Did something bite my dog? (with picture)

posted 7 years ago in Pets
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I’ve never seen anything like that either.  Is it sensitive to the touch?  My dog used to sometimes have a rash that looked kind of like that.  Is she scratching it?  I’d watch closely for a little bit and see if it’s itchy, painful, etc.

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My dog had the same thing happen! I noticed after a bath he had a red mark, very similar to yours.  I thought it was blood, but it wasn’t.  I called our vet, and she said just to keep an eye on it, if it didn’t appear to bother him or get worse, I shouldn’t be concerned.  Obviously I monitored any abnormal symptoms, but there were none.  He didn’t mind me touching it at all.  After 2-3 days, it went away.

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It just looks like a rash to me. Could be from somethings she rubbed against on a walk or in the house. As long as she’s not scratching or licking it and acting normal, you’re fine!

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@Miss Sorbet: Honestly, it looked EXACTLY like that, except it was on the inside of his hind legs.  I freaked out, it looked like a big scratch, but it never bothered him at all.  Like I said, I just kept an eye on him to make sure he wasn’t vomiting, lethargic, etc. But it looked better the next day, and was gone soon after.

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So this may seem like an odd question – but does he ever get humped by other dogs at the park?  Or even just kind of rough house with them?  My lab is one of “those” dogs that, for whatever reason,  tends to get humped alot!  And he often gets red scratches on his belly/inside of his thighs where the humping dog will grab on! 

Some dogs claws can be pretty long, and some of them really have a death grip when trying to hump!!  haha.  So even just the process of pulling the humping dog off might leave a scratch on your dog.

And to me – the mark just looks like a scratch that didn’t break the skin, but brought a bit of blood just to the surface under the skin.  Kind of like a hickey causes a bruise under the skin, but doesn’t actually break the skin.  Hence the reason why it doesn’t probably bother the dog either.

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I find if my dogs scratch their bellies with their hind legs, or if I scratch one spot too long, it turns red, just like if you were to scratch your arm in one spot of too long. Just kinds of an irritation mark.

As a reference, my shih tzu got bit by something this summer, and her whole face swelled right up. and it wasn’t an “oh, that looks a little swollen” it was an “omg, what’s wrong with her face, it looks like a balloon” swollen.

she got a terribly expensive trip to the vet and shot of adrenalyn for that!

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My dog has that too! we recently went on a trip and took her with us to see some family out in the country (approx. 4 hrs away) and she was fine until the 2nd day, we caught her rolling in cat poo and she smelled bad so my 13 y.o daughter and her little cousin washed her with very sensitive soap that the cousin had gotten that year. The soap didnt really have any affect, but we were on a farm, complete with ferrel cats, a horse and some tall grasses. Of course she had to take potty breaks outside with all of the foreign objects, but on the day before we left she had two tummy red spots and a rash in between her hind legs, it faded quickly and its now 2 days after and the rash has re- appeared, it has a tiny bump in the middle and its redder than the first ones, its a bit larger too. She seems to be fine with it, but we didnt catch it until she was tired, so we are not honest to know if shes being lethargic (she does sleep alot normally and is in the kennel while everybody is at school/work and at night time) shes about 3 years old, about 10-30 pounds, a shih-tzu poodle mix and has only been taken to a vet once as a tiny puppy due to financial problems, she also probably has allergies due to a flakey, rough, itchy patch on her back. anywyas, thanks for supplying me with an escape from terror, i cant imagine what my daughter would do if we had to home euthanize our dog.

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