(Closed) Did Having a Baby “Ruin” Your Vagina?

posted 8 years ago in Intimacy
  • poll: Please check those that apply to you.
    I had a vaginal delivery and am happy that I did. : (48 votes)
    26 %
    I had a vaginal delivery and wish I’d had a c-section. : (6 votes)
    3 %
    I had a vaginal delivery and my vagina looks different now. : (14 votes)
    8 %
    I had a vaginal delivery and my vagina feels worse now/sex is worse. : (17 votes)
    9 %
    I had a vaginal delivery and my vagina feels the exact same as before. : (41 votes)
    22 %
    I had a vaginal delivery and my vagina feels better now/sex has improved. : (24 votes)
    13 %
    I had a c-section and am happy that I did. : (18 votes)
    10 %
    I had a c-section and wish I’d had a vaginal delivery. : (11 votes)
    6 %
    I had a c-section and sex has gotten worse for me. : (6 votes)
    3 %
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    Eee…I’m about to give birth in 8 weeks (give or take), so I’m so curious to hear the answers to this thread! Thanks for starting it!

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    I delivered a 7lb 2oz baby vaginally (no medication) with one stitch for a tear. We didn’t have sex for 8 weeks after, but it felt completely normal and FH says it feels the same. I do/did kegels.

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    I had a c-section after almost no labor so I wouldn’t know. If I get pregnant again I think I am going to try for a vaginal birth instead of scheduling a c-section so hopefully I can vote someday.

    My SIL has two kids which she had vaginally and had episiotomies with both. We are pretty close and she has mentioned that her vagina is back to normal, but the recovery both times was extremely rough.

    Weird thing though- the first time husband and I had sex after baby it hurt like a bitch. I was like, what is going on down there, nothing was ever in the birth canal or came out so this should not feel different. But it totally hurt like crazy.

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    @Juliepants:  Haha! I’m totally lurking.

    I watched 1 Born Every Minute last night and I’m pretty sure my baby fever is now baby fear.

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    @Juliepants:  I also voted the last one.Lol. Thanks for posting this! I was curious about this too. My sisters also said it went back to normal after 8 weeks.

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    @Tatum:  I thought you couldn’t have vaginal births after having a c-section?  That’s what my friend’s doctor told her 8 years ago when she had her second baby anyway (first was c-section so she was told any other babies would have to be delivered c-section too).  Have things changed since then?  Maybe it depends on the doctor?  More information on this would be much appreciated. 🙂

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    @Ms. Martian:  Ohh I watched that too! And I hear you about the baby fear!!

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    I had an elective C-section and Happy that I did.

    My cousin had a vaginal birth and said it’s really loose (3 years later) even after trying kegals/etc. So it scared me a little bit.

    In the future I will have C-sections only. I don’t see the downside at all. No one can even see the scar anymore it’s faded and I healed really fast, I had no bleeding/etc. I didn’t even have to take all of my pain medicine.

    I imagine different women’s bodies are different, but c-section all the way for me.

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    I didn’t vote because mine fits but doesn’t at the same time. I pushed for a couple of HOURS/had the suction cup (to the point where my son spent his first night in the ICN because he had blood pooling on his head where they suctioned) and could feel his head trying to come out (TMI, sorry) but in the end, had to have a C-section because his head was tilted in a way that wasn’t working. I have no idea if that loosened me up down there or not. Sex is still great and everything feels good! Oh and I did not do kegels during pregnancy (well maybe I did once or twice but that was about it).

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    Bumping as a lurker, I voted for the last option hehe.

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    I rememeber voicing my concerns about this to my doc. He assured me that I would be at least 90% of what I was if I didn’t exersize my kegals, but over time things would even out.

    When I ripped (yow! 🙁 ) I remember chatting with him as he sewed me up and he said he “gave me a little extra to ease my worries” I laughed and said thanks and all that. I did start doing simple kegal excersizes after a week and was very diligent.

    3 months later when I finaly had sex again I was exactly the same on the inside, but my pelvic area (that part below the belt that’s not your tummy lol) has some excess skin and it kind of poofs out a bit when it didn’t before

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    I’ve only had c-sections so obviously my vagina is still the same as before. Honestly I am glad, I’ve had guy friends who are still out in the dating world all get into a convo once that you can tell the difference with girls who have kids vs those who don’t. Although they seemed to be in agreement that it is when they have more than 1 kid that it start to feel differently.

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    I haven’t given birth yet, but I’ve read in the baby books that your vagina is designed to go back to normal. If you are worried about it, however, there are exercises you can do to get your vagina back. In France, women get lessons on re-educating their vaginas, covered by the national health care system.

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