(Closed) Did or does your family hate the name you picked?

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Lots of people hated the names we picked, but it really didn’t bother us one bit. They got over it and ended up saying they ‘matched’ their names once they were grown.

It’s almost become a right of passage in our family to discuss the possible baby names, but I don’t think anyone thinks it’s particularly mean.

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For this reason alone, Darling Husband and I also said that we wouldn’t share our “picks” until the baby was born and officially named! We have told my Mother-In-Law about a name we found and loved, and she LOVED it … so that helps. Otherwise, i am afraid of people’s reactions and would rather just wait until they are here, named, and it’s too late! LOL!! We will remain tight lipped when the time comes.

Stick with your decision if you like it, it’s your babe, not theirs 🙂 🙂

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My youngest is named Jillian. My dad kept calling her Gilligan before she was born and it really pissed me off. We hadn’t even picked a name for sure, it was just on our favorites list. We didn’t pick for sure until we saw her, but I definately wouldn’t let my family acting like jerks change my mind about a name I love.

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I did mention to my mom a few names we were thinking of before munchkin was born. One of the names is what we actually went with. The funny thing is, that she really didn’t care for the names I had told her. One of the names is the name we used to name our son.

My mom absoultely adores my son, her grandson and has no issue with his name now.

But yeah I would keep the names to yourself, we have had no one make fun or snide remarks about our son’s name at least to our face since he was born. If they don’t like his name then tough we like his name and that is what it is.

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That’s nuts, Jude is a normal name. I think the days of kids being picked on for their names ( like Hey Judy or having initals spell something out ) are long past. When I was in school it was never done and when I taught school it wasn’t either. Besides the fact that people in life will ALWAYS find something to tease one another about- that is no reason to change a name or a fact about you. I love the name Jude and I say go for it. 

I talked named with my parents and my Dad said Isabella sounded too “ethnic” Say whaaaat?! Talking baby names can be rough, you are not alone. Good thing I ended up with a boy huh? :p 

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We have already decided on a name for a girl if we have one. Her name will by Kaia Lynn (K-eye-uh Lin) And everybody keeps saying it sounds too much like Violin. They hate it. We love it. We are keeping it. We love the first name Kaia and Lynn is an important family name. So… they can suck it!

I like the name you picked out and they will learn to associate the name with the child, not a song or a girls name.

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People just CANNOT keep their opinions to themselves. People havecommented negatively on all the names that I like, my siblings’ names, MY name . . . I really think people just love name-bashing. There must be something satisfying about it. I try to ignore it.

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I guess it’s not only in the schoolyard…. OMG people just don’t grow up do they? LOL… Gilligan for Jillian, and singing “Hey Jude”…. Come on now.

My son is Michel, of course we hear a lot of  “Michelle, ma belle” etc… And now he goes by Mich, but some people say Mitch, and he corrects them. KIDS survive their names, don’t worry about it!

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I am not an expecting mother here, but we had some problems when my brother and his wife were telling us about names. And while I am all for unique names I think its a little silly if you try and name your kid something totally strange and out there and then expect everyone to not say anything. I mean my brother and SIL were all about these names from their Sci-fi books and sure its your kid but seriously they are stuck with the name the rest of their life so be kind. 

HOWEVER, Jude is a totally awesome name and I don’t think you should be detered by your family, Its not like you are naming them after a fruit or something. (I know its been forever but I still can’t get over Gwenyth naming her daughter Apple).

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Ughh reading this solidifies my choice not to tell anyone the names we choose before we have a baby! I will let everyone and anyone suggest names, but I wouldn’t tell then the final decision until the baby’s out!

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we didnt really share our name with many people. my in laws like the first name we have in mind because its my MIL’s  sisters name, my parents arent crazy about it but will just have to deal I guess. Everyone else doesnt know the name yet we just tell them we arent decided.

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We are not pregnant yet but we’ve had our baby names picked out for about a year and a half now. And last year at christmas the whole family asked us about baby names and we told them about our first name it goes either boy or girl. And ogosh did they have bash it, but we still love and will be using it either way. Don’t let it bother you once the baby comes nobody is going to make fun or a babys name so your all good.

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We don’t have kids and aren’t TTC yet, but I think we’ll probably keep our choices to ourselves. It’s so easy for one negative comment to make you doubt your choices! Once you’ve gone through with it and given your child that name, it seems a lot less likely that people would criticize it.

Our friends are pregnant and they told her mom they loved the name Hazel…she said it sounded like some old lady in a nursing home. Needless to say, they took the name off their list!

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