(Closed) Did you feel the fireworks right away, or did it take time?

posted 5 years ago in Relationships
  • poll: Did you feel the fireworks when you first me your current SO?
    Yes, I felt the fireworks right away. : (159 votes)
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    No, my interest in SO came later or developed over time. : (126 votes)
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    Blushing bee

    I felt fireworks right away! Like on the first date! However, I tried to hide my feelings b/c I was afraid he’d think I was crazy! Lol

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    When I first met my Fiance I thought he was really cute. But it wouldn’t call it “fireworks” however, later, when we first kissed and had our first date it was like nothing I had experienced before.

    I definitely believe you can tell a lot from a kiss. Not about the technique or anything like that, but when you know, you know.

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    Buzzing bee

    For us, it was instant. As cheesy as it sounds, it was literally game over when we locked eyes for the first time.

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    That is a really sweet story.

    For us it was right away. I haven’t been the same since that first moment our eyes locked.

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    That is such a cute story! 🙂

    With my fiancé it was right away. It was just this indescribable amazing feeling and I couldn’t wait to be around him again. 

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    I guess had “butterflies” every time I saw him for two years before I got the courage to give him my number. It wasn’t until the first kiss on our first date that I got the fireworks.

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    So sorry for your loss! Such a sweet story though.

    Okay, I was a junior in high school, and I was sorta friends with a guy named Will. He was more so just friends with me because I was best friends with Hannah, and he liked her. One day, he said he wanted me to meet someone. It turned out to be his best friend, Michael. He was picking Will up for school, and he said that I should walk with him afterschool to the parking lot.

    I wan’t sure I really sure I wanted to, so I came up with an excuse. A few days later, he asked if I had time afterschool to meet Michael this time. I had seen his Facebook and wasn’t all that impressed. Then again, he didn’t have any current pics. Also, I was told a little more about him, like our birthdays are only 2 days apart… Weird! I was a real dork about Zodiac signs though and thought it wouldn’t work with us both being Virgos. We were both introverts. Besides that, I also found out he smokes, and I HATE the smell of cigarettes! So, instead of making excuses this time, I told Will I didn’t want to be with someone who smoked.

    However, Will took it the wrong way. He thought I thought I was better than his friend and that Michael was nasty. To prove him wrong, I agreed to meet him. I had choir practice afterschool anyways. Instead of walking with Will, I told him I’d meet up with him after I stopped by my locker. There, I ran into Hannah’s friend, Tiffany. She was also in choir and wanted to walk with me. I felt rude to shoo her away, so she ended up coming with me outside to meet Michael. Will introduced us. I thought he was cute! He was wearing an Auburn baseball cap turned around with “Mike” stitched on it.

    I didn’t know if I really wanted a boyfriend though. He called me a couple of times, but he was usually with Will, so we never talked long. The few times we did talk alone, I was bad about calling him back for whatever reason at the time. About a month passed, and it was Hannah’s birthday. Will was invited, and guess who came with him? Yep, Michael. Oh, and some other guy, but he’s not importnant.

    We saw each other, but we didn’t say anything. Awkward. His mom called him enraged that she had found beer bottles in his trash can. Lol! He says they were that other guy, Shane’s.

    After the party,I was sleeping over at Hannah’s, and we were bored and decided to call Will. At some point in that conversation, I got handed the phone and a guy named Chris. From then on, we became really good friends and discussed meeting and possibly dating. Long story short though, when we met, I felt no attraction to him, so we just remained friends.

    A couple more months passed, and believe it or not, I actually ended up dating Will. Despite his obsession with my best friend, I decided to tell him I wanted to go out. Truthfully, I decided at that point in time that I wanted a boyfriend for the summer, and I felt so bad for him that Hannah didn’t want to pursue anything with him when they both flirted with each other all the time. I felt like she had led him on, and I knew he felt terrible.

    Now that I know better though, I guess in the process of trying to make him feel better, I led him on too, but I did come to the conclusion that I did like. I thought maybe I could like him in that way too. Turns out though, he just wanted sex from me. In a way, I sorta figured, but I really took notice when I walked with him to his house, and SURPRISE! Michael was there. Yeah. Apparently, a mutual friend of theirs passed away in a car crash, and her funeral was that afternoon. It wasn’t for an hour or so though, so I made myself comfortable, and Will and I started making out while Michael had his back turned playing around on the computer and playing music.

    Will started to undo my pants, and I stopped him. I don’t think we kissed much longer after that, if at all. Michael turned around as Will alked off to use the bathroom or something. Embarassed, I remember asking Michael if he’d seen that. I think he did, but at the time he seemed to play dumb and asked, see what? He obviously still liked me, and I felt bad… Next thing I know though, the conversation took a lighter turn, and he kinda flirted with me. I think at this point Will had stepped back in, but Michael didn’t pay much mind.

    I think it was a comment about Catholic girls? I’m Catholic. Anyways, I had said something like, “I’m a good girl.” Michael reponded, “Oh, but every good girl has a bad side,” and I could swear I think I blushed, as I smiled. At that moment, I thought “What if I was with Michael, not Will?”

    Will and I went on a few dates. His mom drove him around. Lol. Awkward. I don’t think she liked me. Like at all. I never knew why really though. I was always nice and polite. Eventually though, our relationship started to fizzle. I thought I could turn things around with the “L” word. Mistake. Too late. He did say it back though, strangely enough.

    As time would reveal though, he hadn’t meant it. He eventually stopped talking to me as much and didn’t want to make plans, so I decided I wanted a break. Then, in the beginning of July, I went on a trip with my family. No calls or anything. When I got back, we broke up officially. It was pretty mutual.

