(Closed) Did Having a Baby “Ruin” Your Vagina?

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  • poll: Please check those that apply to you.

    I had a vaginal delivery and am happy that I did.

    I had a vaginal delivery and wish I’d had a c-section.

    I had a vaginal delivery and my vagina looks different now.

    I had a vaginal delivery and my vagina feels worse now/sex is worse.

    I had a vaginal delivery and my vagina feels the exact same as before.

    I had a vaginal delivery and my vagina feels better now/sex has improved.

    I had a c-section and am happy that I did.

    I had a c-section and wish I’d had a vaginal delivery.

    I had a c-section and sex has gotten worse for me.

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    double post

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    Okay, truth AND tmi? Y’ll got it:) I’ve had two children vaginally and sex is still fabulous and while I can’t swear I’m just as tight, I can tell you neither of my husbands complained or noticed a thing.

    However, I can SEE a difference. There is this kind of skin tag that my doctor said was normal but I’m very vain and having a pretty kitty is very important to me. I live in LaLa land and there is a “vaginal rejuvenation” doctor on every corner.

    Now, things aren’t THAT bad but I kinda wish I’d had two Cs in retrospect to avoid the immediate after-effects and what one of my friends, who scheduled her C for this very reason, what she called the “exploding pussy”.

    That all said, forget about the vajayjay and worry about your boobs-pregnancy just RUINS them and the more kids you have the worse. I think Jenny McCarthy described hers as two withered zucchinis. Not far from the truth. Lol

    My friend wanted her boobs done after her first but planned on a second baby. I begged her not to waste her money. Did she listen? No. And she had to go back for a lift after her second baby.

    The vagina will recover. The boobs, not so much:)

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    This is one of my biggest fears about the aftermath of childbirth.  Thank you to those who shared their experiences.

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    Well I just typed up this long post then lost it, but the general idea was that I’ve had one c-section and one vbac (vaginal birth after cesarean) and neither I nor my husband have noticed an overall difference of the vaginal tightness variety, lol. I did have a second-degree tear and several stitches, so sex was painful for the first few months and uncomfortable for several months. My doctor gave me estrogen cream but since I was nursing and it can reduce milk supply I was afraid to use it much. It’s supposed to help with healing though. Now that my daughter is nearly two I will say that things feel as tight to me and my husband (so he says) as before, but (warning, Too Much Information ahead!) he does seem to hit my cervix a lot easier than before, which can be quite painful so we have had to change up certain positions to accomodate that (hey, you asked!).

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    Well, this thread has been rather informative and quite terrifying.


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    I’ve had a vaginal birth, a failed vaginal birth resulting in a c-section after pushing for 3 hours and a planned c-section. Sex after the vaginal birth was probably better for a couple days. Not having sex for 6 weeks makes me feel like a virgin again. My sex drive however wasn’t the same. After 2 c-sections sex was exactly the same. But mentally, I was all sorts of into it. I would have been back at it in the hospital if he would have let me. lol In MY brain something was different about the emotion of a baby working his way through and the Dr just popping him out and handing him to us. Not a good or bad feeling, just different. Looks wise, age is a mother f*#ker and of course things look different. I think sometimes people mistake the effect of hormones on your body for something birth related. 

    Wanted to add that I had only 1 internal stitch with ds#1, no actual tearing. Ds#2 was a horible recovery, put my body through nearly both experiences is a few hours and it wasn’t happy. lol DD was my planned c-section, very quick and easy recovery.

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    @rosesarefree:  Blah… Fiance already hits my cervix often now (and ya, not a great feeling). Not looking forward to that possibly getting worse 🙁

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    I had a C-Section and it has effected my sex life.  Why?  Because I hate the kangaroo pouch and it’s made me very self conscious about my body.  I am currently dieting and trying to tone but would kill for a tummy tuck!

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    I’m just a lurker but I really like this thread…

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    1) bump! 

    2) thanks, ladies, for sharing! this can be a sensitive subject (no pun intended) and is probably the #1 worry/fear (along with tearing) of first time mothers.

    3) I can’t speak for personal experience (so forgive me if this is a bit of a threadjack) but I can  say something from professional experience:

    Most women don’t find a drastic change in vaginal tone post-birth, after healing time.  Sometimes sensitivity or healing can take longer to resolve with breastfeeding due to low estrogen levels and overall vaginal dryness. Lube (lots of lube) can help, as can massaging any “scar tissue” where stitches were put in.

    It is true that most of the changes come from a baby coming through the vagina, but also there is some effect from the weight of the baby sitting on the pelvic floor….regardless of vaginal birth or cesearean birth

    Cesearean birth, while “preserving vaginal tone”, is a major surgery, cutting through the whole abdominal wall and really shouldn’t be undertaken without serious reason and thorough consideration of the risks and benefits for woman and baby.  As PPs have said, there are benefits….also as one PP said the scar can sometimes affect self-image too.  So, please consider both sides, all sides, before considering a c/s to “save your vagina”.  


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    Ack! Vaginal prolapse is a THING??

    Well, I’ve never experienced childbirth, and don’t plan on ever experiencing. But I like polls and also I’m always interested in learning new things! 🙂

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    Another lurker wondering if any one has had personal experience with prolapses they can share.

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    i had a vaginal birth years ago.  no difference for me.

    i’ve never heard a complaint from any partner either.

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