(Closed) Did you have side effects from birth control pill: yes or no?

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Only positive side effects here – dramatic reduction of cramps, PMS, bloating, etc. But it took finding the right Pill for my body – I need a lower hormone pill, and had to switch off the generic which made me slightly nauseated if I took it in the morning and didn’t curb my cramps the same way. 

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I think I do have them.  I was actually just saying yesterday how I might go off the patch after this cycle.  

I get bloated in the stomach area, enlarged breasts (which might be a perk for some but not for me since I’m already a size D and am petite), and I feel sick to my stomach sometimes.  I also feel like my sex drive is less, which is the number one reason I want to go off the patch – it’s messing up our newlywed life.  But then we stand a higher chance of pregnancy too which we definitely don’t want right now.  So I don’t know what to do anymore.

I don’t think it would be that bad to be on bc for a few years.  You just have to find the one that is right for you.  I started off on some pill that made me feel really nauseated.  I switched to the patch right after that because I had been on the patch years prior and I knew it had minimal side effects for me at least.  But now I still feel like I am having the side effects mentioned above.

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I was on the pill for the past 10 years, and actually just decided to come off them, for a number of reasons. It was great to be on them for the pregnancy-avoiding reasons, and because it kept me on a regular cycle, which was nice, because I’m a very scheduled type of person. However, it wasn’t worth the migraines it was causing, I was concerned about the hormones affecting my rep. system for being on it for so many years, and most importantly, my sex drive was NON EXISTANT. I was actually turned off by anything sexual, including my Fiance. It’s been 2 weeks since being off, and sex drive has changed to what it should be for someone my age & in our happy perfect relationship.

Of course, these are all questions you should talk to your Dr., and maybe your mom if you’re comfortable (family medical history & all), about. They’ll know your body best.

Either way – you’ll find out what works best for  you! Good luck!

PS Sorry if this was Too Much Information. lol

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I have been on 2 pills and there are good and bad to both. For almost 4 years and I was on ortho-tri cyclen lo and no cramps, great skin, larger breasts and everything was great for about 3.5 years. Then I started to go a little nuts, or for real I developed pmdd. I talked to my doctor and we switched and now I am on yaz. Still no cramps or anything, I do get more breast tenderness but I had the same before I was on any pill. I know yaz is a  little contreversial at the moment, but its all about the hormones and how you react to them and what each of us went through doesn’t mean you will or you won’t. I LOVE being on BC as I like knowing exactly when I will get my period. The only downside and its pretty big…my sex drive is not what it was and it takes a little more effort for me to want it.

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I was on Ortho Tri Lo for about 4 years, and now it got switched to Sprintec Lo.

I have had shorter (like one or two days of normal flow, then extremely light for a few more days) periods and reduced cramps. I’ve have really clear skin while on the pill too.

I went on the Pill after having a lot of weight gain as a side effect from the patch, which thank goodness I haven’t had as a side effect from the pill.

The only negative that I can say about the pill is that it really lowered my sex drive. And I can definitely tell the difference in my drive when I’m on my period week and taking placebo pills vs. a week taking pills with hormones.

So it’s a good contraceptive method, but in actuality we probably have sex less often because of how low my sex drive gets. Sometimes for that reason, I consider not being on it, but I’m worried about how I would react after having been on it for almost 5 years.

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I didn’t have a great experience with the pill (I tried it for 6mo). It turned me into an emotional wreck all the time. My Fiance barely had to say anything and I would be in tears. Not a good thing, since it was at the beginning of our relationship! Also, I gained about 10 pounds.

However, my best friend had a much worse reaction. She had been on it for years, then while on a plane ride got a blood clot. She had trouble walking for a year (and that is not an exageration!) And now she has to wear compression stockings while on flights and needs to take an asprin every time (shes long off the pill). She also had several friends that this happened to. Remember, a blood clot can be deadly…

So I’d recommend NOT taking the pill. Our bodies were not meant to have a bunch of crap pumped into them daily like the american health system has come to promote…

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I had a mediocre experience with the pill, but my Maid/Matron of Honor had an awesome experience (10+ years, no problems in any way!), so it totally depends on your body.  I’d recommend trying it out, with the caveat that it’s not the only good BC out there.  I gained a significant amount of weight because the pill made me absolutely STARVING all day long, so when it caught up to me I switched to the Paraguard IUD (which is hormone-free).  I LOVE having an IUD!  It does cause heavier periods than I’ve ever had, so I’m pondering a switch to the Mirena IUD (which only has localized hormones and reduces your periods to almost nothing), but overall I highly recommend IUDs.  It’s awesome to have (literally) “built in” birth control.  It’s so cool!

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I was fine on the depo shot, the patch, and I am currently on Yaz.  I had pretty awful side effects from the mirena and other combination pills.  It varies so much by person and I usually get side effects from everything!

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I’ve been on the same pill (Yasmin, and now the generic version of Yasmin) for six years now, with virtually no side effects. My periods are lighter and my cramps are much better (I used to get cramps that would all but knock me out for three days). I do suspect it’s lessened my sex drive somewhat, but not to the point where it’s hurting our relationship or anything.

I went on the patch for about three months at one point, and hated it. I gained ten pounds. Would not recommend.

Just out of curiosity, veganglam, what form of contraception do you use now?

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Have you looked into other methods? Like Sympto-Thermal Method or other FAM’s? I, like you, don’t want to put that crap into my body and honestly, the STM is easier than taking a pill imho. 

The alarm goes off in the morning and I stick a thermometer in my mouth while I regret my alarm going off and just want to snuggle in bed longer. The BBT remembers my temp so I either hit snooze and sleep 5 more min or jump in the shower… and you just are aware of what your body does whenever you go to the bathroom. It’s actually REALLY amazing and freeing learning what your body does. i.e. this month because of my temperature dropping I KNEW that I was about to start my period. That day I got it ๐Ÿ™‚ It helps you prepare too. i.e. I took pain relievers BEFORE the period started and cut the caffeine that day and NEVER got the cramps I usually get day 1.

It’s free, it IS easy, and it’s MUCH better for the environment. (And you’re not pumping your body full of chemicals and hormones for 25 extra days to protect your for the 5 days a month you could become pregnant.)

If there’s no medical need, I highly rec. looking into STM.

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Im on the pill and its great b/c I get my period on the same day every month which I loooove! However, like some of the other bees have said, my sex drive is SUPER low. Like, sometimes I feel BAD for my Boyfriend or Best Friend b/c we’ll start to makeout and get into it and Ill just have to stop ๐Ÿ™ Thats the big downside for me. Other than that my boobs got 1 cup size bigger and my skin is clearer ๐Ÿ™‚

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I have been on a variety of pills since I was 15 years old for ovarian cysts (Mircette, Ortho Lo, Ortho Reg, Sprintec, Ortho Tri Cyclin and a bunch of others). While most held my cysts at bay I did still have one rupture while on the pill. I also experienced drastic mood swings between extreme anger and extreme sadness. Some helped with acne, some made it worse. Some helped with cramps, some didn’t. All caused extreme nausea. I believe it really takes a lot of trial and error to find the right pill for you.

In my case I decided to go off the pill and switched to Nuva Ring for the past two years. I love it so much. I no longer have the extreme mood swings (which caused lots of problems in my personal life), have not had a cyst rupture (yet), no nausea, and it is sooo easy and convenient.

Best of luck to you and hope you find the right contraceptive for you!

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I’ve only been on the pill (Loestrin24) for only a few months now, but I have had zero negative side effects.  

And it definitiely has given me a lighter flow, and reduced my cramps. 

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