(Closed) Did you really enjoy being pregnant?

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Helper bee
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No. I did not like it. I’m always confused by the people who say they love it. It is the most uncomfortable feeling ever to have a huge mass in the center of your body. Everything becomes difficult. Plus the not being able to breathe, sleep, sit or lay down comfortably. Having to pee all the time. Getting kicked and punched in the ribs and hips. Plus i had debilitating sciatica. Like taking 20 minutes to awkwardly crawl myself out of bed when I was home alone. I do get the fascination. Seeing and feeling a baby, your baby, grow inside you. I liked the movement. When it wasn’t hurting. 

Best 3 uncomfortable experiences ever though. 3 amazing little babes ♡

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Busy bee

I’d be so fine with it if it weren’t for these fucking hemorrhoids. Truly my only complaint so far during my second pregnancy, but a pretty majorly uncomfortable one. 

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Bumble bee
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No I hated it. I gained a ton of weight and ended up with preeclampsia the first time and HELLP the second. The second time I almost died. Both times I was in the hospital for over a week just to have a baby. My children weighed in at 4 lbs 7 oz and then 2 lbs 2 oz. And no one told me that if you have preeclampsia the first time, your odds are greatly increased the second. If I were to try again, I would be on bed rest the whole stinkin time. No thank you.

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Helper bee

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redux:  oh god the hemmaroids don’t get me started on the constipation. The first time it happened after about 2 weeks of no movement I thought I was going to pass out and almost called for help.  An hour later and much agonising crying of which I can only refer to passing ‘ass glass’. Anal armageddon has haunted me ever since… and again I’m only 14 weeks it’s meant to get worse. 🙁 sorry for the overshare ladies. 

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Honey bee
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I’m only 12w+4d right now, and DH and I had been trying for over 3 years, so I’m SO happy and grateful to be pregnant, but I’m not enjoying the symtoms. 

From the sounds of what some others have posted, I’ve pretty lucky so far though.  I’ve been nauseous every day, but have only thrown up a handful of times (probably 4?) Smells really bother me, I can’t eat certain things because of it (it’s actually making me gag thinking about them right now.)  And I’m really missing my virgin (I don’t drink normally) caesers!!!  I’m trying to avoid them though because they’re so high in MSG.

We did have a scare just before 6 weeks when I was bleeding and during my pelvic exam after removing clots and tissue, was told I had another MC (had one in Aug 2013 as well.)  Hours later, at my ultrasound, the tech saw a heartbeat, so the doc thinks there were twins and I lost one of them.

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Sugar bee
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I’m 12w2d.. the last 6 weeks I probably would of said no, I’m not really enjoying being pregnant. However, the last couple days the nausea has gone away, I don’t feel like a walking zombie.. life has been pretty good! So I’m starting to enjoy it more 🙂 And having my husband be extra sweet to me and take such good care of me has been awesome!

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Sugar bee
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While I am, like I’m sure all of you guys are, extremely grateful to be carrying a healthy baby, most of my pregnancy has been incredibly uncomfortable. I had bad morning sickness until 14 weeks – like, puking daily, constant nausea and food aversions, vomiting in the neighbor’s bushes. Then I had about two nice weeks in there before the sciatica started up. Then came the Braxton Hicks, the agonizing back pain, the inability to put on my own socks, not being able to roll over in bed or get off the couch without help, the 24/7 heartburn…. 

Its weird because I am simultaneously so so grateful for this ability to conceive and carry a healthy baby (after PCOS and a devastating miscarriage last year) but so miserable and uncomfortable right now. I can’t imagine ever wanting to do this again. 

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Sugar bee
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I really enjoyed my pregnancy up until about a month ago – I had a really easy first and second trimester.  Lately, though, I’m just soooooo uncomfortable.  I don’t hate it, but I’m really over it and ready to be done (I’m 34 weeks today).

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Blushing bee

Overall no, it was pretty uncomfortable and the hormones made me an emotional mess.

I did enjoy some aspects of it. I loved the feeling of my son moving and always having him with me. Being pregnant made me feel so feminine and womanly. My hair and skin were absolutely gorgeous too. 

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Sugar bee

Being pregnant was one of the most nauseating, excruciating, painful experiences I have ever had…eeek…

You could not PAY me to have another child (I have two back to back).

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Bumble bee

I did, I enjoyed every minute of it!  I only had one child and I feel incredibly blessed to have been able to go through the whole pregnancy experience and to bring her into the world.  I also did not want it to end.  🙂

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Sugar bee
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I enjoyed being pregnant until the last trimester. I go huge with both of my kids..but they were huge babies. 

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Busy bee

No – and mine was the easiest pregnancy imaginable: no morning sickness, no health problems, just tired and swollen feet. I felt like a lab rat with all the medical tests, sleeping was very uncomfortable (I have a three month old now and I sleep better than when I was pregnant), finding something nice to wear was such a pain. And then the constant stress that something might happen to the baby. Try and find a restaurant in Paris that caters to pregnant women – no, the chef certainly does not recommend that steak well-done and the cheese is from a farm where pasteurization is unheard of…

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Busy bee
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I am 20 weeks and have definitely had ups and downs throughout.  I have good days where I don’t mind at all and then there are days when I hate it. That being said overall I guess I don’t mind it enough to not do it again right now. 

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Helper bee

For the most part it sucked. Bad mood swings, feeling like I was constantly hungover (until the 3rd trimester), getting unwanted attention and intrusive questions from everyone (both family, friends and strangers), not being able to sleep, not being able to bend over (and dropping everything all the time), and just feeling uncomfortable. BUT… I don’t care one bit. My baby is 13 days old and we love him so much. Totally 100 and 10,000 percent worth it. I actually look back on the other aspects of my pregnancy now (the kicking, the feeling of having a life growing inside me, the closeness it brought between me and the hubs) and it makes me appreciate it more. I never thought I would miss being pregnant, but I did and do in some ways. But not gonna lie, a lot of it did suck. But I would do it again in a heartbeat.

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