(Closed) Did Having a Baby “Ruin” Your Vagina?

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    I had a vaginal delivery and am happy that I did.

    I had a vaginal delivery and wish I’d had a c-section.

    I had a vaginal delivery and my vagina looks different now.

    I had a vaginal delivery and my vagina feels worse now/sex is worse.

    I had a vaginal delivery and my vagina feels the exact same as before.

    I had a vaginal delivery and my vagina feels better now/sex has improved.

    I had a c-section and am happy that I did.

    I had a c-section and wish I’d had a vaginal delivery.

    I had a c-section and sex has gotten worse for me.

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    Had a csection b/c of a breech baby. No difference except mentally. Used to be freewheeling in the sex dept, now it’s hard to do. I mean, handcuffs in the middle of the afternoon on a weekday, now becomes a treat on the weekends when she’s with grandma.

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    Just my opinionated 2 cents…

    I just wanted to add that the WAY you have a baby may affect your vagina differently.

    I haven’t had a child but my mother went the hospital route, with the drugs and epidural. The drugs sped up the labour too quickly & since I was a larger baby & not far enough down the canal, my heart rate dropped quickly. The doctor had to use forceps on my head and a second or third degree episiotomy on my mother to pull me out.

    Because of the damage of my birth, my mom has had to have surgery because of problems urinating and I had some damage to my skull due to the forceps (which eventually went away after a year or so).

    Medical interventions speed up labour too quickly for some women and are not helpful for natural birth (e.g. positioning the labouring woman on her back & hooked up to monitors, inhibiting her ability to walk and move and birth in positions that use gravity: something that makes labour progress).

    I highly recommend watching the doc “The Business of Being Born”. Here’s a clip from the film on medical intervention: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZJkLTHIVzzk

    This is a great site I visit often too: http://bringbirthhome.com/

    I’m having a child in the next couple years and with all the midwifery books I can get my hands on, I’m convinced that birthing using medical intervention is almost entirely unnecessary and at times causes more damage and stress than good.

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    I skimmed thru these responses because I’m afraid of what I’ll read (will likely start trying after my wedding in Sept) and all I read was “pussy explosion” and now I want my mommy! LOL 🙁

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    i have not yet had a child so i can’t say for myself yet BUT my friend had a vaginal birth and she said sex is way better now. before she had a hard time having orgasms but now it’s really easy. 

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    I had a medically scheduled c-section so never went into labor. Nothing is different down there.

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    With my first baby I had a small tear and had to be stitched up. I noticed the first couple times having sex after that hurt a bit but eventually things went back to normal. My 2nd pregnancy I had twins. I had people constantly tell me “Oh you’re gonna stretch out, sex won’t be the same” but I haven’t noticed any difference.

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    @AllTheGoodUsernamesAreTaken:  I totally agree. Good frequent sex (when recovered) and Kegels can do wonders. I was pretty much like prior the birth after recovery and things just kept getting better from that point on!

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    I had 2 mondo babies when I was in my 30s (8lbs 12oz for my son and 9lbs 10oz for my daughter). Both were C-sections. I was induced and in labor for 2 days for my son, then pushed for 3 hours. It became an emergency situation and they actually pushed him back in and did a C-section. Recovery took a very long time and when I tell people I nearly died having him it’s because I almost did. My daughter was a planned C-section – thank goodness because she was a pound bigger! I know friends who had regular vag deliveries and suffered with tearing or stitches. I’m not sure how any woman’s body can come out of childbirth with the same body she went in with but what does it matter? I have a few stretch marks, nearly invisible scars and I miss my 20something boobs. My tummy will always hang a bit over the C-section cliff and I’ll never feel parts of my abdominal skin (nerve damage). I have friends who never had children and are in their 50s like I am and they have complaints about their bodies too. It’s just the way it is.

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    I had to google episiotomy after reading through here and I clenched my lady parts and made an awful face when I read it! Arrgghhh. There is so much I don’t know about childbirth that I can’t honesty say I want to know!

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    I’ve had BOTH a cesarean and vaginal delivery. My cesarean affected my sex life much more and much longer than the effects of my vbac (vaginal birth after cesarean). I was also brave and looked “down there” pretty soon after the birth and things really didn’t look different. TBH & Too Much Information, because of my hormones from breastfeeding my labia were actually smaller!

    After my cesarean I of course didn’t have the local discomfort BUT I had alot of abdominal discomfort during sex and it took YEARS… like over five years years for me to be able to be on top without it hurting!

    After my vaginal delivery, my DD is almost 10 months old, all positions are basically back to normal. Too Much Information: I do feel tighter than before and from behind feel abrasive against where my urethra runs but as long as we’re liberal with lubrication everything is a-okay! I should also add that I had an unmedicated birth, no tearing, and a VERY fast pushing stage (6 minutes) so that likely has alot to do with the tenderness still felt along the “roof” of the vaginal wall during “doggy”.

    I most definitely prefer having a vaginal delivery in regards to how my sex life will be affected!

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    Having a baby did not ruin my vagina (natural birth) – hubby says it feels just as good as before and in fact, he wants to have sex way more now after I’ve had a baby than before! But having a baby did kill my bladder. I have to go to the bathroom constantly throughtout the day and even when I’m sleeping! 

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    [content moderated for personal attack]


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    Nope, my vagina is still tight and looks pretty. What has changed is that my pelvic floor is a little weaker so I can’t hold my pee in as long as I used to. That’s why I do kegels.

    I have had two vaginal births back to back.

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