(Closed) Did you leave an ex-boyfriend for your current SO?

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  • poll: Were you with someone else when you started dating your SO?
    Nope, I was single! : (113 votes)
    40 %
    Yep, I was casually dating someone. : (50 votes)
    18 %
    Yep, I was in a serious/long-term relationship. : (35 votes)
    12 %
    Yep, and we were living together and/or married. : (21 votes)
    7 %
    It was a difficult decision : (21 votes)
    7 %
    It was an easy decision : (42 votes)
    15 %
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    There wasn’t an option for me on the poll. Basically, when SO and I started talking, I was also talking to this guy in the navy (we weren’t dating). But he was bouncing back and forth between whether he wanted me or his ex girlfriend… basically I got sick of waiting. I realized if I wasn’t going to be someone’s first choice, without question, I wasn’t interested in being a second option. So I gave SO a chance and now we’re debating on the date of our wedding and it was the best decision I ever made.


    As a side note, while it was an easy choice to stop pining after navy guy, he and I are still friends. We text each other on occasion and see how the other is doing, keep caught up on each other’s lives, and are friendly. We make better friends than lovers, basically.


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    I didn’t know what to say on the poll.

    I was living with SO (as flat mates) we had also been FWB for a while.

    We officially got together after a fight where he told me not to go on this date with the person that I had been on a few dates with. So sort of seeing someone but then me band SO were FWB and I wasn’t dating the other guy

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    I was in a serious relationship of 7 or 8 years.  Actually, it was going on for 5 or 6 years when I ended it and saw someone else for a few months.  That went to shit and it made me fell like ending it was a big mistake and we eventually got back together… just for me to end it again a few months later after meeting my now Darling Husband.  The first time, it was sadly a pretty easy decision.  I was pretty unhappy, a new opportunity presented itself and I was ready to see if I’d be happier with someone else.  The second time, it was much harder for some reason cause I’d already learned the grass is not greener and maybe this was as good as it go.  But in my heart I knew I should end it.  If not for Darling Husband, then for the sake of the relationship anyways.  If this much doubt kept creeping in, he was obviously not the one for me.   I did eventually end it for Darling Husband, and I’m not exactly thrilled with how I handled the situations, but don’t regret the choice one bit.


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    Stories, eh? Oh, the scandal! 😉 Here is mine:

    I was 17 and had a bf when I ended up seeing a lot of the gorgeous but quiet wrestling captain (now FI) due to a school club. We just hit it off like… Magic. We were fast friends although there was electricity there as well.

    My high school bf did not like this, of course. He was actually a totally nice and cute guy. The only problem is that he considered us serious and I considered us “high school relationship”. He would write poems and stuff. I am utterly unsentimental, so we weren’t very compatible. I kept dating him for a few more months because we had fun together. I was also trying to avoid the super serious relationship that I knew would develop with the hottie wrestler. We were going to attend university in different cities and I had big plans for my future. I didn’t want to be held back by some boy.

    Eventually I got bored of overly mushy high school bf and broke up with him. Sparks were flying like crazy with the wrestler. He was kind and gentle and hilarious in addition to being a total babe. I knew that if I let him go off to university unattached, some other girl was going to see all of these qualities and snap him up. I couldn’t have that! So we got together quickly after that.

    All of this was about 9 years ago. I’m going to marry that gorgeous wrestler in less than 2 months, and we’re so happy. It turns out that boy inspired me instead of holding me back.

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    Hmm this is tricky. I was casually seeing someone very innapropriate and we BOTH knew that if we met someone else then that’d be it as we both wanted different things – he was 12 years younger and wanted a family. I already had one and there was nowhere to move from there but we DID genuinly like each other and wished each other the best when I did eventually meet my SO.

    I have nothing but fondness for him and he’s the same – have casually ran into one and other on occaision.

    If you can casually date someone and be super honest and counteract any hurt feelings ahead of time, it can be done.

    But you MUST respect one and other and be kind.

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    When I met Fiance I was seeing someone else exclusively, but not seriously.  When I’m in a relationship I’m 100% loyal to that person, so Fiance and I were just friends for almost a year.  Things with the guy I was seeing went downhill and I would have dumped him regarless of whether or not Fiance was in the picture, but I would be lying if I didn’t say that I had Fiance in the back of my mind when thinking that I deserved better than the guy I was with at the time.  Fiance was actually in a completely different country when I ended the other relationship, but we both had developed massive crushes from talking online constantly, so as soon as he got back to the states I went to visit him and we’ve been together ever since.  I answered both that I was single and that I was casually dating someone.  It was kind of a “I didn’t see what was in front of me until the other guy was gone” type of situation.

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    I was in what most people would consider serious I guess (dating for 3 years, living together for 2), but I was never really invested in the relationship to begin with (or any relationship for that matter).  However, I ended up breaking up with my ex before I found out my husband even liked me (we met online playing WoW).  I voted that it was an easy decision.

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    @winstonchurchill:  I voted yes, I was casually dating someone; however when I “left” him he put up quite the fight after not wanting to ever make anything official. I always got “Why fix it if its not broken?” yeah okay buddy. I found out a few months later after starting to date Fiance that I was his piece on the side. Makes sence why he didnt want to put a name to it.. Whatevs, now hes a dead beat dad, with a dead end job, living in a run down apt by himself. Ha, love Karma!

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    Technically, I was still married.  And by technically, I mean the state of North Carolina requires a 1 year waiting period of separation before you can file for divorce.  It was incredibly easy, because functionally, I was divorced.  I just had to explain the laws, I even sent him a copy of the divorce statues so he would know I wasn’t making it up! 

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    I was with my ex for almost 10 years and, we were living together most of them. It was a terrible relationship, he treated me like crap!! We had broken up a couple of times, and I moved out on my own once or twice. I had a crush on his friend for 6 or 7 years but never acted on it. I finally broke up with my ex for a final time and couldn’t get the friend out of my mind.  I called him a month later and it’s been almost 2 years since then; we’re married and pregnant and I couldn’t be happier!  He proposed to me on our 1 year anniversary and we got married 8 months later.  Part of me regrets not leaving the ex sooner, and part of me thinks everything happens for a reason and patience & the right timing makes things work out better. I love my Darling Husband more than anything in the world, and it feels incredible to be in a relationship I am 100% sure of.  I used to always think my life felt off with my ex.  I didn’t exactly break up with my ex for my Darling Husband, I had intentions of being single (possibly forever).  Every time I did break up with my ex I would get nervous I may never see Darling Husband again since he was my ex’s friend and not really mine. 

    I always suspected my ex was cheating on me, and he hooked up with some girl I caught him talking to on FB  the week we broke up. I found out about the girl because he was bragging about it to Darling Husband and other friends not knowing Darling Husband and I were dating yet. He was begging and crying to get back with me while hooking up with other girls at the same time lol.  

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    I didn’t actually leave my ex for Darling Husband but I did have a bit of a crush on him. We ended our 3 year relationship mutually and it had nothing to do with Darling Husband. I didn’t even realize that I had a crush on him during my previous relationship until I examined my feelings about a month after I broke up with my ex.

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    Nope. I was single.

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    Hmm.. I ticked serious relationship as although I was only 16 when my Fiance and I got together I had been with my ex for over a year. it wasn’t a very healthy relationship, I wasnt ready for a sexual relationship however my ex had other ideas and Fiance kind of saved me. Must admit I’ve still not really dealt with it as my ex  then died suddenly. 

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