Did anyone induce labour naturally??

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sugarcloud :  My husbands cousin swears that a night of several orgasms and sex leads to  labor the next day. She’s onto pregnancy number five. Her first two were induced at 40+6. She gets super uncomfortable at week 38 in every pregnancy she’s had.By baby 3 and 38 weeks she’d had enough and didn’t want to be induced at 40+ weeks. Everyone told her to watch that episode of friends with Rachel. She did and decided to try sex as her first port of call.

She went into labour less than 8 hours after a night of multiple orgasms at 38+2 with baby 3. With baby 4 the same thing but 4 hours after sex. She’s 4 weeks away from 38 weeks with number five. We are all waiting to see if her theory is true or it’s just a fluke!!! 😂  we are all pretty close so as a joke we have organised a week 38 labor inducing naughty basket to give her at the end of week 37!! 

All the best on the hopefully soon birth!

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cmsgirl :  This was just on Grey’s Anatomy too! 

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Take this with a pinch of salt because I was already 4cm dilated at the time (but had been at this dilation for 5 days): I had sex at 39+1 and went into labor the next day. My doctor had stated at my appointment a few days earlier that sex was the most trusted way of inducing labor naturally: not 100% guaranteed to work but more successful than any other technique.

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I had some issues that made my doctor hint that I would be induced if I did not go into labor before 40 weeks.  I started to worry a couple days after 39 weeks.  I gathered a list of things that encourage labor, and I just went down the list and tried all the things.  I ate pineapple for breakfast, had mexican food from Moe’s for lunch, drank red raspberry leaf tea (not a fan), had sex, went for a long walk.  Next morning I got up to go to the bathroom, and there was my mucus plug.  Layed back down in bed and heard a click, which was my water breaking.  Contractions started but were not strong enough so I had to get pitocin anyway.  Not sure if any of those things worked or not, but I can’t say that they didn’t!  (And I was able to deliver vaginally, which made me very happy, despite needing the pitocin.)

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I’ve had two kids, and both of my labors began naturally after having sex and eating pepperoni pizza for dinner ☺️. I do agree that out of all of the methods to try sex is the most effective and probably the safest. The only caveat is, your body and baby must be ready. For what it’s worth, I know induction sounds scary (I’ve never had one but would probably feel the same way) but I’ve known a lot of women who have been induced (probably more mamas who HAVE been induced than not) and have had perfectly textbook labors, no increased pain or complications. I hope all goes well for you and no matter how your labor begins, you will be blessed with your baby at the end and it will all seem worth it. My second labor was HARD and I’m pretty sure I spent most of it thinking I would seriously never consider having another baby again, but literally minutes after delivering, I was all like “yeah, I could do that again no problem”. It’s amazing how everything we go through seems so worth it the minute it’s over.

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I don’t think anything works unless your body is about ready on its own.  Most people who did something that “worked” were probably on the verge of going into labor on their own anyway.  If there was something natural that actually worked people would be doing it instead of getting induced.  Some things can promote effacement like the prostaglandins in semen can help soften the cervix but it’s not necessarily going to send you into labor.  I think there was a very small study that showed eating a lot of dates the 4 weeks or so leading up to labor helped to speed it up or cause it to occur earlier.  Your best bet is probably to have sex (need the semen) and no harm other than probably being uncomfortable.

I ended up induced at 41 weeks with my first but I tried pretty much everything short of castor oil (and no dates).  So we had regular sex, EPO, RRL tea, spicy food (I eat spicy food anyway so 2 meals of thai hot food did nothing), long walks (3 miles), etc.  Never had a single real contraction until I was induced.

Second baby I did none of that and he came on his on at 40+5. I did eat some dates the last week but not enough as they ate in the study so I doubt it did much but who knows.  Subsequent babies usually do come earlier (and earlier the more you have) and he was earlier than my first. Having sex at 40 weeks pregnant is AWFUL so I happily skipped that the second time around.

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sugarcloud :  So I was borderline with GD, but Dear Daughter was quite large. I also think they incorrectly estimated her gestational age, but I digress. I started having regular, but unproductive contractions in my 38th week. I had one about every 12 minutes. For three weeks.

I wasn’t sleeping, because I was so amped – and uncomfortable. Finally I started doing some research. 

The surest way to induce labor without drugs is direct cervical stimulation. That’s why sex works. Also, there’s prostaglandins in semen that help soften the cervix. Orgasms trigger uterine contractions, so if you have enough of them and your body is otherwise ready, they can catch. Labor is a positive feedback loop, so the progress feeds on itself. Contractions push the baby’s head into position. The pressue of the baby’s head on the cervix causes contractions, etc.

Also, direct nipple stimulation produces oxytocin, which also has a role in triggering and maintaining labor. That was my ticket. Also, this can help toughen your nipples and promote your milk coming in.

Though I can’t think of a time in my life I felt LESS sexy, it was nevertheless these things that started my labor. They are the most reliable methods, and the ones least likely to cause unwanted side effects. Things like black cohosh, raspberry tea, and castor oil all come with rather awful digestive impacts which can leave you dehydrated, so I’d avoid those.


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I agree with kes18 . I think all of these ideas are great, but they only work if your body is ready. I tried almost everything (list below) to go into labor and the only thing that may have worked was a membrane sweep at 41 weeks; I went into labor that night. Was it the membrane sweep? Or was she just finally ready? We’ll never know. My Dear Daughter was also measuring large so I was concerned about needing interventions. She was born without complications weighing 9 pounds 4 ounces. Definitely give things a try, but I wouldn’t be surprised if none of them worked.

  • spicy food
  • walking
  • acupuncture
  • acupressure
  • red raspberry leaf tea
  • evening primrose oil
  • bouncing on a birth ball
  • walking stairs
  • clary sage oil
  • hip circles (on all fours, swaying, etc)
  • pedicure/foot massage
  • nipple stimulation
  • sex
  • relaxation exercises
  • squatting
  • yoga
  • dancing
  • skipping
  • a few sips of wine (after an ok from the doctor)
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I had sex the night before I went into labor and I was 37+5. Woke up the next morning to my waters leaking. So I think sex works!

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Just an FYI but you can totally push back against induction if your Dr can’t give you a solid medical reason for scheduling one! If your GD is well controlled by diet and you don’t have any other complications then you can absolutely refuse to be induced and if it was me (and I had GD with my second pregnancy so I’ve been there) I wouldn’t allow them to induce me. My sugar baby was almost ten pounds when he arrived at 40+5 but his delivery was much easier than his older sister who was over a pound smaller. 

If your OB won’t budge on inducing then I’d be walking, bouncing on a Swiss ball, squatting and trying acupuncture.

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Always sex.

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