(Closed) Did you and SO/FI/DH ever break up/take a "break?"

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    I've never taken a break or broken up with a current or former SO/FI/DH.

    We took a temporary break and it worked wonders for the relationship.

    We took a temporary break and nothing changed (led to a break-up).

    We broke up, but then got back together, and it worked wonders for the relationship.

    We broke up, but then got back together, and nothing changed (led to a permanent break-up).


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    We took a “time out” before we got engaged. I actually moved out. We weren’t having sex, we weren’t getting along. I had moved in after only a year of dating and we wondered if we had jumped the gun a little bit.

    After about a month of living seperately, we both discovered we wanted to be together, to live together. I moved back in and our relationship was so much stronger. It was crazy how fast we realized what we wanted. Now we’re married 🙂

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    Now-FI and I took a break about 3 years ago and it did WONDERS for our relationship. I was at a point that I was ready to commit and he was not. We broke up, moved out, tears and all for 6 months and it was really tough. A lot changed and I really let go of the relationship because it was over. We talked about getting back together when we broke up, but I really didn’t think it would happen in the course of our breakup. I also realized I had to let him go in order for him to make the growth he need. Just when I was getting over him (about 5 months in), he started contacting me again and expressing how much he had learned about himself and life and how he wanted me in it. We have been stronger and healthier and so much happier since. It was gut wrenching and painful and difficult,but it was the absolute best thing for our relationship.

    The catch was, I had to let go and really believed we weren’t getting back together. It was such a gamble, but something we really needed to do some soul searching and self growth. I loved him enough to let him go and I was lucky enough that we reconnected and moved forward from it.

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    jwdesiree:  We have now been together for 6 years and we took a 2 week break in 2012. My Fiance (boyfriend at the time) had gotten into a really bad drinking habit and was hanging around a not so great crowd of people. It made things really rough to we decided that taking a break would be best. We didnt speak for the first week and then he called me and we talked thinkgs over and after that,  he made a huge turn around for the better 🙂 I couldnt be more proud of him! 

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    I have never taken a break/broken up with my Fiance.

    I have “taken breaks” with past SO’s and like the first poster, it just was delaying the inevitable. Looking back, we should have always just cut ties instead of trying to “take a break”.

    Idk, I’m excited to be married to someone who has never given up on me and who thought I was worth it the first time around. That’s really meaningful to me. Lots of ex’s have come back around and tried to get back together, but like i said. I want them to think im worth it the first time around and to never give up on me. I think it’ll be reassuring to my husband to know that I’ve never given up on him either, even when times were rough.

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    jwdesiree:  Well, you could say that we’ve taken multiple breaks, haha.

    Fiance and I were best friends throughout high school, but we always had “feelings” for one another- the timing was just never right. When it finally was our junior year of high school, we dated for a few months, but he broke it off. We were both young and I think he wanted to spread his seed a little, if you know what I mean.

    We remained good friends even while he was away at college. We reconnected about 4 years ago and began dating again. At that time, I had JUST gotten out of a serious 3 year relationship. Fiance and I were moving really fast, so I told him I wanted a “break” just to kind of be on my own for a little bit and figure things out. That probably lasted a month at most. 

    I realized I wanted to be with him and I knew he was “the one” after being apart from him. We’ve been together every since and have had no issues or even thoughts of separating again. 

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    H and I have never broken up or taken a break.

    I’ve had one past relationship that included a break. We had some communication problems so we broke up to give ourselves time to think about whether we really wanted to be together or not. We got back together after a month, but we obviously ended up breaking up in the end. We were young and we enjoyed each others company, but it was never going to last.

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    I think many people erroneously pull the, “I’m breaking up with you!” nonsense in a bid to manipulate the partner into rapid-fire change. They get back together with breakneck speed, then they’re shocked that nothing has changed. If it has gotten that serious, it is a positive sign when couples take a lengthy amount of time apart to evaluate things and to discuss what’s going to be different before they get back together.

    We have never broken up or had a break. We have had one or two -big- disagreements where breaking up was a possibility on the table, and it was enough to scare us onto the right course.

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    We’ve never taken a break, though in the past there were moments where we considered it. It was always a last-ditch effort type of thing, though, and we always managed to work through our issues, so.

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