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  • poll: What was your gender preference (for your 1st baby)?

    I literally had no preference

    I had a slight preference for a girl (husband wanted a boy)

    I had a slight preference for a boy (husband wanted a girl)

    We both wanted a girl

    We both wanted a boy

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    slomotion :  I think it’s so you can teach her your amazing make up skills, personally. 

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    llevinso :  I had a slight preference for a girl, husband had no preference. We had a boy and I couldn’t be more thrilled about my son. For our second I didn’t have a preference- I knew I would love either a boy or a girl SO MUCH that it didn’t matter. We had another boy and I love raising brothers. 

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    I have no preference, though I do think girl clothes are cuter!! I’m pretty sure my DH has a very slight preference for a girl, though he would never say it out loud, even to me. I struggled to get pregnant and we are just super excited to have a baby on the way. We are team green.

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    I voted, though I am not pregnant (and mine and DH’s choices may differ now after going through an ectopic). I will say I always wanted a boy. Even so much as being okay with have all boys and no girls. DH always got more excited about the idea of having a baby girl to protect. 

    I still so badly want a boy. But after having gone through an ectopic pregnancy and still awaiting an hcg level of 0 before we can ttc again, I’d be totally happy if the next pregnancy is simply a viable one with a healthy baby. I’d eventually love one of each


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    No preference. I would say I want a girl as much as I want a boy. Husband wouldn’t mind either way as well. Family wise, I think they’d be hoping for a boy due to cultural influences but I think they’d be just as happy with a girl ultimately. 

    Part of me would like to have a girl first just because I think seeing older sister/younger brother is cute. But that may be just because I’ve been watching too many Yebin/Dobin videos on YT haha. So, in the end, healthy children is all we can hope for in whatever order and whatever sexes.

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    My hubby has always wanted boys, not because he doesnt like girls but he just feels that women have so much more difficulties to deal with in this world than men and he is very protective of our family.

    We both wanted our first to be a boy, and it was!! Our second was a girl (Yaaaay!!), third was a boy and now I’m pregnant with number 4 and they told us at our last ultrasound that it *might* be a girl!!! Im so excited to have 2 of each but if it turns out it’s a boy that is fine as well!

    Even though we had preferences, really the only thing we truly wanted is for them all to be healthy, and so far we have been extremely lucky with our children smile

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    SEX not gender.

    I had no preference on the sex.  I just wanted a happy heathy baby. And had no feeling whatsoever.  DH wanted our first to be a boy and said he knew right away it was going to be a boy.  We didn’t find out the sex until he was born.

    Now for baby #2, I wanted to be team green again, but DH wanted to know.  However, he decided we can be team green.  If there is a 3rd, he wants to definintely know.  But we both think it is going to be a girl.  Although I have no preference.  Again, I just want a happy and healthy baby.

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    megrays :  my husband wants a girl because between us we both have only brothers and male cousins so he’s had enough of guys around. We both have. Our best friends have a 3 year old daughter who we watched grow and she’s just so interesting and complicated and super bright which made him say he wants a daughter. We’ve seen her go through so these adorable phases too like from loving batman to cowboys and currently its dolls. 

    My husband is also an engineer and mathematician so the usual ‘sports and cars’ conversations other dudes tend to have no bore him to tears so possibly he doesn’t want a son that he’d feel pressured into doing that stuff with? I dunno. I think as a couple a daughter would fit us better. I just do.

    He also thinks a mini version of me would be adorable 🙂 



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    My babies aren’t “babies” anymore. However, with my first I definitely wanted a boy. I am the oldest of 4 and not having an older brother was something I always wanted. Don’t get me wrong, I have a great cousin who is 5 years older that stepped up to the plate and filled that role perfectly. However, having the first grandchild I knew I wanted it to be a boy.

    Now that I have 2 boys, I definitely want my next child to be a boy. I know how to raise boys and the thought of raising a girl scares me! However, I do not want that moment of disappointment so when we do get pregnant we aren’t finding out the sex of the baby before it is born. There is no chance of disappointment when you lay eyes on your child, like there can be when it’s just a picture on a screen.

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    I had a slight preference for a girl- it didn’t necessarily have to be the first kid, but I knew that if I didn’t have a girl that the urge to have another would always be there (I love girly clothes and hair and makeup and just always had envisioned buying that stuff for my child one day).  My husband said he didn’t care but I think he wanted a girl only because our neighbor has a girl who loves him and I think gave him the urge to TTC.  I’m currently pregnant with a girl and we are so excited.  And while I would have been thrilled either way (and realize that my vision of buying girly things could end as soon as she can vocalize a preference), I can’t imagine not having a girl now.  The name was easy for us, but it would have been challenging for a boy, plus there are WAY more girl clothes out there than boy and I’m having fun getting them as gifts (we won’t have a shower for a second kid so we will probably have a lot less new clothes).

    We eventually want to try for at least one more because we want her to have a sibling (I originally wanted 3 but being 7 months pregnant I’m not skeptical I want to do this 3 times).  My husband couldn’t be more thrilled about having a daughter, but he has already said that he would like baby number 2 to be a boy, since we will already have a girl.  I don’t think I’ll have any preference.  It would great to have a boy one day too, but I’m so close with my own sister and think sisters have a special bond- either would be great!!  

    Honestly, I think gender preferences come from our own family and are probably a bit silly.  I probably want a girl because my sister and I are very close to my mom (and closer to her than my brother), so I envision that kind of relationship with my daughter.  However, I also realize that is silly and the sex doesn’t have anything to do with the relationship, it is just some crazy subconscious basing relationships by what happened to happen in my family. I want my baby to be healthy above all- and sex would play no influence on my love for the baby (as I’m sure that would be true once anyone meets their little one!)

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    I wanted a girl first.  I just wanted at least one girl, so I figured I wanted to get it out of the way lol.  And my husband is one of 4 boys.  I didn’t vote though, my husband didn’t care what it was.  I had a girl first and my second is a boy.  I would have loved a second girl but I like having a boy as well.  Plus, having a girl means I have to worry about her future and how women are treated in society and sometimes I’m glad I only have one.  Sad that I even have to think like that.  Little girl clothes are the best though.  Sure, they make cute boy clothes now but nothing compared to girl clothes.  I love dressing my 3 year old lol

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    I really didn’t care either way, but I guess I had a small preference for a girl just because of the cute clothes and such lol. We did end up with a girl.

    DH had a slight preference towards a boy but I know he’d be happy even if we had another girl (haven’t started TTC for a second yet though).

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    With my first, I wanted a boy primarily, we would have been happy with either. At my 14 week ultrasound, they told me it was a girl, and I didn’t believe them – I had such a strong feeling it was a boy. Sure enough at my anatomy scan, all boy.

    My Fiance and I will be TTC next year after our wedding. This time I honestly have no preference. I’d love a little girl, but also a little boy would be so great for my son. So – either way we’re happy!

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    llevinso :  For our first I wanted a boy he wanted a girl.  And our second, I want a girl and he wants a boy.

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    Dh and I both want a girl together, and next month we start officially TTC.

    I’ve always wanted a girl, always! DH is a great girl-dad, he is able to get on the floor and wrestle around or sit and have a tea party. He’s just a great guy in general, though– and totally selfless when it comes to his child(ren) and me.

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