(Closed) Did you know it would be difficult to conceive?

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@MargaritaVille:  I tend to assume the worst and so I thought we would have problems however there is no reason that we would. We are both young and healthy. I have very regular cycles and i know I ovulate (temping and OPKs). We have been trying since October with no BFP… hoping stress has been the culprit! 

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Yes please if you are not happy with your current doctors attitude find another! I have had the same thing..bleeding for 2weeks, doc sent me for an ultrasound and nothing but she didn’t tell me that you don’t need ovarian cysts to have pcos so, being naive 18 and single I left it at that…I went back to her when Fiance and I decided to ttc and, despite my history and the fact I only have my period every 4-6 months she basically just shrugged and said “keep trying it’ll happen” not satisfied I went to a different GP who immediately sent me for another u/s and blood work and when my hormone levels came back indicating pcos she referred me to an infertility specialist who I am now working with to find a treatment plan 🙂 

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I had NO idea… I got pregnant with DS at 19 by accident on birth control. my sister and my mom are surper fertile I thought i was also. 

It took us 17 cycles and the help of clomid and a fertility doctor to get pregnant. You never know until you try. All you can do is pray and hope for the best!

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@MrsStrawberry24:  +1

i agree…  I know many people who thought it would be a breeze, and it took months, and I know people (myself included) who thought it would take months or year, and it took just weeks. you never know til you try!

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I thought I would get pregnant on the very first cycle…I mean, you hear of all these people that had sex ONE time AND they were on birth control or they used a condom, yada yada yada, how “hard” could it be?  Well after the first cycle, reality hit me like a slap in the face and I was like…”oh, ok, this is going to be a little tougher than I thought!”  Cue next the, “OMG! There must be something wrong with me because I didn’t get pregnant and we had unprotected sex around the time I ovulated!” Hahaha…oh the naievity I had that first cycle of the pulled goalie.  Thank goodness for WB and all of the WONDERFUL bees on here that I learned so much from in my TTC journey!  

We tried very hard for the next 2 cycles and got pregnant on that 2nd one of having SO. MUCH. SEX.  Omg. It was almost exhausting. Thank goodness for pre-seed lube or I don’t think I would have survived!  I still feel extremely lucky it only took us 3 cycles because it even takes normal couples who have absolutely no issues longer sometimes.  The crappiest thing is you don’t really know until you try, but you can prepare yourself by becoming extremely educated before you start.  WB is a great place to do that! 🙂

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I thought (and still think) it would take a long time. Im only on my 3rd cycle but i have already spoken to my doctor about how we will proceed, and she agreed it would take me a while without some intervention.  That said, im not ready for intervention yet, so we are just enjoying ttc for the time being

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@MargaritaVille:  I had a feeling it might not be easy, and saw my GP early about concerns about irregular cycles (28-44 days), but he waved me away and said it was normal.

I ended up regulating my cycles and getting pregnant with the help of a Naturopath – I wish I’d known about that possibility a LOT earlier (TTC’ed for 15 months).

On the other hand, I have two friends who were both sure they’d have problems due to very irregular cycles, who both conceived on their first cycles of birth control. So I think it’s also important to remember that “thinking” you’ll have problems is a lot different to experiencing problems!!!

All the best

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We had assumed there would be issues and then it ended up happening on the first try much to our surprise! I had irregular cycles (2-10 weeks), knew I didn’t ovulate every time (maybe 90% of my cycles though, so still high), and I was the worst charter ever (ie: ” umm, I think I’m ovulating so just remember to pull out if we have sex this week”…). I was off of bc for two years prior to getting pregnant without any scares. We had even discussed the possibility of adoption… All of that led us to not even entertain the possibility of my being pregnant until I finally tested at 8 weeks! You never know until you try…

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@MargaritaVille:  I knew we could have problems conceiving. This will be cycle 6 of trying this month so we will see..

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I didn’t expect it, but if you have irregular cycles, have you talked to your OB, Dr, or an endocrinologist about what could be causing them to be irregular?  If not, I’d highly suggest that you do.  Odds are that it’s something fixable like PCOS, thyroid, Vitamin D deficiency or Vitamin B12 deficiency.  All of those are things you can (and should!) work on now.  I wish that I’d known then even a tiny bit of what I know now.  Turns out that I have PCOS, Hashimotos, MTHFR mutations, a septum, and was vitamin D, B12, and folate deficient.  Once I corrected those things, my cycles have been fairly regular and consistent and I ovulate consistently on my own.  I could have saved myself some time if I’d not waited until I was ttc to try and find out about my irregular cycles.


The other benefit is that if you have something like one of these things, fixing them will make you a stronger healthier person for the rest of your life if you keep on top of them!  To me that’s something that’s soooo worth it and I’m thankful that I’ve now found out about those things.

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I had fears. Years ago (when my friends first started making families), I noticed an abundance of women in my age group from my hometown that have been dealing with infertility, miscarriages, stillbirths. Like… a lot.


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I never imagined we’d have issues. It’s so pounded in your head that it only takes one slip up and you could get pregnant. I spent thousands of dollars on BC over the past 10+ years. I had no clue what all went in to TTC. We are now on our 10th unsuccessful cycle and it’s been my worst nightmere! My mom and sister had no troubles concieving, neither did any of my aunts.

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@pinkshoes:  Is birth control the reason for messing up your cycles? I’ve been on it a LOT longer than you, so that concerns me for when I go off of it :S

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I always had a fear in the back of my head that it would be hard to TTC, however it turns out i had reasons to and everything i had thought all along was true! After both of our siblings had trouble TTC i finally talked DH into trying earlier than we planned. we are starting our 9th cycle and im still hopeful but i know that it will just take awhile for us. My mom had no trouble, but there are ladies in the family who have PCOS and hysterectomies at the age of 26. Just makes me feel like im running out of time. Best of luck to you!

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I am 34, I had my first 2 children at 22 and 24, first time trying to conceive on both. Flash forward to now…have been with Fiance since June and not on any BC. Ended up preganant end of November but lost the baby 6 weeks later. Still trying but definitely not the way I used to be. My PCP says I have PCOS, im not convinced. Hoping to get a postive test one of these days. I think I am just so surprised it was so easy the first two times that I didnt expect it to be hard this time around. Good luck to everyone. 

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