ton of research before you get surgery. There is a lot to know, and you should realize how big of a deal this actually is. The big risk with weight loss surgery is that you can still “stretch out your stomach” afterward if you overeat. And you can gain weight if you don’t make a whole lifestyle change. And then you’d have to deal with malabsorption of nutrients on top of that from having part of your GI tract removed. Basically, if you continue to eat like you did when you gained weight, you will have no benefit from the surgery and will still have to suffer the negative effects from the surgery for the rest of your life. This is why you need to realize the gravity of what the whole process entails. This is not something to be taken lightly.

You need a complete lifestyle change/overhaul in order to lose weight and not to gain it back. Healthy eating and exercise will need to be priorities after weight loss surgery.

My recommendation is to start with small steps and start now. A lot of doctors want to see their patients lose some weight before they undergo bariatric surgery anyway. Read about healthy eating. Read and research about bariatric surgery. Start making SMALL changes, eat a more plant-based healthy diet, and start moving (if you go outside and walk one block, that is a great improvement in your physical activity that you can build on over time).

There are some people who share their stories online through social media (blogs, youtube, instagram, etc) after bariatric surgery. Those might be useful to check out. This was just one hit I got after googling for some bloggers and lists several blogs:




These were some articles I found:



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shannon0693 :  You look amazing, congrats to you for losing the weight and keeping it off!

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vikingbride89 :  Hi bee. I got the sleeve done 9 months ago in Mexico. I had a great experience and have lost a total of 70lbs (including 10 in the month pre op) to date, going from 232-163. 

It is a huge life changing decision and you must remember it is a TOOL. YOU Are the one who decides what to eat every day, especially once you heal and can eat pretty much everything (in tiny quantities). But it’s a damn good tool to have, and I am happy that I went for it. 

And yes, the first few months you will be on a very low caloric intake but now I am up to 1000-1200 a day, which is what i should be taking in for the rest of my life to maintain at this point. The only difference in the vitamins/calcium that I used to take is that now I buy bariatric ones. 

This is the review that I wrote for the clinic I used, but it’s mainly tips and advice. 

