(Closed) Did you ask guests to refrain from taking pictures?

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  • Wedding: September 2010 - Heinz Chapel Ceremony, Museum Reception

I bet the location of your ceremony might have an impact on how distracting the camera flashes are. Our ceremony site requests that guests not take flash photos, which was on the program, and most of our guests ignored it. We got married in a big, dark chapel, and there were so many flashes going off as I walked up the aisle it looked like paparazzi with a celebrity. It actually was very, very distracting, and I really wished people had respected the chapel guidelines. Overall it was a tiny little blip of a thing and didn’t really matter, but I do feel the same as you–I wish people would just watch rather than trying to take a million pictures that didn’t turn out very well anyway.

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I don’t think you’ll notice the cameras.

I’ve been married once before, and I can tell you once I got up there, the audience disappeared, I was just focused on the task at hand.
(Same thing happens when I show my dog, I become oblivious to anything going on outside the show-ring.)

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@youhavemyheart I think you are smart for doing this. There are people out there who are total shutterbugs and think that getting that perfect shot of you is much more important than what they are supposed to be experiencing. Out of 20 weddings I shot this year I had 5 where I wasn’t able to get a great shot of the bride coming down the aisle with her dad because a guest or two stepped in front of us or in front of them and this is with TWO pro photographers. It’s actually not the other camera flashes that screw with the photos its the little red light that helps the new point and shoots focus get beamed right onto to couple. So you didn’t want your wedding dress to be orange right?

@Gerbera & @aubrav we have a name in the photography industry for these kind of people we call them Uncle Bobs. Some of them just l LOVE photography and others are inspiring to be wedding photographers themselves and want to use your wedding for their portfolios. Some ask but most don’t. I can not tell you what a distraction is for us. It really makes our job that much most difficult when we have to fight someone for the prime spot or for the subjects attention. Our couple are paying us thousands to be there and create images of their day, it boggles me why anyone would want to try and take that away from the couple. Mostly for their own selfish reasons. We have stopped allowing anyone else to take photos of the formals as we got sick of head swap requests because so and so was looking at her boyfriend taking a photo rather then look at the pro. We want formals to go quickly

So my $0.02 is if you are investing in a pro then let them do the best job they can for you. Let your shutterbug uncle bobs know they can take photos during the celebration but to please just stay out of the way of the pro and they are not there to compete with them. It will only result in your pro getting frustrated and not being able to give you their best. If your friend asks if they can shadow your pro so they can build their portfolio tell them you are honored and they are more then welcome to take photos but “shadowing” is not allowing the pros you paid to do their job to the fullest.

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I think it is perfectly acceptable to asked that guests refrain from snapping photos during the ceremony.  I have been a several wedding that guests taking photos became a distraction.  (That being said, I think I’d get my grandma a new digital camera for the wedding!)  That way she can have fun snapping photos quietly, and you can enjoy the moment, and enjoy her mementos later on…  Some of my favorite photos from my parents wedding are photos that my great grandfather took.   He captured my mother’s smile and radiance in a way that only someone who knew her could do. 

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Since it’s your wedding, I think it’s fine to do what you and your SO think is best.  Just my point of view as a guest…two years ago I went to a friends wedding (the first wedding I had been to for a friend, and not for family from years earlier) and I was really shocked about all the picture taking–it felt sort of papparazi like and annoying.  (I was just sitting in the “audience” so to speak).  She was okay with it, so I didn’t say anything.  But I thought it was annoying.

But then recently I was in a friend’s wedding, and there lots of people took pictures.  Of course being a bridesmaid is not the same thing as being a bride, but I think the BASIC expereince is the same–walking down the aisle, standing up front. etc.  And that time, though I was aware people were taking pictures, it wasn’t so annoying or really all that noticeable. 

So….I think you can go either way, and it would be fine either way 🙂

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I didn’t notice any of the cameras during my wedding ceremony. My photographer did not have a second shooter, so my friends got some shots from angles that my pro photographer was not able to get. I’m glad I had the viewpoints from the “second shooters” in the audience!

Everyone stayed in their chairs, though. I would have been furious if someone got up in the front and started taking pictures like aubrav’s guest!

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  • Wedding: November 2010

My cousin was married in a church that did not allow photography. No one told me this and i was in the back snapping away until some church official stopped me. My cousin was glad tho, i got the only picture of her walking down the aisle with her dad.

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@youhavemyheart: No way, I am actually trying think of a good way to ask them to take pictures. I love pictures and the more pictures and perspectives on the day / moment the better. You could ask to not take flash photos if you are afraid of being distracted. But honestly I bet that you will be so in the moment that you wont even notice.

