(Closed) Did YOU go to daycare when you were an infant/toddler?

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Yep, and my mom worked there.  Apparently I used to chase all the boys around trying to kiss them! LOL

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I went to daycare for a bit from 3-7 years old.  Then I would be home alone. My parents didn’t have the money for daycare after that so I was on my own.

My son had to start daycare shortly after his 1st birthday.  We still got our together time in every night and weekends.  He is 10 now and very much a great kid.  No issues. 

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@sn2bmrsmntgmry:  My mom actually ran a daycare out of our home! She never had more than 1-2 kids at time and my sister and I grew up around babies our whole lives. It was great! She was always home for us and we never had to go to daycare. I would LOVE to find a provider like she was when I have a baby!

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My parents placed me in a home daycare with their friend’s neighbor along with their children from 6 weeks until school aged.

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My mom was a Stay-At-Home Mom, but I did go to pre-school at church 3x a week starting at age 3.  That increased to 4x a week at age 4.

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My brother and I both were in daycare since we were babies. We likeed it! In the summertime we had so much fun that we would sometimes ask to stay longer to do things like slip n slide. My mom would go start dinner, then come back and get us a little later.


We both turned out completely normal and have college degrees.

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I never went to daycare, and I didn’t learn how to properly interact with other people in a positive way until I was 20 years old. That is not a typo. My mom tried to send us to summer camp one year when I was a kid and I threw such a fit that she had to come pick me up. Haha sometimes I wonder if I would have been a happier and more social creature if I’d had more people to play with than just my mean sister Tongue Out

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I did! But my mom was a preschool teacher, so my siblings and I always went to the preschool/daycare she worked at until we went to kindergarten.

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I went to an in-home daycare when I was very young and then once I was school age I went to the afterschool program until I was about 12yo and in Jr. High – aka old enough to walk home and have a house key!

I really feel like being around so many kids so young was AWESOME for my social skills and I also have a very real sense of the way the world works because of it!

Did my mom love me? Yes!

Did go to work all day so I could have nice things? YES! 

Did I miss her?  Not that I remember! lol

Your little one will be fiiiine  – although sometimes illness spreads quicker at daycares – I also worked at a daycare in college and its really where kids learn to share and interact and play nice and follow directions… its early lessons!

Your babe will be fiiiiiiiiiiine. Wink


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I went to daycare and yes, I turned out fine. I actually loved it; apparently I had a favorite “teacher” (it was structured kind of like school, with certain times for naps, playing, coloring, etc. Not actually learning but not a free-for-all), who still remembers me although I can’t recall her. It was actually harder for my mom to let go than me; apparently I ran out and automatically started playing with the other kids.

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Both my parents work.  They are both veterinarians and have their own practice.  My grandmother watched me until I was around 6 years old. Once I started school I went to an after school program at a day care center until I was I think 12.  After that I went to either a friend’s house or else I would go to my parent’s work.  I think I turned out fine and never resented my mom for working.

DH and his brothers all went to daycare when they were young and they’re fine too!

I know it’s soo hard!  I will have to put my baby in daycare too as we don’t have any family near us (not pregnant yet but thinking ahead) and while I’m not thrilled about it, I plan on using a center right by the school I teach at, where a lot of my teacher friends send their own kids.  I have heard a lot of good things about this center so that is reassuring.


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@sn2bmrsmntgmry:  i never went to day care.  i stayed home with my mom until kindergarten. 

i did however send my son to daycare from a young age.  it was difficult the first couple of days but then he adjusted very well.  he never resented it at all.  we still have an amazing relationship to this day and he’s 29 now.

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I went to daycare throughout my whole childhood! When I was really young, I know it was great for me. The interaction with other kids plus the amount I was learning set me lightyears ahead of other kids when I got into school. For my parents and myself, it was definitely the best thing for me. 

The only negative experience we had was with a daycare that was racist. They were all black, and treated us (the only white kids) like crap. They treated my mom very poorly, too. Not sure what her reasoning was for keeping us there – likely she had prepaid and we didn’t have the money to pull out yet.

THAT aside, I liked daycare most of the time, until I got too old for it. 😉

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What a beautiful smile your daughter has! She’s adorable. 

My brother and I went to home daycare. I’d say we developed better in a way. I was the youngest child so some things were a little grown up for me including a red bike without training wheels.  I learnt to ride just after my  3rd birthday and insisted  dad took the wheels off my own blue bike at the weekend.  Eventually he gave in to shut me up  – what 3 yr old can ride a bike without help? He figured I’d fall and he’d put them back on but off I went down the garden and the wheels were given away.

Both my brother and I are hopefully well turned out, we’re well educated, both with honours degrees and stable jobs. Daycare never had a negative affect. As we got older our provider changed when we moved etc but as mum worked nights and dad worked long hours we thrived with the social interaction and playmates!

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