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“First of all, I wanted to start by saying that this is entirely my own review and experience. Everyone will have different experiences and will go through different things according to their own body. This will be a long review, but with it I hope to not only talk about my surgery to reassure people who may be considering it, but also to discuss the AFTER, which is, after all, what concerns anyone considering surgery.
I have been overweight my entire life. Every single diet that came out, every fad, every starvation method…you name it, I have tried it. I just did not get it. I worked out regularly, ate quite healthily most of the time…and yet my body refused to cooperate. Surgery to me was literally my last hope. And, to be honest, one that I was not sure would even work. However, I decided to go for it; trust me when I say that Dr. Ariel was chosen after extensive research when my insurance denied coverage due to a lack of comorbidity associated with obesity (i.e. I was morbidly obese but also too healthy. Go figure.) The US surgeon whom I had seen prior to deciding to head to Mexico and to whom I go to for post-surgery follow-ups even reassured me about my choice, telling me that Dr. A. is a wonderful surgeon. And he was right.
So, here goes:
Transport into Tijuana- The OCC organizes everything for you once you confirm your date and send payment. You only have to show up at the San Diego Airport for pick up. From there, you will be transported to the Marriott Hotel in Tijuana. Transport to the clinic for surgery and the first follow-up and back to the San Diego Airport is included. Super convenient.
Surgery- The only gripe I have is that I did not meet the surgeon or anesthesiologist (though I did meet him in the operating room). I would have appreciated just 5 minutes in my (private, by the way) room because being wheeled into an operating theater and only seeing a couple of masked faces before being put out is a little disconcerting. Otherwise, absolutely no issue. There was a doctor on duty who very nicely stayed and chatted with me for an hour or two at night as I was unable to sleep. The staff is wonderful and all speak English. I had ZERO pain after the surgery and was up and walking down the hallway all night within a couple of hours of my waking up in order to try to get rid of all the gas in my abdomen (it takes about 2 weeks. Discomfort, but not painful.) The day after surgery, I walked 3 miles around Tijuana.
After Surgery- Lucia and the doctors were always available to respond to any questions and showed great concern/provided lots of advice when I developed Acid Reflux about 3 months post op. Luckily, this only lasted a couple of months, and I have since had no issues whatsoever. 
Food- It was strange the first few weeks having to take 30 mins to get down a few mouthfuls of broth and walk up and down the hallway waiting for it to go down properly. I had to relearn how to drink and eventually how to eat, how to chew, how fast to swallow. By far the worst part was not being able to chew food for a few weeks.I genuinely missed the act of chewing. Once I was back on solid food, I felt better. I now focus on eating nutritious food but also occasionally will indulge in a couple of bites of something that is a treat. This is a lifestyle change and, as such, has to be sustainable. I have switched to baking goods made out of almond/coconut flour and monk fruit sweetener (keto recipes are excellent for baking healthy sweets) and focus on eating protein first. The downside to all this and the smaller portions is that I am unable to use the toilet regularly. Smooth Move tea will become your best friend (do not steep it for longer than 3 minutes, by the way!) after surgery. TRACK everything that you eat; I recommend MyfitnessPal as it is easy to use.
Scars- Mine faded to almost nothing. I recommend massaging them gently with coconut oil as soon as the wounds heal so that the scar tissue will be broken down.
Weight Loss- In 9 months I reached my doctor’s target, going from 232 (222 day of surgery) to 165lbs and from a size 16-18/XL to a size 8-10/S-M. I assume that I will lose a bit more but am so happy at this size that even if my weight stays, I am okay with it. My weight loss seemed fairly slow at times, especially when hitting several stalls AND only losing 8lbs the first month post-op but it has been steady.
Last bit of advice- start getting healthy foods from now. Work out as much as you can before surgery and eat nutritious food. Stop smoking and drinking. The healthier you are, the better your body will heal. Get used to making healthier choices, too.Take your vitamins religiously. There are many bariatric brands, so don’t be afraid to read reviews and try samples.Take collagen peptides and eat healthy fats to minimize hair loss!”


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I used to be a physio at a gastro ward and people getting these surgeries had very mixed results. A lot of people gained back the weight because they were not commited to the lifestyle change required. If you get the surgery I strongly encourage to go to the advice and support groups provided by the hospital. Follow the instructions and truly understand that th8is is not a solution, but a way to get started. 

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vikingbride89 :  I heard they stopped doing it but I adore mine😍

I don’t think they should have stopped completely they should e an option for people who want a reversable method..

I got mine a a center called northwest weightloss surgery.

almost every one who workedthere had the band besides the surgeons 😉

 I had to pay cash it was 17k and because I was cash I got to bypass some of the extras that insurance policies have ya do..

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I had the sleeve in 2009. Best thing I ever did for myself in my life. Don’t be scared. Do exactly what the doctors tell you to do. Don’t deviate in any way. Join boards of those who have had your specific surgery for support.

You will change. Your life will change. It will all be for the better I promise. I would do it again 1 million times.

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I had the sleeve done 4 years ago in mexico because I didn’t have health insurance at the time. I am 65 lbs less and if I put my mind to it I can still lose 3-4 lbs a week by following the rules of surgery. I had an unhappy marriage and divorce which I regained some of my weiggt. I am down 45 lbs since november.

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Also I have had no vitamin deficiency besides vitamin D which everyone has in my state and my blood work is beyond awesome. I have had no complications, I haven’t had additional surgeries.

I gained some of my weight back because I didn’t follow the rules. I can eat an entire book of cheezit groves in a day if I munch on them all day but if I eat a hard boiled egg I’m stuffed and don’t eat for hours. My rules for surgery was to not drink 30 mins before or after meals, get 32 ounces of noncalorie non soda liquids in a day. When you eat you eat protein first, veggies/fruits then carbs. I still struggle with staying totally on point with my rules but the closer I get the more success I have. I have zero regrets.

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