    A couple weeks passed, and one day one myspace, Michael messaged me. “Hey. How are you?” Weird… I thought he would hate me, and especially want nothing to do with me since I dated his best friend. I replied that I was fine or something.

    From then on, we talked almost everyday online. One day he let the name “baby” slip out in conversation, but I didn’t mind. I was falling for him. Smile We would also text a lot. Sometimes, I’d end our conversations with calling him goodnight. It would be awhile though before our first date though.

    Then, out of the blue, he stopped talking to me. I didn’t know what to do. I wanted to initiate conversation, but I felt weird doing so because I had been taught to let the man do the calling and asking out. After a week of no contact though, I called him. He was happy to hear from me. He wanted to see if I’d miss him.

    School started. Senior year! Still no date. He had hit a deer on his paper route, and his car was in the shop. September rolled around. Our 18th birthdays passed. My special birthday gift was an “I love you.” He says he said it on accident, not that he didn’t mean it, but he said it without thinking it through, like “What if she doesn’t say it back?” I did. Wink

    October came along. I was getting impatient. I texted “When am I going to get to see you?” He said it would be soon… sooner than he even thought possible, but he was out with his friends Meagan and Dylan. They were a couple. He called me up and asked if I wanted to go out. YES!!! One minor problem, I KNEW my parents would never say yes, considering I had just dated a boy and broken up with him, but I was 18 and thought it wouldn’t matter. I had been told at that age, I wouldn’t have to ask permission.

    WRONG! They lied or something. I was chased out of the house. I still went though. It wasn’t a very conventional first date. To be honest, I could have done without Meagan and Dylan there. We stopped by Winn Dixie for Meagan to use the bathroom. Dylan went in with her. That’s when he kissed me! Laughing

    When they came back, they joked they were sorry they took so long. They were getting a “quickie.” Whoah. Not only did I just meet these two, but I was a virgin, and not used to hearing people talk like that.

    Next, gas station. I got left in the car with Meagan. She wanted to know how Michael and I met. She was not impressed with my story. “You went out with WILL?!” Yeah… Next, Hank Williams’ Grave site (Told you it was a weird date.)! That’s when Michael and I really made out. He appologized for being a “bad kisser.” Are you kidding??? Best kisser ever!!!!! Wink After that, mud riding, and Meagan just HAD to share about her lack of a gag reflex… If you catch my drift. Aside from that, mud riding for the first time was fun! I bounced around a lot and ended up closer to Michael.

    Then, we were headed to take me home. It was cold out, so the heat was on full blast. It was so warm in the truck!! I had the backseat with Michael. Not much to talk about really, considering the two up front never shut up. “Whatever,” I thought, “I’ll just lay my head down on his chest and ‘fall asleep.'” So, I did. He was comfy. Haha. We arrived at my house and he kissed me awake. Said I fell asleep. “Really?” Hahaha! He still to this day doesn’t know I was pretending.

    We double dated with them a couple more times. It was always more fun with just us two. My suspicians were later confirmed that she never liked me. She thought I was “shady.” I guess cuz I never really said much to her? We didn’t really have much in common though, and she flirted with Michael a lot, which became more and more apparent. She even demanded a guy in Dylan and Michael’s circle of friends kiss her on the cheek. WTF. Michael then felt it necessary to point out how she was no good to Dylan. He didn’t listen though. Needless to say, she ended up cheating, and poor Dylan was heartbroken and not speaking to Michael. They talk now though.

    Michael and I now have 2 beautiful babies and are hopefully, getting engaged and married soon! Smile


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    It definitely took time in my case. SO is almost two years younger than me, and we met through our high school’s debate team. I was the captain, of course, so he always felt off limits. I was seeing someone else at the time, but he was quite emotionally abusive, and SO made a point to get to know me better and help me out of a bad relationship. That’s how we started dating. For him apparently, it was love at first sight, though. It just took me longer to see him in a romantic way. I can’t imagine being without him now!

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    I was practically obsessed from the first time I saw him, but he barely knew I existed until we got together 4 years later.

    That first night was *definitely* fireworks though.

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    @bunnyharriet:  Wow, he sounds like a great and loyal guy! Good for you girl.

    Our fireworks started on the first date. We had already been acquainted because of mutual friends back in high school, but we reconnected 5 or 6 years later. We were just surface friends for a while and would chat on facebook or through text, but one day he asked me out. I always thought he was a cutie, but wasn’t sure if we had real chemistry because we had never had a real conversation in person other than saying “hey what’s up? How’s school?” and other small talk when we’d see each other at church. But that first date was sooo amazing! I realized that he was the first guy that I ever felt so comfortable with. Normally on first dates I was a ball of nerves, but something about him was so familiar and calming. And I didn’t feel like he had an ulterior motive because I knew he was on the same page spiritually. After that date neither of us could stop smiling…we became official less than two weeks later, and then exactly a year after becoming official we got engaged.

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    Instant fireworks for us!  From the night we met we knew we had something special, and we’ve never been apart since then.  I love our love story.  🙂

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    I actually felt that special spark “this is the one” feeling when I first heard about him from my cousin (they were good friends in college), without ever meeting him!   Then 10 years later, Fiance and I finally met for the first time and we both got major fireworks and had the “omg this is the one!” moment.  We’ve been inseparable ever since.

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    Interest came right away, but butterflies took a little time

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    Ours was a progression.  We were good friends for over 2 years before anything became romantic and we started dating.

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