(Closed) Did you have to endure any Christmas drama?

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  • poll: Any Xmas drama?
    No, of course not. We had a great time. : (26 votes)
    36 %
    A little, but nothing unmanageable. : (24 votes)
    33 %
    Yes, but it was due to outside circumstances (like weather, traffic, travel etc). : (5 votes)
    7 %
    Yes, thanks to certain individuals. : (13 votes)
    18 %
    Yes, but it was my fault. : (1 votes)
    1 %
    Yes, drama that was way worse than yours. : (1 votes)
    1 %
    I don't celebrate Xmas. : (2 votes)
    3 %
    We haven't celebrated Xmas yet. : (1 votes)
    1 %
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    No drama this year! However, it was the soberest of. Christmases, so that also may contribute!

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    @IheartUFC:  Things were awesome and groovy….the only thing is, Mr. 99 and I are just the tinsiest bit under the weather, so we were both combating fatigue and chills on Christmas Eve and Christmas today, and are just going to heel toe it to the weekend, where we get our first break since Thanksgiving!

    Sorry, your Christmas was so intense!

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    Oh my word. O.O

    Why would his mom be upset because he didnt want to move his car?

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    @IheartUFC:  dear goodness thats terrible.

    the worst thing that happened was the night before christmas eve, we did christmas w my dad. me, fi, my bother,his gf, and my sisterish (long story) were hanging out when somehow my brother’s ex got brough up. And my brothers gf made a comment ab how my brother used to cheat on this girl, then she was about to say something else (WE DONT KNOW WHAT & ITS KILLING US!) but apparently it was a REAL sore subject, and my brother angrily threw a kids soccer ball & hit her in the face to shut her up! It was intense. They chilled out after a while. THen the next night w my dad’s whole family, my Fiance brings up the ball throwing incident, causing my brother & him to have words, but apologies were given by the end of the night. I WISH i knew what his gf was saying to get him so damn pissed!! CRAZY!

    Oh and on christmas eve, i get a call from Future Mother-In-Law who asks ab the kid policy at the wedding & when i tell her FI’s cousins kids (who live 500 miles away)aren’t on the list- she says- “oh well i guess i’ll just tell them they cant come.” In an obviously bitchy ass tone. So whatever. The wedding is 15 months away. chill.

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    Oh jeeze. 

    Nothing too terrible… my step mom’s daughter in law is totally out of her mind on sedating pain medication all the time. She’s incredibly abrasive and outright rude at the best of times. So while everyone is having dinner, she’s eating and watching Dr.Who and she has the TV full on cranked so loud no one can talk to each other. So My step mom asks her nicely to turn it down … then the DIL freaks like “OH MY GOD (Step Mom)!!! It’s NOT EVEN LOUD!! RABBLE RABBLE RABBLEE” then goes on about how important Dr.Who is. So my step looks at me like omfg I’m going to lose my shit here. The DIL turned it down slightly and it just kept creeping up from there. So yes, awkward for everyone. But she’s so abrasive everyone is too chicken shit to tell her to stop being such an asshole. So after she passed out for an hour in my dads office she goes home with her family. Then my step mother and everyone else vented on what a complete butthole the DIL is for like.. an hour. 


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    Half the houses in my village flooded. Ground floors several feet deep in water. Then the whole village was hit by a power cut. At least our house wasn’t flooded. It was awful. 


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    Not a single bit.. I was expecting a bit of drama though… my aunt & uncle are having some marriage & money problems.. and my uncle tends to lash out on other people because he’s miserable.

    Last year at Christmas when we announced our engagement, he gave me a 1 hour speech about how having a wedding was a waste of money and bleh bleh.

    Luckily, he kept his trap shut this christmas and we all had a great time.

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    Nothing too crazy with my family.  Darling Husband got really sick Christmas Even and couldn’t make it to dinner =(  But he was much, much better yesterday!  I’m thankful.  Christmas is usually a dramafest with Dh’s family.

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    My grandma died on Christmas Eve… we’ve had a run of bad luck, ready for 2014 and for things to turn around.

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    @IheartUFC:  Oh wow, nothing like this…sounds like your Christmas was pretty awful!


