(Closed) Did you gain weight in your 20's after high school?

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Honey Beekeeper
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Nope, i was the same size from high school until my early 30s when i did ivf a few times.   I’m about 10 lbs heavier now with no other changes in lifestyle or diet so i really think it was all the hormones.  Either that or it was a huge coincidence and I’m may getting old and metabolism is slowing.  Working to lose that weight though. 

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Busy bee
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Maybe 5lb. I still wear the same size. I actually reused a black cocktail dress that I wore in high school to a wedding in september. 

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Helper bee
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lamington:  Yes. I am 25 now and when I graduated from university at 24 I was about 30 lbs more… which is way too much for me. Since graduating in the spring I am down 20 lbs, so 10 lbs more than high school. I was a high performance athlete in high scool and for a couple years after, so it would be impossible to have that same body unless I went back to training twice a day.. no thanks! I’m happy with my more womanly looking body now, even if there are some squishy areas that I wouldn’t mind getting rid of. I am going to try and lose a few pounds for my wedding in September.

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Busy bee
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Yes I have but in HS I was a swimmer and swimming 2hrs/6 nights a weeks. I was in fantastic shape! Now (at 25) I am by no means in bad shape but  I could stand to lose 10lbs and tone up a bit (especially my arms, ugh) I’ve been going to the gym more and I did get a Jawbone Up2 which helps see whats I’ve done for the day. It’s difficult when you have a desk job!

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Bumble bee
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MrsLerca2be:  I think we may have similar body types. I’m 5’6. I weighed ~125-130 in HS at 17. When I finished college I was ~135 at 21. I weighed ~145ish after I started working and for the next 4 years. I felt healthy at 140-145. Size 6.

Then I got pregnant and got up to a little over 150 when I MC’d at 12 weeks. It took another year to get pregnant again and I never got below 150 in that year. Luckily now that I’m 13 weeks pregnant again, I haven’t gained a pound yet (instead of gaining another 10 like I did last time). Sitting happily at 153. Hoping I don’t gain too much, I think it’ll be really hard for me to lose it after the pregnancy. We’ll see .

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Busy bee
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Short answer: hellllllll yes!

Although I never gained the Freshman15 when I went to college a couple years later; I actually lost about 10 pounds because I didn’t have Mommy around cooking me lovely meals anymore! lol, then I discovered kraft dinner with hot dogs and it was all downhill from there. LOL

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Buzzing bee

I was always pretty underweight in high school, got to a healthy weight just out of high school, and in early college (when I was with a self-esteem killing boyfriend) I gained 20lbs. I dumped him, mysteriously lost the weight (I think my emotional state had something to do with it!), started dating my FH, and I’ve been 125lbs for the past 5 years.

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Blushing bee
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Yes! Thank you stress-eating during university (insert eye-roll). I went from around 150 during high school to around 170 post-university. I carry it well but…. arghhh. Working full-time and volunteering/private tutoring takes its toll.

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Busy bee

MechEBee:  oh yeah, I feel you girl, I think I’m 155 right now.. And it’s definitely been harder to lose it now than when I was 140. No kids yet, our wedding is next year, so I want to lose weight and get used to maintaining it and eating healthy, which I totally suck at. I did realize that eating is what makes the big difference for me, even my body feels so light weight when I eat healthier.. So hopefully I can focus and drop those 10 pounds by March!

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Helper bee
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Yep! I gained about 40 lbs. I was an athlete in high school, continued to workout in college, then got a desk job. Ugh. And then went through some rocky times and a divorce. BUT I’ve lost 25 of the 40 lbs. so far! Just have about 15 lbs to get back to a normal and healthy weight. 

I gained all of it in my mid-20’s. I just turned 30 on Saturday, and am hoping to continue with my healthier patterns! 

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Helper bee

I gained about 20 lbs between the ages 18-25. Im almost 30 and have gained another 45-ish lbs due to sedentary lifestyle and poor diet I assume. So 65-ish total in almost 12 years. :-/

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Busy bee
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I gained 20 pounds between highschool and college. When I was 18 I weight 85 pounds and by time I finished College I was 105. The biggest difference between then and now is that I’m happier. When I’m happy I eat.But I’m honestly Ok with my weight now although some family members do call me fat. I would like to temporarily loose 10 pounds before my wedding just to ensure I look ok on my wedding day. 

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Busy bee

lamington:  thank you! I normally push really hard when I want to, so hopefully I’ll get there! When is your wedding? If it’s a few months away, 19 pounds may be a decent goal.

MechEBee:  just wanted to add that: I was underweight until I was 19-20, at 20 I went to 125 or so and at 21 I started gaining weight slowly slowly until now, I’ll be 25 at the end of this month, so it’s been 4 years almost going up and down on weight.

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