(Closed) Did you ever break up with your SO ?

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@Futuremrssw:  Yes. I’m not going to get into all of the details as they are private, but we are stronger as a couple for it and certainly learned how to effectively manage conflict. Sometimes time apart works wonders – you never know what you have until it’s gone and all that jazz. For us, it worked. With my ex-FI, it did not. You never know.

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@Futuremrssw:  We broke up for a short time about 6 months after we started dating, for maybe a week or so. Then we just realized that was so the WRONG thing to do, and we found our way back to each other. Couldn’t be happier. ๐Ÿ™‚

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I have not ever broken up with my Darling Husband.

 If you have problems you, generally, should be able to work through them while still together.

Breaking up should not be used as a bandaid or in place of working on a relationship. You should honestly feel you have given everything you can to the relationship when a break is discussed. And then, after the breakup if things change so that getting back together makes sense, then that is great. That should not be the goal of a break up because breaking up does not guarantee you or he will work on the issues that cause the problems.

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My Fiance and I about 2 years into our initially rocky relationship decided to take a one month “break”. But the break had rules: we stayed monogamous and didn’t date anyone else for this time, could only communicate with handwritten letters (no phone calls, texts, or emails to each other), and that at the end of the month we could decide if we wanted to continue the relationship.

The letters-only thing was amazing. It meant we both had to really think about what we were going to say and in general, we kept it positive. It gave us both time to really know what life was like without the other person and figure out if it was better or worse that way.

Everything worked out. 2 years later, my guy proposed very near the place that we reunited at after our break.

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@ThreeMeers:  Agreed.

I have never broken up with my husband. I dont know if we would have been able to recover from that

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@Futuremrssw:  we never did. plenty of fights that ended in “I’m done!” but never actually split up….thankfully ๐Ÿ™‚

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@ThreeMeers:  Taking a break and a break-up are two different things.

Yes, my Fiance and I broke up, for about a year. When we broke up, it definitely was not with the intention of working things out and getting back together. I ended things, and absolutely thought it was over for good.

I dated other people, and I’m sure he did too (we don’t discuss it), and then a year later we found ourselves talking again, and we ended up back together. Things have been amazing since, and we got engaged in December. We’ve been together for 7 years now, minus the “blip” (as we call it) in between. Our relationship is definitely stronger than ever.

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Nope, but we were close.

I met his best friend for the first time–and his wife, and his wife’s sisters, and one of the sister’s boyfriends, and cousin–all at the same time about a month and a half into our relationship. They all talked about his best friends bachelor party that I wasn’t at. And the wedding I wasn’t at.

Then Darling Husband took me home and didn’t kiss me or say he loved me. I called him up and said, “What’s the problem?”

Apparently, I was “too quiet.” I said, “You put me in an unfair position. I was in a room full of people that I didn’t know that were at the same wedding.” Darling Husband hemmed and hawed a while and I finally said, “Look, I’m not playing games. We are either in this or out, and if you use this situation to judge my social abilities then you’re going to miss out.”

We went walking the next day like nothing even happened, and we have been together since that happened back in 2010.

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Yes we did! He broke up with me 2 years into the relationship (2009) because we started fighting alot. We got back together and then I broke up with him later that year because I went away to college and he started suffocating me. All together we were broken up for 7 months of the year :(. But we did get back together Jan 2010 officially. I transferred to a local college and our relationship is so much better now.

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Me and FH actually did break up a few times actually….not having anything to do with us but more so other people getting inside his head which I can’t stand that he allows sometimes (he’s much better with it now).

When we first started dating back in August 2010 he broke it off after 6 months to reasons he never disclosed at first. I assumed that it was because he was moving into a house with 2 other single guys and he was the only one in a relationship and I was right….he let his friends get inside his head and after a few weeks we started to talk again but weren’t exclusive. In April 2011 he ended up in a car accident and I of course still caring drove to be by his side and I think that’s when he knew that he could really count on me to be there for him always. We tried to make things work for a month between us several times but it just didn’t feel right so I gave up on the relationship.

I honestly never thought we would get back together because I wanted nothing to do with him. I cut all ties with him and deleted him out of my phone so I wouldn’t call or text him. We actually got back together in June 2011 after he realized exactly what he was missing. It always came back to our connection because it was so strong and we had this bond that just couldn’t be broken. Things were good for a while and he even proposed within that time and I of course was super happy. Then in November 2012 he actually broke off the engagement and relationship once again due to someone getting inside his head (this person he no longer hangs out with on the regular) and also because his parents got divorced when he was at a young age he feared getting married.

We are currently together and we are still planning our wedding for next year. We have been through a lot and we have worked through every issue that we have had and I would say that things have definitely gotten better and we are at a very good place right now. My mom of course is like all the breaking up is not good but as I say to people now a days “our relationship is just that: ours…it doesn’t have to make sense to you” At least we do talk about our issues and deal with them before we continue on which is something I never did with my ex-bf.

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