Did you do genetic testing with your pregnancy?

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Sugar bee

We didn’t. My husband is strongly anti-abortion for us. We decided that since we would not do anything, then we wouldn’t test. My friend did, but they are more in the, “Let’s be prepared” camp. 

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Blushing bee
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We did screening (eFTS, includes an ultrasound + one blood test), but it’s covered here so it was no cost to us. Given that it’s a non-invasive test, I’m all for getting as much information as I can. That said, I wouldn’t do cell-free testing simply because it isn’t covered and would have cost us $700-800 and it’s still just a screening test.

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Bumble bee
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We opted for the more inclusive bloodwork as part of the 1st trimester “noninvasive prenatal testing” (NIPT) at 13 weeks. The “basic” blood work was something like 95% accurate, and had roughly a 1 in 50 false positive rate for downs; the more advanced option was around 99% accurate, and false positives were far fewer at 1 in 500. It also tested for many more chromosomal abnormalities (can’t remember the exact number but something like 12-15 compared to 3?). We also did a blood test for AFP (alpha fetoprotein? Indicator for spina bifida) at 17 weeks. My OB also asked about my and DH’s ethnic/family background and determined us to not be at high risk for others, but if something there came up that would have possibly put us in a higher risk category for another genetic issue, she said she’d have ordered that for us as well. 

Even though we were low risk for all of the above due to age/ethnicity and a normal-measuring scan at 13 weeks, we went ahead with the bloodwork for peace of mind. I think the 1st tri blood work was $75 for our co-insurance? Nothing too crazy

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Busy bee

We did because it was covered by insurance. There was an ultrasound and a blood test to see if we were at risk for downs syndrome or trisomy 18. There is also a second test during the second trimester which I just did to check for spina bifida. We figured might as well be prepared for any outcome. For $100, I’d say it is worth it for the peace of mind.

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Sugar bee

Yes, I did the MaterniT21 test. I’m high risk, so I didn’t have to pay out of pocket. I’m in the “knowledge is power” camp. Plus, I was dying to find out what I’m having, and got to find out early.

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Buzzing Beekeeper
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We did the Progenity free cell dna test at 9 weeks, the NT scan at 12, and I think the Quad screen? at like 18 weeks.

I would do it all again.

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Sugar bee

We did not. 

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Bumble bee
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We did the MaterniT21 screen (the usual trisomies) and their extended microdeletion panel.  We did the NT scan as well.  I was offered both because I am 36.

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Helper bee
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I skipped all genetic testing. I’m in my 20s and don’t have any family history of genetic disorders. My husband may be a carrier for CF, but I wouldn’t select against that if we had already conceived. I support abortion rights politically, but it’s not a choice I could make myself. I also declined early ultrasounds for the same reason. 

I only know one person who had a genetic panel done because her partner was adopted. I have a family member who mightn’t be here if the mother had listened to an inaccurate Downs Sydrome diagnosis. I don’t need that stress in my pregnancy!

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Bumble bee

I did. It’s all but mandatory here in the UK, but I would have done it even if it wasn’t. Certainly would have for $100. I can’t say how a positive result would have effected my choice, but I wanted the knowledge to be prepared. 

Honestly I see so many people say they didn’t because they have no genetic disorders in their family history, but please don’t let that sway your decision because many disorders, Down’s for instance, are spontaneous mutations. Family history means very very little. 

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Busy bee
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I did it even though we would be considered low risk. We did it partially because we wanted to know the sex…although we ended up just waiting until the 20 week anatomy scan anyways because we decided it would be a better experience to find out that way versus over the phone. We got the results and everything came back chromosomally normal, and it was just a nice peace of mind. We probably wouldn’t have done anything if the results were abnormal, but we wanted to be prepared in the event anything was wrong so we could research the issue and give our child the best possible care.

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Honey bee
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Alyx19 :  a close friend of mine was also told that her son had downs, she fretted and was depressed throughout her pregnancy but they weren’t for abortion do they had him and voila, he does not have down syndrome. All that stress for nothing. 

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Sugar Beekeeper

Yes, we did. 

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Buzzing Beekeeper
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I did with my second, the cell free dna testing.  Mostly for peace of mind and to know the sex earlier.  I wouldn’t terminate for downs syndrome but I would for some of the other lethal disorders.

By The Way, these are still screening tools, they are not diagnoses.  There is the potential for a false positive but the only way to diagnose for sure is amniocentesis and/or anatomy scan.  A false positive can cause unnecsseary stress while you either wait for your anatomy scan or do an amniocentesis. But the accurary rate for this test seems to be higher with less false positives than the NT scan or quad/penta screening.  So I choose this one over the other testings that are offered. 

I would never terminate a pregnancy based on a SCREENING tool alone.  I would follow up with amniocentesis or wait for the anatomy scan.

I wouldn’t spend $800 but $100 is a pretty standard amount.  

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