Did anyone move back home after college?

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    well neither until later on.  right before i graduated, i moved in with my college boyfriend.  we lived together for 3 years.  when we broke up, i moved back home to my mom’s house.

    i stayed a little longer than i planned.  but i saved a LOT of money and bought a house soon after meeting who would become my husband. 

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    If your parents have the means to support you, do it. You might hate it sometimes, but do it and save up as much as you can. I wish I could have stayed at home!

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    The summer between my freshman and sophomore year of college was the last time that I lived with my parents. I went to grad school after undergrad and had a job already lined up for the few months in between. After grad school, I started a job immediately and I was already married by then anyway. 

    I didn’t go to college or grad school near where my parents lived and there weren’t really any jobs for me in my homestate anyway, so it never made sense to move back with my parents, even if I wanted to. 

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    Most people I know moved home for at least a brief period of time before landing their post-college job. I went to grad school immediately after college, but after that I did move back home for a little while. It was an angsty time for sure! I think I lived at home for about 3-4 months before I landed my first job. That job was in another state, so I had to move out for it – but if I’d found a job in my parents’ town I would have probably lived at home for a little while longer to save money. 

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    Wasn’t an option for me unfortunately. I wasn’t that lucky. 

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    I moved back home after college with the intention of staying for a year to save and chip away at my loans. I got a job in 6 months and hit my breaking point at 8 months. I was lucky though to have security while I found the perfect place to live. It was hard, but there were plenty of times I appreciated being with my parents again. 

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    My husband and I were engaged when we graduated from college last December. We each moved back in with our parents (we are from the same hometown), but then moved in together in April on the night of the wedding. 

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    I moved in and out of parents before graduation and after. It was more like… moms… dads… moms… my own apt with roommates… repeat that 5 times… 

    I could not get repsonsible roommates. Some could not pay rent and I could because it was split up but… I would get through a lease and move back in with a parent.

    Got two degrees within 6 years and dealth with a LOT of unwanted drama within that time. One roommate got involved with his best friend’s wife. It was AWFUL. But once I graduated I was MAYBE at my moms for a a month or two once I got a job that did not pay crap. 

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    I did move back home after living in a dorm all throughout college. Yes, it was uncomfortable, and I wished I didn’t have to do it, but I was looking for a full time job. Then I decided that the job field I was in wasn’t for me, so I took a job in another field with good health insurance, but poor hourly pay. I started saving for a house. I eventually got a better paying job that can be a career. I was planning on buying a house this past January, but I had already met Fiance and were starting to get serious. He already has a house, and told me I shouldn’t take on a mortgage, because he was planning to propose. About a month ago, I moved in with Fiance, and we’re getting married this weekend.

    I lived with my parents for way longer than I wanted to, I paid rent to them, and covered all of my expenses, but it was still far cheaper than an apartment, and I was able to build up savings over those years. I’m so thankful for that experience now, because it’s set me up nicely, and prevented me from having to stay in a job field I hated to be able to support myself.

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    In my culture, I am supposed to live with my parents until I get married, aside from college. I moved back home, worked for a year, and then moved out because I couldn’t stand my parents and the lack of privacy. My mom says that I ran away from home even though I was 23 years old at the time and had a full time job with benefits. I paid rent when I lived with them, and although living with them sucked, rent wasn’t that much, so it allowed me to pay off my school loans. 

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    I moved out for some of my schooling, then moved back in and commuted. I moved out for good when I got permanent work instead of just contract.

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    Yes, I moved back in with them after college and yes, I did have a full-time job lined up. Its dreadful, my relationship with my parents is toxic (but they don’t seem to realize that) and think I’m still in high school and they can control me. Its miserable, but I’m toughing it out because my Fiance and I refuse to rent a place, we want to buy. It has been quite an adjustment moving back home, but I’m getting through it and doing my own thing while still respecting my parents rules since they do still pay for the roof over my head, groceries, and my cell phone. 


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    I didn’t move back home because of my job, but I would have liked to! You only have your parents with you for so long. I think it’s too bad that living with your parents is seen as “moving backwards”. I know many older people who lived with their parents until they died, even after getting married, and I don’t see those people as having lived less fullfilling lives. Our present culture is somewhat unique. I think it’s impressive when generations can live together, and it makes financial sense, too. Of course the bad side is that there can be a whole lot of fighting and regressing. Not that I don’t regress when I visit my parents!

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    I didn’t move back. I got a job in my field 3 months before I finished my degree. 

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    I stayed in my college town. I did full-time temp secretary work until I found a real job. My first job didn’t pay great, but I was able to afford my own studio. 

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