Did you just know he was 'The One'?

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ajillity81 :  I had a similar experience. My mom and sister saw us interacting on Facebook all the time and both called me up basically asking why I hadn’t gotten with him yet lol. But overall, it took maybe two months of hanging out and soul searching on both our parts before we realized that our feelings were more than a puppy crush. Two weeks after we officially became a couple, he asked me to marry him. And it just felt right to say Yes.

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We knew after about 3 months of dating 😊 

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Innerdonught :  My husband thinks this same way and being a romantic, I was offended at first. I wanted to be “the one” and only. Life unfortunately doesn’t work that way. 

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No. We got together when we were 17 in high school and went through a lot of ups and downs early in our relationship. I guess we never really thought about a long term thing or marriage but then we just never broke up and that’s what graduated from us just being together. I couldn’t imagine my life with anyone else now, he’s definitely my one I choose to spend this life with, but it was gradual. We were definitely immediately attracted to each other and had chemistry and loved each other’s company etc, he became my best friend immediately as well as my boyfriend. 

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I have major baggage; I’m divorced, have had multiple miscarriages, and now I’m totally infertile. I was pretty certain I wouldn’t meet a good guy, especially in my small rural area. Enter: my guy.

I knew he was “the one” pretty early on. On our second date (our first real date; the very first night we met in person he came over to my place, sat on the opposite end of the couch and we watched a movie) everything went wrong. We went for supper then he wanted to check out a local military museum. I didn’t think it was too far so we opted to walk it. I was thinking of the wrong place and took him to the veterans memorial (a mile or so away) on accident. We backpedaled and eventually got to where we wanted to go and we had an amazing discussion about religion and philosophers (G.K. Chesterton and Plato namely). He agreed with me when I very loudly exclaimed that Descartes is a philosophical hack. When we got back to our cars I realized I’d locked my keys in mine. Luckily, I had a broken car trunk and I always kept the emergency pull tab on the outside so I was able to open it. He popped the trunk, sat on the end of the car, facing me and dived into the trunk of my car with some serious style because I was wearing a dress and self conscious about crawling in myself. He flipped down the back seats and retrieved my keys for me.  We both laughed and I hugged him and called him my favorite human. When we left, neither of us knew how to end the date so he saluted me and marched back to his car. 

Our relationship isn’t perfect but it’s perfect for me. It’s been over a year now and I don’t think I want a future without him in it. 

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I had never really felt TRULY attracted to anyone before even though I dated a lot. I was beginning to wonder if I was asexual because I just wasn’t that interested in ANYONE. In college I went into a new class and saw this guy sitting across the room who kind of took my breath away. I immediately got butterflies and knew I had to meet this guy. I actually went back to my dorm and told my best friend about him. I asked him out a month after we started talking and we just kept dating. Being together was just so easy and made me unbelievably happy. After a couple months we said “I love yous” and both cried, and about 6 or 7 months in he took me to a beach and told me I was the one and I knew he was too. I couldn’t imagine having any milestone in my life without him there. I had also never felt so comfortable with another human in my life. It helped that my whole family loved him and his whole family seemed to like me a lot too. Everyone around us also knew we were just meant to be. 8.5 years later we’re married and still going strong!

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I knew right away he was the one. I even told my friend after one date I thought he was going to be the man that I married! We split up because we were both going home and had only been together about 3 months and were about to be living 12 hours apart for a very busy summer for the both of us and we were only 19 and 20. It was like mourning the loss of someone that whole summer. I could barely eat, I went to school and work and then would go to sleep as soon as possible because if I was asleep my heart didn’t hurt. I was taking summer courses and I wouldn’t even listen to the radio on the way to class in fear of hearing a song that reminded me of him. 6 years later I still get tears in my eyes when I think about it. I have never loved anyone so much. We both moved back to our college town when school started and it turns out our apartments were about 200 yards away from each other, I wasn’t in town an hour before he called to ask if I was back! We just celebrated 2 years of marriage a few weeks ago and are trying to have our first baby 🙂 

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I didn’t know until our first kiss. But as soon as that happened I thought “holy shit this is the kiss I need to have at my wedding” then I thought “don’t think that! Just enjoy the kiss!” 

I told my friends and my mom I would marry that man someday. Nearly nine years later we wed. It’s now been a little over a month and I am still beaming. 

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beeintraining5 :  no not really- it was a slow thinking process.. he just came along at the right time. And I agree with one of the PPs that said there are many people you could spend your life with and have something uniquely special. My husband thinks i am the one and he was extremely persistent and I obliged. I still don’t believe in “the one”. 1.5 yrs into marriage, I love him a lot more than I have ever loved.. it gets better everyday

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I don’t believe in “the one”, but I also wouldnt call someone else “stupid” because they did. I guess in my opinion its a little naive to think that there is only ONE, and perhaps its because they haven’t lived enough or havent been through a few serious long term relationships and breakups. I believe there are many people that you can be happy and live your life with.

That said, I think what you’re asking more has to do with whether you knew you had a future with the person you’re with. So my answer is yes. I was in a store and he turned and held a door for me and smiled at me and i knew that second that he was my future. In that moment. And we’re both 40ish and both have been married and in long serous relationships, but that had never happened to me before. He said he saw me and had to talk to me and had waited so we would walk out together. He asked me for my number, in my head I was like “this is so weird and cheesy” but i gave it to him and we have been together ever since.

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I was living with my bf at the time.  He gave me his business card (met him at work) & I felt like he was being “too nice” to me so I threw his card out my car window lol.  So at the time I didn’t really think he was the one.

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Darling Husband said he knew I was the one he was going to marry on our 2nd date. It was a pretty amazing date, but my heart was still pretty bruised from some previous crap with an ex. I took it slow and methodical, and watched our relationship grow. I don’t believe in “The One”. But I sure do love this one, he makes me so happy every day and I look forward to spending the rest of my life with him. 

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Nope, we were close friends for about 4 years (met at 16 years old) before he persued me and we began a relationship.. I did always like him though, but never did anything more because I saw him as just a friend and he lived further away, plus I always had a boyfriend at that time. Once I was single (20 years old) he came up to me and told me he was in love with me, I kissed him and now 7 years later we are married 🙂 I never used to think of marriage during our relationship because I was young, but once I felt it I told him I was ready and he bought me a ring

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