(Closed) Did you need to be induced because baby was past due?

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  • poll: Did you need to be induced?

    Nope! Baby was here before 40 weeks.

    Nope! Baby arrived between 40 and 41 weeks but I didn't need to be induced.

    Nope! Baby arrived after 41 weeks but I didn't need to be induced.

    Yep! Doc induced me between 40 and 41 weeks.

    Yep! Doc induced me after 41 weeks.

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    I had my 40 week appointment, and my OB was a little surprised I hadn’t already gone because my body had seemed ready to go before then.  I had an ultrasound the next week to check fluid levels, etc. and everything looked good, so we scheduled an induction for the week after that.  I ended up not needing it since I went into labor on my own that Saturday (induction was scheduled for a Wednesday).  I’m glad I was able to do it without needing to be induced, though I was very ready to meet my baby by then!

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    First babies tend to be late. Also everyone and every baby is different . Your baby will come when the time is right and if you have to be induced be prepared incase it takes a long time.  I went in at 3 pm on April 9th and my baby wasnt born until 9:46pm on the 11th. My baby fought the inducing but thankfully she came before I had to get a C section. the hillarious part was it only took 3 pushes for her to actually come out it was just the waiting that took forever.  Just remeber its better to have a happy healthy baby arrive late than to be induced too soon that is why most drs wont induce until you are 2 weeks late. Best of luck to you and congrats

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    LoveAndLaughter:  Well, it’s easy for me to say this because my baby came at 39+1, but I did NOT want to be induced unless it was absolutely medically necessary (high blood pressure, low amniotic fluid, etc). I was mentally prepared to continue being pregnant for 2 weeks past my due date if need be, although I know that would have SUCKED. I really wanted a non-medicated birth. Good luck! I hope your baby comes soon!

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    My first was 12 weeks early and I was induced at 41 weeks with my second, he ended up being a section in the end though! I can honestly say being induced made no difference to labours and I was happy to do it, I was a high risk pregnancy second time and refused earlier offers, as soon as my due date went I was raring to go though! Wanted to avoid medical intervention as much as possible like PP but sometimes things just don’t go to plan. Good luck and get as much sleep as you can while you still can! Xx

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    Induced 12 days over.

     Due date was the 29th June. Went in to the hospital on the morning of 9th July to be induced and was told to return that evening as the hospital was too busy. Baby girl was born at 03.30 Am 11th July 2008 🙂

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    Both my babies were overdue and arrived without needing to be induced.

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    My water broke 2 weeks after my estimated due date, and I never went into labor. After a day in the hospital, I was induced and the delivery “failed to proceed”. 

    I was delivered by a C Sec after another 18 hours. 

    My second baby was delivered through an elective C, and weighed 9#11 oz. 

    Both deliveries were Normal for me!

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    My practice won’t induce until 41w6d. I ended up delivering on my due date. 

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    I’ve never had a kid, but my poor mother was 4 weeks overdue with me. They tried inducing and ended up doing a C-section. I was due on Thanksgiving and born two days before Christmas. This was back in the early 90s in a fairly rural place, I have a feeling most doctors probably would probably not let most moms get that far along. 

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    Personally I don’t want to be induced unless there’s a medical reason. I am ready to be uncomfortable up to an extra two weeks to ensure a smoother, more positive birth experience (I’m aiming for non-intervention). Currently 24 weeks.

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    I was induced at 41weeks.  No signs of labor either.  I hated being induced, I hated pitocin.  It worked out great after I got an epidural though!  I would recommend waiting until after 41 weeks (maybe 41+4 or 5 or 6).  I wish I would have waited another 4 or 5 days.

    It’s really hard mentally to be overdue but I wouldn’t opt for an induction without medical necessitity. 

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    Induced at 39 weeks with my first child, due to medical complicatios. experience was not what I expected at all, but it was necessary. If I had a choice I will wait for labor to occur naturally. Labor was long and painful(no pitocin)  but worthy. I was inducted on tuesday at 8pm had baby Wednesday at around 1150 am

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    I had a membrane sweep at 39+4 which did nothing for me despite being 4 cm dilated, 80% effaced with baby at -1 station. I figured my doctor would let me ride past 41 weeks before even talking induction. A couple hours after the sweep, my doctor’s office called me and scheduled an induction for 40+5 in case the sweep didn’t work. I’m not sure why they didn’t let me get past 41 weeks but I didn’t ask. It wasn’t what I wanted but I trusted my doctor and if she wanted to induce, I wasn’t going to argue. We got to the hospital about 1 pm on October 15th, and my son was born at 6:44 am on October 16th.

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    Hopefully this information may help but I guess it’s all so subjective and dependent on circumstances – idk.  With my first, went into labor on my own during a full moon and the birthing wing was out of control packed.  I was supposed to get my own room for the whole stay, etc, so busy that we were lucky to get a bed at all.  Chaos.    I swear there is something with the full moon.  Longer labor but completely manageable, easy delivery and healthy baby.  Second baby – scheduled induction.  I was able to pick the date, have my family there, prep for the hospital stay, etc.  Easy peasy four hours later, three pushes and healthy baby delivered.  Obviously, I did opt for an epidural both times.   Good for the au natural birthers, I admire your choice but I choose medical assistance.  I am very fortunate to have had two healthy, easy deliveries.  I personally think letting nature take its course is always preferable but in case you are worried about an induction it was really a positive experience and nice to be able to plan.  I hope that helps you, good luck!

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