(Closed) Did you have your beta levels checked? Was it comforting?

posted 5 years ago in Pregnancy
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    @IAmTheShadow:  Do you have a reason to believe your betas wouldn’t be increasing as expected?! If you have no prior history of loss, I’m not sure it’s really necessary.

    Honestly, if you’re an anxious person, the HCGs might make you feel better for a second, but you’ll probably find another thing to get anxious about after that.  

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    In my experience, I had them checked and they made me feel better.  Previously I had a blighted ovum and my levels were not doubling and I knew something was wrong.  This pregnancy, my levels were more than doubling and it was very reasurring to me.

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    Sorry to be a Debbie downer, but here is my story:  I had my betas checked the day after I got a BFP, and the numbers started low and went down the second time (17 dpo), so I knew I was going to miscarry/have a chemical pregnancy.  It wasn’t as much of a shock when I got my very heavy period a few days later.

    Ask your doc for a blood test if you are unsure!


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    I didn’t have my betas checked (I assume a doctor has to do that?) but I did keep POASing for a while and studying miscarriage statistics like crazy. And here’s what I figured out, at least for me: there is never “safe” period, never a way to KNOW something bad won’t happen, so I might as well just let go and embrace the joy of my first pregnancy.

    Right now we’re all obsessing over hearing a heartbeat, then it’ll be the screenings, then worrying about stillborns, then complications in delivery, then SIDS, then who knows what. I’d rather channel that energy into feeling excited about what is most likely to come. It’s not common knowledge yet, but we have started telling family and close friends our good news. Why rob them of that joy now, even if things don’t turn out how we hope?

    Right now, today, I am pregnant and a mom-to-be. That deserves to be celebrated, not fretted over. This is just me – obviously someone who has experienced a loss probably looks at things differently. Just thought I’d share my perspective since I know it’s your first pregnancy too.

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    @IAmTheShadow:  it’s just the beginning of a lifetime of worry! I found actively trying to stop negative thoughts and telling myself to be positive and more rational was helpful.  Being mindful and aware of the fact you’re worryinig unnecessarily can actually help!  

    I know it doesn’t help much to hear, but at this point (and unfortunately for the next few months) even if something was to go wrong, there’s nothing you could have done to cause it nor to prevent it.  You can never be prepared for a loss (even when you know it’s coming) and it will always hurt deeply.

    Wishing you a happy and healthy 9 months! 🙂


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    I got mine checked the day I got my BFP and wish I hadn’t. They came back at 24 and the doctor said that was “borderline pregnant” and so I had second draws done but didn’t get them back before the end of the week (doctors office isn’t opened on weekends) and spent 4 or 5 days freaking out that I was having a chemical pregnancy or ectopic or blighted ovum etc.

    My second HCG levels were 127. I’m now almost 29 weeks pregnant. I wish I had waited to get my HCG levels checked.

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    I had a doctors appt 3 days after my BFP and the doctor refused to do blood work, even tho I told her I had a possible previous m/c. Wtf. She said I’d have to schedule a separate appt for that and there’s some questionnaire I’d have to fill out first anyway. I am more annoyed every time I think about the fact that she wouldn’t do it. 

    My doctors office is a family practice, no specialists but the doctors have GYN training, so she have me an option to go to an actual GYN clinic and said they’d do the bloodwork if I chose them. I made an appt with them, but it’s not for 3 more weeks. I can’t wait that long to know my levels!

    Guess I’ll be calling and harassing some folks for a blood test Monday morning! Smh

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    @IAmTheShadow:  I did and it was a little annoying because I felt like they paid no attention to me when I said I knew I ovulated (day 24) and were going by how far along I should have been based on LMP even though I KNEW I was onl 13dpo when they drew my first beta.  It came back at 161 which is totally fine, if a little on the high side and the woman who called me said it was “kind of low” and the wanted to repeat it in four days.  So even though I rationally knew it wasn’t low, I was nervous for four days and then it came back perfect at 728.  I think it was a waste of medical resources and insurance money honestly.  If it hadn’t been doubling then there was nothig they could have done anyway.

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    At my first visit, my midwife drew blood for a variety of tests (toxoplasmosis, iron levels, etc) and Beta HCG was one of the things they looked at — but this was to confirm pregnancy and because the level was normal, I wasn’t even aware of it. I imagine if it were low they would have told me to follow up with additional tests. As-is, I’m glad they just took blood and were like “it’s all good.”

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    I had an absolutely HORRIBLE!!!!!!! experience with my beta testing.  My drs. office staff sucks big time.  My dr. is amazing though.  I called to schedule a first appointment and get a beta for confirmation.  The broad on the phone said “we don’t do that here.”  I then told her I was seeing my Dr. for infertility and I am betting she will want beta’s done.  Lo and behold 30 min later she calls back and says yep I guess you know everything Angela (my dr.) wants you to go friday and monday.

    They called me on monday with friday’s results…..The nurse said well your numbers are too low we don’t expect good things.  I had 66 hcg and 7.5 progesterone at 4 weeks.  They called me in a progesterone suppository and told me to call back tomorrow. Cue insane amounts of tears and misery.

    After 3 calls and 8 hours of complete nausea, nervous poops and tears the results finally came back at 283.3 for hcg.  This was a different nurse she was really nice and said everything is great and nothing to worry about see you in two weeks!  I was stunned.  After much venting and freaking out I realized how obnoxious they really treated me.  The average hcg for 4 weeks can be as low as 50 and still be normal!! They worried me sick for absolutely no reason.  

    After the 6 week ultrasound I will be seeking a new provider.

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    @IAmTheShadow:  I had a previous ectopic pregnancy, so I had to get my levels tested to rule out bad placement of the pregnancy. It was VERY comforting to me because I was so worried about losing my other tube. My levels more than doubled every time and every time I got the results, I felt a wave of relief go through me. I also had two very early ultrasounds, one to check on placement, and one to check on viability. Those were also very nice to have, especially the one where I saw the heartbeat!

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