(Closed) Did you ever feel as though you had the job after leaving the interview?

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Buzzing bee

ALWAYS! Ha ha ha 

But it sounds like you did well! Good luck. 

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Helper bee
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I’ve only ever had one interview in my life. Well, technically two, a phone interview where I was perfectly balanced between professional and friendly, I made the interviwer laugh and gave great answers. I even dressed up as if the interview was in person. I won’t say I knew I had the job, but I did know it went super well. The only reason I wasn’t confident about the job is because I can’t start work until June 23rd and the interview was late April. Well, two hours later they asked me to fly over (it’s in another state) for a shadow and job application. By then I knew I had it in the bag, they didn’t expect a recent graduate to know everything about the job, but I knew the most important aspects of it (thanks to college) and I have a great office personality. The very next day after I got home from the interview, I got the job. Still at home because I can’t start until June 23rd, but I already have the hours. 

It is literally my dream job at my dream place, I did all my research and was super sure that is where I wanted to be. Even when they asked me “Where do you see yourself in 5 years.” I immediately said “Here.” Without even thinking about it, I loved it! It’s my first official job and I was super lucky to get a job in my field even before I finished college 🙂 Starting in June because I want to be in my graduation ceremony, which is in June, so I can’t move until then.

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Sugar bee

I remember interviewing at a charter school.  I met with the principal and vice princpal for about an hour then they took me on a tour of the school introducing me to every teacher, going in every classroom, the faculty lounge, and even told me  I would be assigned a parking space.  I was so excited–then–crickets. Nothing.  I called a week later and was told the job had been given to someone else.  I was crushed.

Hope you have a better outcome!

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Blushing bee

I graduated last May, (I kept track) 11 interviews. I left with feeling that I did great! Interviewers were awesome, it was in my field… I failed all 11. 

I finally had an interview in December and didn’t think I did too hot, it was on the ‘side’ of my field, s I didn’ think I’d fit, and kind of needed a job to pay bills. I ended up getting it, and LOVE it!! 

Sounds like you did great, though!! Fingers crossed!! 🙂

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I use to be in a role where I interviewed people frequently. The reality is- sometimes I was interviewing outside candidates when an internal employee basically “had the job” (required to offer the job externally). Just know that despite being an awesome candidate sometimes there are mitigating factors at play that you may not be aware of!

It sounds like you did really well! Crossing my fingers for you.

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It sounds like you did really well, however I have to say that in my job role I have to interview potential employees and I have to go into detail on all those things as it’s necessary to get an understanding of what the potential employee is okay with, and if there would be things we’d have to look at changing if we were to employ them.

But just keep your fingers crossed, and if you had a good feeling about how the interview went I would usually say that is a good sign:)

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Helper bee

I always feel that way when I didn’t get it haha. When I feel I bombed, I’m more likely to get it, it seems.

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Bumble bee

futuremrspesci: Hmmm, a bit various. There has been times when I thought I did amazing and they even asked further questions and showed a lot of interest only to be told no. But the opposite has happened, thought I did rubbish and ended up with the job. 

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I had so many that they all seemed to go so well, they seemed to like me, they talked to me like normal, butjust interview questions said they’d get back to me asap and I felt I’d done a really good job! To hear back a few days later that they’d gone for someone else. It was always for someone with more experience, which as annoying as it was (how can i get experience if no-one will hire me?) I took it at least that it wasn’t me as a person! Well, I hope not!


I hope you get a better result! I’m starting job searching again after being in my corrent job for a year and it is very scary to even apply at the moment I’m so out of touch with interviews! Good luck! hope yo find out soon!

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For my current job, I thought I killed my interview.  I thought I had the job before I left the interview.  I was not surprised when I got the offer 3 hours after I finished my interview.   Although, I got the job, I later learned from some of my coworkers, only one interviewer out of 5 really wanted to hire me.  A couple said definite No’s and the other two were on the fence.  They thought they could get someone better.  That one interviewer, being the boss’s favorite, strongly advocated for me and promised to take on training me himself, and my boss against the advice of others, hired me, much to the disappointment and surprise of the other interviewers.  I’m doing well at my current job, probably much to the surprise of my other interviewers.  I guess they thought I would be mediocre at best.  I personally don’t think gut reactions about interviews are accurate.

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Yep, and I got the job each time! I hope this is the case for you too, good luck!! 

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Sugar bee
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twice (sort of).

the first time was hardly even an interview. it was more of a “this is how it works, you start monday” thing, haha.

for my current job, i interviewed with the manager first. it went really well and at that time, she asked me to go back for a technical, which also went well. after my technical, she gave me the number of the owner of the shop and told me to contact him to set up a meeting and that once i met with him they could put me on the schedule, so at that point i thought for sure i had it. after meeting with the owner though, my confidence dwindled (i said something about being excited to work for the company and he replied something along the lines, ‘well, you’re not in yet, so don’t get ahead of yourself’) and i didn’t feel so great about it. but a couple days later, i got a call from the manager officially offering me the job.

looking back on it, i don’t think i misunderstood anything because i’ve been present when other interviews were taking place, and very few of the applicants went through the same process i went through, so i don’t think there was any question about whether i was going to be hired or not. i think they just wanted me to sweat it out for a couple days, haha.

anyways, good luck!

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Yes, I’ve had a couple where I felt similar and got the job. The more surprising has been where I thought I did average or poorly and got the job!

Good luck and I hope you hear soon!

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