Did epidural help?

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rose1992 :  

haha… hell yes, it helped!  Definitely magical.  I’ve had 2 babies and 2 epidurals.  First I was induced so I had an epidural “early” at 2cm (already had horrible contractions and pain for 4 hours at this point) and the epidural sped up my labor.  Second one was a spontaneous labor (no pitocin) and I got a labor around 6cm and it did stall my labor a bit.  We had to use the peanut ball to get things moving again. 

Other than that my experiences with both babies were similar.  Took away all the pain but I could always feel my contractions so I knew when they were happening it just didn’t hurt.  Some people say they can’t feel them at all but that didn’t happen to me.  It actually helps because then you know when to push.  There is pressure at the end (like right when the baby gets ready to come out) but nothing that actually was painful.  With my first I could move one of my legs for whatever reason but I couldn’t move either the second time.  I didn’t have any negative effects afterwards.

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rose1992 :  it was glorious. I tried an oven painkiller first but it just didn’t last. The guy who gave my epidural was incredible… who knows why he’s in this backwater. My husband and two nurses had to hold me down but once it was in, ahhh. I could still feel it all down below, but the pain of contractions was soooo tolerable. I could drink, which I hadn’t done in hours. I could chat. It just made it so much less horrible. Still plenty of pain at the end … he popped out when I felt like I couldn’t go on (like I had a choice, haha) and it was so sudden I was gearing up to push again not realizing he was out. 

If there is a next time, I’ll go the same route – stick it out as long as I can tolerate, then in with the epidural. 

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For me, it was the best thing ever invented. Contrary to the PP, I barely felt it go in at all. it worked instantly and I felt no pain or discomfort whatsoever and all throughout including delivery. The only down sides for me were it can’t be used any earlier and it probably delayed labor by a little bit. 

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Commenting to mention that it did not hurt at all to get. It did not work at all for me though (only went down one side and I maintained almost full feeling and muscle control), but it certainly wasn’t a negative experiece. I honestly wouldn’t sweat labor. Worrying about it will take much more time than the actual process. When you’re there, you don’t have much of a choice but to get it over and done with. Speak up, don’t be a hero, and let the nurses/doctors take care of you. Good luck!

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I got an epidural and it was glorious! I didn’t feel it go in at all and within 10 minutes, I could feel the contractions happening but there was no pain associated with them. I will say that I felt a lot of pain when my LO was being born, but I think part of that is when it’s close to the time to push, they decrease the concentration of medication being administered. You do have the option to press the button so it’ll come more often (I think once every 10 minutes or something), but I was worried about not being able to feel anything to know how/when to push. If we are lucky enough to have a second, I will push the button as many times as possible haha.

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The anesthesiologist gave me a numbing shot before placing mine, that was the worst part and it was over in like 10 seconds. No biggie.

It works pretty much immediately and is fucking fantastic. Highly recommend. I couldn’t feel my contractions but I could feel pressure. I could sort of move my legs too, just not with a lot of control lol. I didn’t feel any pain during the actual delivery, although for some reason I could feel her stitch me later. It’s possible they turned it way down after the birth.

Mine did not have a button to push. 

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rose1992 :  I didn’t have one, but literally every single one of my friends did and their experiences run the gamut. Some said it was the best thing ever, some of them didn’t work (or only worked on one side of their body, or only for a little while), and a couple friends had minor complications. Even the ladies who had issues still thought it was better than nothing. I didn’t want one and was very happy to not have one and found that breathing, moving, visualizations, and talking to myself were enough to get me through. Every woman and every birth is different, but I would recommend reading up on some alternative pain management techniques juuuuuuust in case you’re in the unlucky few that don’t have a great epidural experience. It never hurts to have more tools in your tool box. Good luck! 

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I didn’t have time for an epidural and just had gas and air. 

By all means plan for one, but be prepared to not have one if things go too quickly.

there are pros and cons so do make sure you research before hand. Some of the things I learnt from our birth class / friends were 

it doesn’t always take / only works on one side

you can’t move around so can slow labour down / increase risk of tears / need for a section

you have to have a catheter 

once you’re in transition (8-10cm) they are pointless to get. You won’t have time to get it and for it to take effect. Transition is the most painful part but if you make it that far you might as well get to the end

recovery is quicker without it mostly because you can get up quicker

if there is any chance you might need a c section (e.g with a VBAC) it’s worth getting it on board so any emergency c section isn’t delayed

If things are taking a while it will allow you to get some sleep / rest so that you have more energy to push

it doesn’t pass to baby 

honestly though, labour really wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Admittedly my labour was quick but once the head is out it stops hurting. You also forget all the pain very quickly. 

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Twizbe :  good point about the timing! It was my plan all along not to have an epidural, but I did want gas and air if it got too bad. By the time we got to the hospital I didn’t even have time for that – I was that chick pushing on a gurney in the hallway as they were running me to a delivery room! 

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I had planned to go without drugs but didn’t factor in how physically exhausted I’d be. I labored at home for 14 hours before going to the hospital. While at the hospital, I pictured trying to do this for another 14 hours and thought there was no way. So I got the epidural. IT WAS GREAT. All the pain was gone. I could still move my legs and feet and feel them. I felt the contractions but they just felt like pressure. I had a great experience. Pain was over yet I could feel what was going on. 


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I took a 6 week long hypno-birthing class and had the intention of laboring with no pain medication… 18 hours into labor I was completely exhausted and when I learned it would still be HOURS of laboring and pushing before my son was born, I asked for an epidural.

The sweet sweet angel that came and gave it to me was the best person I’d ever seen in my life. Despite the fact that he was roughly twice my age and my husband was in the room, I felt the urge to propose to this man on the spot! 

The epidural itself was a completely painless process and once the meds were pumping I was able to actually take a NAP for a few hours to get the rest I needed to have the energy to push that baby out. I did feel a little bit of the crowning, but I’d imagine it was nothing compared to not having the epidural. I also felt a wee bit of the needle when they stitched me up after, but I piped up and they gave me more pain meds before they continued.

I highly recommend getting an epidural, and I’m getting one the minute I walk in the door next time!

Good luck, mama bee 🙂

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I got an epidural and I honestly think it may have been the best thing to have ever happened to me. My doctor told me that almost everyone has some sort of a reaction to an epidural and I was no exception – my head and scalp were unbearably itchy but this was still a million times better than the pain. It felt like I was the warmest and comfiest I have ever been. 

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God yes. Labor with an epidural is a breeze compared to without. My first I didn’t get the epi until I was near fully dilated and I dilated very quickly – bring on the pain! I was reduced to a quiet pitiful whine while down the hall some lady was screaming her lungs out (or so my husband said. I was too crazed with pain to tell). My doctor hadn’t gotten to the hospital yet and my husband ran out and told the nurse “who’s the resident who’s going to catch this baby?!”.  After checking me, the nurse ran at light speed out of the room, faster than any nurse my husband had ever seen – and he’d been a resident some years ago at the hospital. With my second I had to go on a pitocin drip because my water broke but my labor stopped. I should have known then that my son would always be the one I had to push lol.

The only side effect I had was that I wasn’t able to pee or even feel like I had to pee. I had to be catheterized because the full bladder was getting in the way of progress lol.


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Oh yes. It was amazing! 

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