(Closed) Did you have an after party? Why or why not?

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: April 2016

We had an after party. It was at the hotel where the majority of our guests were staying so it was easy for them to go change if they wanted to (we’re not South Asian but we did want to make sure that us and our bridal party would be comfortable). My mom footed the bill for a round of drinks and then it was a cash bar after that.

DH and I didn’t make it to the after party. We had every intention of going to have a drink, but once we got up to our room and sat down, we were done lol.

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Buzzing bee
  • Wedding: September 2018

We won’t be having one because we’ll be having a long reception with lots of alcohol, but I have been to a few weddings with them…at the ones i’ve been to usually i’ve been to tired to stay the whole time. One of the weddings the bride and groom had a shuttle planned for guests that left the bar at like midnight (their wedding ended at like 10) so we basicallly had to stay out until that time or we couldn’t get a ride back (this was before uber…and I don’t think uber is even in that area now anyways). We were all so pissed because we were exhausted and just wanted to go home! lol!

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Helper bee

We are doing an after party. Our reception will end at 10pm and the after party will be 10-midnight. The reception and the after party will be at the hotel where most people are staying so people should be able to change if they want. I will likely change out of my dress.

The last few friends weddings I’ve been to they have done something for an after party. Most 20 somethings aren’t ready to go to bed at 10pm so it’s a nice option. Some friends have rented large suites for the weekend (3beds) and done an after party in their suite. Others have rented shuttles to go to local bars (not my favorite). 

I personally love after parties and it was a must have for us when choosing our wedding venue.

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Busy bee

Didn’t have the energy to plan anything else after planning a big wedding.  I figured if people still wanted to party they would organically form groups and continue partying together or apart.  

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Bumble bee
  • Wedding: June 2017

We arranged for an after party in the hotel bar where everyone was staying. Hubs and I did not attend. We were tired and wanted to consummate the marriage, lol.

I’m told it was fun for about 45 minutes. Until a bar goer (not in our group) puked on the window. It was shut down quickly after that.

My advice if you decide to throw one: Not everyone will go. Weddings are long, people get tired. BUT if you put it on your invites for the younger crowed, talk to the bar. Maybe they can have a few drinks that people can order that won’t break the bank. We did that for our rehearsal dinner, and we came in on budget.

Or could you possibly have alcohol served at the wedding at a later time? Maybe after dinner? That might be cheaper if the bar is open for a shorter period of time.

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Bumble bee

We didnt because our wedding lasted until midnight anyway but I definitely think its a good idea for the younger crowd. Our wedding started at lunch time and lasted until midnight and people were still drinking/ dancing until we finished so I wouldnt worry about guests getting tired. As for getting changed, make sure guests know in advance that they may want a change of clothes and make it clear where the restrooms are or you could even dedicate a room for people to change in.

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Sugar bee
  • Wedding: April 2017 - City, State

We had an after party. We had a short wedding (4½ hours from ceremony start to end of dinner) and we didn’t have any dancing. So to give people a chance to kind of unwind and be more casual, we had an after party at a bar attached to one of the room blocks we did that had a live band playing. Everyone changed out of their wedding clothes and we ate yummy pub food and danced and drank and relaxed. It was a lot of fun and I’m glad we did it.

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Buzzing bee
  • Wedding: September 2016

We didn’t because we had spent enought money on the wedding and I knew we would be tired anyway.  We went back to the hotel to sleep, and a very small group of our younger guests when to the bowling alley by the hotel to continue to party/drink.

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Busy bee

I think it depends on how long the wedding and reception are. My reception was over by like 10:30 and honestly you couldn’t have paid me to go out to an after party.haha We were both starving and exhausted. (still the best day of my life ;)) There was a lot of dancing and alcohol though at ours even though my husband and I never had a second to just have a drink.lol  We were just so drained by the time it was over and I was ready to be alone with my new husband. My sister however was done with her reception by like 8:45 because it was mostly older people, and was completely fine and could have went out all night. Again though, we were so different, I had never lived with my husband so I was ready to go spend the night together, while my sister had been living with her fiancé for about 2 years and wasn’t that concerned about that aspect lol so I think every situation is different! 

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Bee Keeper

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akshali2000 :  lol I’m an old fossilized Bee but we stayed at our reception until 2:30 am smile 

We didn’t have a separate after-party, just a long reception. But we also had an open bar. I’m not judging you at all for having an alcohol free reception, I’m a social drinker but I’m perfectly happy to go to a non-alcoholic event, I only mention this because I’m thinking this is part of why you want to have an after-party, to have drinks and dancing etc.

We did try to create a different atmosphere for the later evening though. All of the guests with young children and many of the senior citizens left around 9-10 pm. Later in the evening we changed up the music (dinner and earlier reception was a mix of all kinds of music from 50s to current, later evening was more alternative/hard rock etc) and we ordered in pizzas (buffet dinner approx 5:30)

A local pub or hotel bar could be a good idea

Even though I stayed at our own wedding til the wee hours, I would understand if a niece or nephew or younger teammate only invited an ‘under 30’ or similar crowd- just make sure of a few things:

If you have a particular circle (whether friends, cousins etc) where this will divide guests similar in age as to who’s invited/ who isn’t…..ie a group of friends where 4 of them are under 30 and 2 are early thirties…..or if you have couples where there’s an age difference (28 year old cousin and her 37 year old husband)…..make sure this age limit isn’t going to cause hurt feelings.

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Blushing bee

One of the reasons we chose our venue is that it is in an event room above a piano bar.  So anyone who wants to continue partying can go downstairs to the piano bar. 🙂

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Bumble bee
  • Wedding: March 2017

We didn’t plan an after party. Our reception had plenty of alcohol. We kind of figured that people would probably continue the party at their respective rental houses (it was a semi-destination wedding a few hours away from where we live). Turns out, they did! So we went over to one of the houses were most of the party was going on…ate tacquitos, took shots and walked back to our own rental house after an hour or so, I think? I honestly don’t remember what time it was, but we were having such a blast, that we wanted to hang out with everyone longer.

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: June 2016 - Beach

We didn’t plan an after party but we met up with some of our guests at a local bar. We weren’t ready to end the celebration.

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