(Closed) Did he take out a loan for your ering?

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I think some people might have been confused about the original question. It wasn’t “How do you feel about taking out a loan to buy an engagement ring?” It was…”Did he take out a loan for your e-ring?” Geez…good to know how some of y’all feel though! Part of the reason I love WB is because it’s mostly free from judgment but sometimes I feel like it gets a little heated in the hive! 

My hubby DID take out a loan for my engagement ring. And I already know how several of you feel about that. But it worked quite well for us and I am happy we did it. Thanks. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I think it comes down to each couple making an informed, educated decision based on their personal, financial circumstances. It just might be that taking out a loan for the engagement ring might be the best way to go in some cases. In other cases, it’s not. It’s really a situational thing. 

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Worker bee
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He did not take out a loan for my ring, thanks to his ridiculous summer salary as a summer associate for a law firm. I mentioned this to him, and he said (seriously), “Well, I didn’t pay cash. I used a check.” What a nerd!

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No loan here – Fiance put it on his Delta Amex and paid it off immediately, so we got more miles too.  ๐Ÿ™‚  Now we’re flying round-trip first class for free on our honeymoon (he already had a lot of miles saved up).

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I totally agree with DRibeiro13 when she said that people don’t take out loans because they’re “stupid.” Most do it with the best of intentions. He didn’t take out a loan for my ring, but I’d be lying if I didn’t find myself daydreaming about something a bit bigger. At the end of the day though, I don’t care because I love him.

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Credit card and paid off within a month. I’m with you, <span style=”font-family: tahoma, verdana; font-size: 13px; font-style: italic;”>MarriedinMay , <span style=”font-family: tahoma, verdana; font-size: 13px;”>I don’t know why people are really judgmental about loans. I think it’s partially to do with the recession. A lot of weddings these days seem to be about “look how little I can spend!” or “I can out DIY you!” I wish we could all just be happy for each other no matter how we spend money on our weddings. 

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@cheerful- I think it is backlash for the way the country was for the last 20 years. It used to be “cool” to have the most/biggest/most expensive stuff. Now its “cool” to live debt-free and anyone in debt is a poser or something? 

I think everyone has to decide their own comfort level for debt. Personally, it totally stresses me out so I would not go into debt for anything but my education and a house (and maybe car if necessary). But for other people… it doesn’t stress them out so whatever. I know a lot of people would raise their eyebrows at me because, while I don’t have any other debt, I have about 80K in student loans. Yes, that is a LOT of money to owe… but to me my education was worth it and I’m okay paying that off for the next 82342 years. ๐Ÿ™‚

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@CorgiTales – Yeah, it’s completely an attitude backlash. I just wonder why we have to judge other people’s weddings on money spent or not spent. How about we make a campaign to judge people on how many years they manage to stay married? ๐Ÿ™‚

And yeah, I feel you on the student debt too. I’m going for a doctorate, so the amount grows every single year… I hate opening the mail.

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I think there are people who can responsibly pull out a loan (a small one) and then pay it off quickly, totally!

However, A LOT of people cannot pay their loans responsibly. One bad break (car craps out or something) can really set you back, regardless of the economy. As long as you are very responsible about it and make sure you make your payments (ideally w/o interest) and budget smartly, that’s one thing, but just hoping that it “all works out” isn’t smart, and when you just start hoping or assuming the moeny will always be there, that’s how all these people get in trouble.

@Corgi, it totally stresses me out to *owe* money, also! I hate that balance on my credit card and I usually end up paying off the months’ bill early so I can see $0.00 shining back at me, lol.

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We both follow Dave Ramsey’s financial philosophies which means NO DEBT. The only thing we owe on is the house and for that we did a 15 year mortgage vs 30. I would have been furious to know he took a loan. As such, the ring is simple but beautiful. It’s what’s in our hearts that matter.


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NO.  I know people do, but I would rather have waited for the ring than enter into our engagement/marriage in debt.  We bought a house right after getting engaged and that’s a much better investment. 


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No loan…He paid for it out of his savings account.

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  • Wedding: October 2011

no loan… he used all of his savings bonds.

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Well, he put it on an interest free credit card and he had the money saved up.  He paid it off in 3 months.

Although, he did buy me 2 e-rings and I got to choose.  Don’t think he had enough for both rings but he was allowed to return the one I didn’t want. 

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Mine used a Q card, and got an interest free deal.  It’ll be paid off a few months before the wedding and not a dime on interest ๐Ÿ™‚  If he was paying interest on it, I would have thought it was silly. 

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