(Closed) Did you really just ask a pregnant woman that?

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As a non-pregnant woman, I honesty think ppl are just showing you genuine concern by asking how you are feeling. I have asked many a pregnant woman this before, not to be annoying, but rather to check in on them. I don’t think you should get too upset with that one.

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My big annoyance right now is that I just got diagnosed with GD, and people like to make it seem like I did something bad to earn it.

OMG – I cannot help or prevent the way my body chooses to deal with pregnancy. You didn’t blame me when I got diagnosed with hypermemsis and spent the first 5 months of my pregnancy sick as a dog and barfing all the time, so why do you blame me for yet another pregnancy complication.

I would do anything in my power to make my pregnancy healthy, and there is nothing in my power I could have done to prevent any of these complications, and to imply that there is makes me want to punch you in the face. Seriously, I am the one that doesn’t get to eat treats for the next 3 months, and has to poke my finger 4 times a day, so give me a break!

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I’m not pregnant yet (AF, the bitch, just showed up uninvited), but may I share what a former coworker used to ask every pregnant women in our office?

“Was that planned?”

I kid you not. And mind you, this ex-coworker is female.

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I’M not even pregnant, but my dad found my prenatals when he was over one morning. So now he keeps calling me to tell me about this drug or that drug that causes birth defects, and I’m not taking it am I??? Because he wants me to know that they cause birth defects…

Poor dad. Those late night lawyer commercials are going to make him bald.

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@Ms Mini:  ugh that’s awful ๐Ÿ™ I would be so ticked. I think I would try to keep that info to myself. I hate unsolicited advice. 

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@heathaah:  hahaha! I do that too, I’m ready to deliver any day and still wonder why people assume i’m pregnant lol.. I must be bigger than I think I am.


I have had A LOT of people approach me just this week, strangers. One grandma-type lady came up and asked when I was due. She said, “you must be having a boy.” I said I was and asked how she knew, “You look like a football. girls carry rounder.”

lol honestly I couldn’t help but just laugh it was so funny. She then proceeded to give me all the information about the baby nursery in church, I didn’t have the heart to tell her I wouldn’t be putting my baby in the nursery for quite awhile ๐Ÿ™‚

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I’m not pregnant but I have some annoyances simply by being around pregnant friends.

1) If you are not responsible for placing that baby inside of the mother OR you do not have permission from the mother, you have no business touching her stomach, talking to her stomach, kissing on her stomach or otherwise invading her personal space.

*While shopping with a friend who is six months pregnant a woman literally stopped my friend, slightly lifting up her shirt and started making goo goo noises and touching all over her stomach.
I was too shocked to say anything. I could not believe someone would do something like that.

2) A pregnant woman is not ammo for your lame beached whale jokes.

*Another shopping mishap with a different friend. She tried on a black and white maternity dress, came out of the changing room and asked me how she looked. Before I could respond some man started laughing and shouted, “Look out Shamu is on the loose. Hide yo kids cuz she’s about to gobble them up.”

Really dude..you serious referenced a viral video and made a killer whale joke at the same time?


3) Being a mother does not mean you are obligated to give advice to any pregnant woman unless she has asked for it.

*I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve heard, “Well that’s not what I did when I was pregnant/with my kids.”
Well that’s awesome! Maybe what YOU did is the reason why your children are unruly heathens.

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I agree with a PP that 1 and 2 are fair, but isn’t 3 just being nice?

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I agree with a PP that 1 and 2 are fair, but isn’t 3 just being nice?

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@daybyday:  I personally don’t mind if people ask how I’m feeling. It’s nice that they are showing concern! I think it’s more just answering the same question over and over that gets a little tiring. Sometimes you just want a break from the pregnancy world you live in 24/7. I remember when my daughter was 10 days late and people would constantly say (I seriously got it about 100 times a day) “You haven’t had that baby yet? Aren’t you ready for her to get out already? Weren’t you due last week?”

I always smiled and said “Any day now!” but what I really wanted to say was “Trust me, no one is more aware of how late this baby is than I am dammit!!!”

You do have to be nice to people though. They do mean well most of the time (unless they are trying to be bitchy, in which case I can play that game too).

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I am not pregnant, and have never been-however come August I am officially step mom to a wonderful 6 year old. All the time people say, ohh he looks just like you-which is sweet, but untrue. However, I LOVE it when people say things like…”working on that baby fat eh?” or ” you look GREAT after having him” Um. Nope I’m just chunky ha. Sometimes because other people think they wouldn’t be offended if you asked them that  and the filter that they often use to keep from saying things that would get them slapped-is off. Perhaps people think those tending to their maternal instincts won’t show people the back of their hand but seriously, come on, a little love, a little tenderness?!?!?!?


My friends who pregnant, and yes there is a gaggle of them, out of them the favorite has been ” Geez if you pop, don’t get anything on my couch”


people are such jerkos.

Good luck, no matter how many ‘twins” you look like you’re carrying, you’re beautiful.

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This reminds me.

In the Chinese calendar it is the year of the dragon. It is a extremely coveted year for babies because it is considered the strongest sign in the Chinese zodiac.

So almost every single Asian person I know asks me did you plan the dragon baby? I’m not annoyed by it because every single other Asian friend I have that IS pregnant did plan the dragon baby. So it’s probably a good assumption on their part.

I just reply nope, it just kinda happened that way. ๐Ÿ™‚

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Im 37 weeks pregnant, i’m not tooting my own horn but i am NOT that big, most ppl cant’s believe i’m past 6 months but yesterday a man told me good luck with the twins….wtf…i could have kicked him in the face.

When i was about 7 months preggers one of my aunts was like u dont look pregnant u just look fat….UHMMMMMM excuse me? i wanted to say well i’m pregnant, what’s ur excuse?


if ppl dont have NICE glowing things to say to pregnant women they should just say nothing at all.

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^ Women ask eachother this all the time in front of me and it seems normal to them but I would be shocked and PISSED if someone asked me it….we’re married, we’re happy…why do you care if we “planned” it? And if we did, we didn’t tell you about it so we probably don’t want to talk about it with you now either:)

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I’m only 15 weeks along and have only put on about 5 lbs. I’m sure I’m being too too sensitive about this, but I was putting on my coat on Friday and an acquaintance (female) just stared at me before saying with a really irritating tone “Wow, can you even zip your coat?” Ug, seriously. I am working really hard not to gain unhealthy weight and to go to the gym and eat well. I’m sure I’ll hear worse as time progresses. It’s worth it though! ๐Ÿ™‚

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This guy at work that is in our corporate office (only sees me about once a month) thinks he is really funny everytime he sees me to say “Wow, have you lost weight”

He might catch me on a bad day and I could sucker punch him in the gut ๐Ÿ™‚

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