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I WISH I had asked people to not take pictures during the ceremony.  

It is SO RUDE and POINTLESS.  It ended up distracting me a lot, and also messing up some of our pictures.

We had our ceremony in a non-traditional space, so it was a lot more open for people to walk around–if they so chose.  But WHY would you choose to do so!??!  There were people roaming all around, including behind our “altar”, and it did distract me because, in part, I was thinking “S%^$! These people are messing up all the pro pictures!!”   

I also feel like its mostly so totally pointless.  The people taking these pictures are not going to look at them ever again.  They run around like crazy trying to get shots, end up with pictures with people’s heads cut off or out of focus, and then it’s not like they are putting these pictures together in an album or framing them on their wall.  If we are lucky, they would end up on facebook, or forwarded to me in an email, for me to then throw away b/c they are way worse than the pro photog’s pictures which I actually WILL use.  Why they would be so desperately in need of their photos give than I had 2 pro photogs that I was paying $$$$$$ for, is beyond me!

In the rare occasion where someone has a photog catastrophe, then those are valuable to have–even if they aren’t the greatest–but if you don’t have that happen to you, then it’s only annoying. (Too bad you don’t know which one you will be at the outset.)

I do wish I had told people not just to not take pictures, but just to stay in their seats at least.  That was really all that mattered.

I was also really offended b/c as people are wandering around they totally AREN’T paying attention to the ceremony, which is why they were there in the first place. I can even see them in the video, not paying attention whatsoever.  It was kind of infuriating, esp. since this was close family.    

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ejs4y8 youhavemyheart PizzutiStudios  In their defense, they are from the Philippines and I am not really sure if maybe in their culture it is normal to act this way?  They really are the nicest people, but my wedding pictures are something that I don’t really get a second shot at, you know.  I’m over it now but I’m glad to be able to help you decide.  This is honestly something I never even would have thought could exist as a problem, I’ve never been to a wedding where anyone left their seats while the ceremony was going on.  My poor family couldn’t get pictures because he was sitting in the second row in front of my family who wanted to take pictures (who knows how that happened).  If he had just sat on my husband’s side I wouldn’t have had to worry about it because his side of the family wasn’t trying to take pictures.  Although it didn’t help anyone when he was standing in front of us!

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@youhavemyheart: Flashes last somewhere around 1/10,000th of a second. You really don’t need to worry about that interfering with your pro photos. It didn’t in any of mine. I think it’s kind of rude and pointless to ask people not to take pictures, frankly – I feel as strongly about it as the person who said the exact same about the opposite ;-).

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i agree that it might sound rude/not set the right tone at the beginning of the ceremony.  

And you will definitely not notice (but other people might).

In my experience, most people are smart enough to stay out of the way, but there’s always one person who is awkward…Since you won’t notice, don’t worry about it.

Last, some of my favorite pics are from guests and I got them back a lot faster so I almost wish more people were taking pics!

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I’m not going to ask people to refrain from taking pictures at the ceremony. If they see the photographer do it then I’ll bet they’ll do it anyway.

I had photographers tell me that sometimes guests can be distracting during things like the first dance…dancing with your hubby for the first time and every family member is saying “look here! look at me!!” click click click!!

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  • Wedding: December 2010

I am seriusly contemplating asking guests not to take photos as well. For us, the ceremony is sacred and I’m just not sure how I would feel about people taking photos & posting them all over the internet for strangers to gawk at and comment upon.

I’m also considering making a request that people not post photos on Facebook, flickr, etc until we’ve returned from our honeymoon so that we can have the joy of seeing our wedding photos before the masses… I’m not sure how that will go over, though.

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A very very good friend of mine, went to her fiance’s sister’s wedding this summer, and brought along her digital camera. She took pictures from her seat, which wasn’t super close to the front, but she got some really good shots. And she took TONS of pictures. A week or two after the wedding, she made an album on facebook of the wedding and tagged her future sister-in-law in the photos. Well, future-sister-inlaw was NOT very happy at all and made my friend take all the photos down because they hadn’t got their professional photos back yet and everyone thought those photos were the pro ones. She ended up waiting and waiting and waiting for her pro photos, and in the mean time demanded that my friend give her copies of all the photos she took and told her she could put the album back on facebook because so many ppl had been asking to see pics. i don’t think i would mind if guests took pics, as long as they are flattering (no blinking, or red demon eyes) 😉

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