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    The only way to prevent HPV is to abstain from sex, or only have sex with a virgin. You can still get it even with condoms. I don’t understand why anyone would NOT get the vaccine, unless you’re going to be celibate for life or only ever have sex with one person, who was a virgin before you met him/her, and whom you trust completely to never cheat. Something crazy like 90+ percent of the population has HPV, the majority of whom will never know. Not getting the vaccine is just reckless.

    This is a hot topic for me. I had the option to get vaccinated in high school, but my mom kind of pressured me not to. She was like, “well, do you feel you NEED this?” in this very loaded tone. The implication was that if I said yes, I want it, it meant I was planning to whore myself. I was like 16, a virgin, never even been KISSED, and not about to have that kind of awkward talk with my super conservative mother, so I declined.

    A few years later, what do you know, I got HPV despite using always condoms. Fun times! Luckily it was not the cancer causing kind, and it cleared up quickly. The doc who diagnosed me suggested I still get the vaccine, since it protects against many strains, so I did. It was not a big deal…yes I’m sure 1 in a billion people have a horrific side effect, but I’m ok with those odds.

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    I got two out of my three shots. I didn’t finish. :\
    Maybe it’s too late to go start another round now.

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    I got it back in my 20s. It was covered by insurance, and I figured it was a good idea to get it. 

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    I did in my mid teens-close to when it first came out.  I figured why wouldn’t I?  I’ll do something that simple to reduce my risk of cancer.  I’m happy I got them.  I didn’t have any issues beyond a little tenderness in my arm, just like any other vaccine.

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    Yes, my sister and I both got the vaccine as soon as it was available close to 10 years ago. Our reasoning (or my mother’s at the time since I was under age) was that my grandmother died of cervical cancer. Although I’ve never had an abnormal pap smear in my life and I was a virgin when I got the vaccine, in my opinion it is better to be safe than sorry.

    For reference on my stance on vaccines, my sister passed away 4 years ago due to a very sudden attack of meningitis caused by an ear infection. Not that it matters much now, but I received the meningitis vaccine before going to the college dorms as a requirement, and my sister did not. Sure, the chance of getting a strain of HPV that causes cancer and then getting cancer is rare, but if there is a product on the market that can prevent it, why wouldn’t I take it as a precaution?


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    mus1ca1xo:  I did back when it first came out.  I just figured better safe than sorry.  I know there is a very small risk of side effects but I’ve never had a bad experience with a vaccine so I wasn’t worried.

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    I mean yeah, many PP make the point that you may not get HPV, but you also may not get polio or meningitis. Doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get the vaccine.

    Yes, there have been some horrible side effects in an extremely small percentage. With any vaccine you have to weigh the risks and benefits. I have a family history of breast, ovarian, and cervical cancer on both sides so it was a no brainer for me to get the series at 17. 

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    I had the vaccine. I still contracted one of the strains that are supposeably covered with the vaccine. over 60% of adults will contract it in their lifetime. It’s a horrible statistic

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    The vaccine didn’t exist when I was the age to get it, but my children have all been vaccinated (at least had their first one or two, but haven’t completed the series yet). Most diseases prevented by vaccination are rare because of the vaccination, but the diseases themselves can be devastating. As long as I am in charge of my children’s health care, they will be vaccinated.

    jackjackattck: I am SO sorry about your sister. Meningitis scares the wits out of me, and despite some reactions I had heard about to the vaccine, I wouldn’t dream of sending my kids off to school without it. 

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    I waited a few years after it became available. When it was first introduced they were giving it to women from ages 7-40 or something crazy like that, they’ve since narrowed the vaccination time and also started testing a strain of vaccine for men who carry.

    About 3 years into it being available my doctor felt comfortable that negative side effects had been mitigated, that said I only did the first 2 and not the full 3 (just never got around to it) – it’s a BIG needle, lol, but I’m happy to have gotten the first two (which apparently is helpful even if you don’t get the 3rd)

    Speak with your healthcare professional

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    I got the first two, and forgot to get the third one. I wasn’t sexually active at the time I started the series and I’ve since gotten married (so I gained a whopping ONE sexual partner), so I never bothered to look into whether I could get the third shot. 

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    LilliV:  “also for those posters saying it’s “preventable” it’s just not always the case. Some of us were virgins who got it from “monagamous” partners (who we had been with for years)”

    This is exactly what happened to me. I contracted it from my high school boyfriend of 2 years, and he was the only person I’d ever been with. It’s since cleared up, and I never really saw any reason to get the vaccination because of it. My gynecologist never recommended it, either.


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    Like some other bees said: why wouldn’t you get it?  There’s a vaccine that prevents a certain very common type of cancer.  HECK YA I’d get it!  And I did get it BEFORE it was covered by insurance.  I paid $600 for three shots.  Worth every penny. 

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    I had them in 6th form, when they were catching everyone in schools before they rolled in out to all girls over (can’t remember the age..12?) in schools. They made my arm ache, but no other side effects, and this was 6/7 years ago. 

    If you have the opportunity to prevent getting something why wouldn’t you? Especially given the fact that in can help prevent the virus connected to cervical cancer. 

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    mus1ca1xo:  bad idea, dont do it i almost did it out of pressure but then i researched all of the horror stories and i decided not to do it. ITS A MONEY MAKING SCHEME. yu dont need it. DONT PUT YOURSELF AT RISK

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