    This was the fourth year in a row that we’ve had some sort of transportation issue with driving from DC to OH for Christmas – it’s escalating, our transmission needed replaced this time.  So we got stuck for two extra days, which meant we were there while FI’s sister was there – usually fine but she’s been super passive aggressive since we got engaged (she’s upset that she’s not the one getting married).  We saw her in October, at which time she informed us that our destination wedding next October in Florida is “selfish” and “too small” and that she expects lots of people to come to hers in Antigua (girl’s not even engaged yet).  While we were there this time, she was like “guess what?  I figured out where I want to get married!  I found a beach house in Clearwater that sleeps 30 people and we’ll just get married on the beach there and only invite as many people as can fit in the house!”  This is almost identical to the wedding we’re planning – we got a beach house 15 mins south of Clearwater that sleeps 22 and are getting married on the beach.  Like, what?!

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    @OldMrsMcDonald:  Oh no I am so sorry to hear that. 

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    Nope! But then again it’s just Fiance and I. We got up around 9 am, I had him lace me into my reception dress (I wanted him to see it…and he loves it, which makes me SO happy. I almost cried standing there in the upstairs hallway!), then we had a quickie, showered together and cooked a FABULOUS meal that we proceeded to eat while sitting on the couch in our sweats watching “Stardust” on Amazon instant video. Neither of us are close to (literally or emotionally) our families, so we are happy just to have a low-key thing by ourselves. When we have kids, I’m sure it will change, but until then I’m going to cherish these private holidays 🙂

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    @Audrey2:  That is *so* sad 🙁 🙁 


    @IheartUFC:  You better believe there was drama with Future Mother-In-Law, again. (Remember how she ruined Thanksgiving?)

    Well we showed up at her house a bit late because she was the third stop on our list for the day, so we made it around 7pm, and everyone had already eaten. She inherited her FI’s house when he passed away from cancer in August.

    Fiance and I walk in, and guess who is there??? Her ex boyfriend (the guy she dated 3 years ago RIGHT before her now deceased FI) and his family. She’s like oh hey guys! You remember Bob!? WTF!! 

    Fiance was like “Of course I remember Bob, he was my old boss, remember??” 

    Well Future Mother-In-Law goes over and pours herself a drink and announces, “Guys, this is ONLY my 2nd drink for the day, I swear.” What person, unless they are an alcoholic, would say something like that??

    So her mother (sweet Grandma) says, “Honey, you said that 2 drinks ago.” 

    So she starts arguing with Grandma about how many drinks she’s had! And she’s like “You guys, I’m not trying to start a fight, I’m just explaining to my mom that I haven’t been drinking today.” 

    Bob makes a comment along the lines of, “Where did all the whiskey in the bottle go?”

    So then Future Mother-In-Law says, “You guys, I bought your favorite drinks so you can make cocktails.” And pulls out a LITER of Captain Morgan for Fiance and a LITER of Kettle One for me. We’re both like, we have to drive home (over an hour in a snow storm) tonight, so no thank you. So she threw a giant fit about, “I bought you your drinks because I just want us all to have a good time, please please drink some!” We politely declined again. 

    Next we did gifts and nothing exciting really happened. 

    Then we go in the kitchen and out of the blue Future Mother-In-Law bursts in to tears, begs me to spend the night there, talks about how “You understand why Bob is here right? Do you think I’m a slut? Listen I’m not a slut or anything I just don’t want to be alone on Christmas and he had a bad Christmas last year so we cried and faught all day, but I think I’m going to date him again. Oh yeah, don’t worry he’s divorced now.” WTF!? Then goes on and on about how she knows she embarrassed us on Thanksgiving but she hopes that we aren’t too mad at her.

    So we’re trying to get out of there as fast as we possibly can, obviously. We had everything gathered up to leave and had our coats on when she says, “Oh By The Way, my satelite dish isn’t working so I can’t watch TV and my computer is messed up, so will you fix it for me really quick?” So I sat there with my car running for a good half hour while Fiance tried to figure out what’s going on with the signal and fix her computer simultaneously. He couldn’t get the dish working and explained that she needed to cancel her services and get something else…. when she dropped the bomb, “Well you’re going to have to call them and cancel it because it’s in your name.”

    WTF!?!?! So now we’re finding out that she’s got basically everything she owns under FI’s name!!!!!!!! I’m not going into financial details here, but, yes, things are currently being dealt with. And yes, I’m pissed.

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